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Hail the King Chapter 135

Chapter 135: Prophecy and magic item set


Fei was excited. “You… you finally finished identifying this set of armor?”

Cain threw the almost complete set of magic armor to Fei as he laughed. “That’s right, it has been identified… I also made some adjustments to the magic arrays on them. Even if the creator of the set of armor was standing here, he or she wouldn’t be able to tell that this is something that they created… I have to say, this set of armor is very mystical. The way that the magic array is engraved onto the armor and the way that the magic array functions are both very interesting. It really opened my eyes… However, I can tell that the principles of the magic array and engraving methods are very similar to the ones in this world… Mister Fei, I think I have accidently discovered a gate to a new type of magic. If I can open this gate, we might obtain the power that can make the gods shiver!”

After hearing Cain’s exaggerated words, Fei thought of something. He passed two the scrolls that he was going to give to Akara to Cain as he said, “Look at this. Can you discover something from these?”


Cain grabbed the magic scrolls from Fei in confusion. He opened one scroll up and looked at it. After a few stares, he was excited. Like a hungry wolf who had spotted a fat sheep, he shouted, “Aha, god, so it’s like this… Like I said… Oh, genius design… This is an unimaginable structure for magic swirls and amplification… Oh my, this works?… Ohhhhhh, I see, so it was like this… man, these have some genius thoughts.”

After a series of crazy, unclear sighs, Cain ditched Fei completely and walked towards his own tent with the magic scrolls like a mad scientist. He left Fei with one sentence, “With these scrolls, I can evolve my new theories. Aha, I think I might be able to help you to open that strange storage ring…”

This old man was like a wind; he came fast and left fast.

Fei could only shake his head and watch Cain go.

At 【Rogue Encampment】, Both Cain and Akara had a profound knowledge base for history and magic; they were both perfect professors in Fei’s mind. Due to the difference in the magic system between the Diablo World and Azeroth Continent, Fei didn’t execute a lot of plans that he had. If old Cain could really decipher the magic principles of Azeroth Continent, Fei would be able to put a lot of his plans into action.

“I want to go to the Promising World to make some potions. Let Elena go with me!”

Priestess Akara was very curious about the fact of mutating potions when they were created on Azeroth Continent. Just like Cain, this master of potion and scroll creations also discovered a new way of potion creation. If she was lucky enough, she thought that she could also create a new series of potions.

Fei didn’t hesitate at all.

He put the armor into his storage space, used the miraculous skill 【Summon】 and opened up a portal. Akara and Elena were sent to Chambord Kingdom; with the assistance of Angela, the big black dog, and some of the smart kids from the academy, they climbed up the mountains that surrounded Chambord. There were numerous plants and medical herbs. As if she discovered a new continent, Akara started to test every possible combination of ingredients.

Fei on the other hand returned to the Diablo World.

He exited [Barbarian Mode] and chose [Sorcerer Mode] instead on the big 3D screen. His sorcerer was the only character that hadn’t completed all the quests from 【Rogue Encampment】; however, there were only two quests left. In the next three hours, as long as he completed the quests 【The Forgotten Tower】 and 【Sisters to the Slaughter】, he would pass through Act I 【Rogue Encampment】 with all seven classes. The mysterious reward that he would get would be here soon as well.

Killing and leveling up began.

Two hours later.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah! Ah!”

A deep, sorrow, and unwilling roar sounded in the deepest location in the 【Catacombs】 on the 【Tamoe Highland】. The roar was so loud that it resonated through the entire 【Rogue Encampment】. After the roar, the female demon Andariel died beside Fei’s feet for the seventh time. The red blood soaked the stones in the basement, and violent rumbling tore the ground apart. Huge flames enveloped Andariel’s corpse, and the surrounding demons and monsters cried as they were burnt to ashes.

It was the seventh time that Fei saw the tear sliding down Andariel’s beautiful face.

What kind of tear was that!

The crystal tear was filled with indulging glory and falling, beauty and desperation, loyalty and betrayal, giving and taking, blood and tears, fire and swords, jealousy and hatred… as well as the tragic love that wasn’t accepted by this world. Fei had fallen into a strange state. All a sudden, an ancient and moving emotion jumped out of this tear, and like a vivid roaring soul, it immediately invaded Fei‘s consciousness.

Fei’s expression changed.

This was an unexpected changed.

For the last six times when he killed the fallen Andariel, this didn’t occur. Fei couldn’t dodge or resist this sudden change on the spiritual level. It invaded Fei’s entire conscious, and something magical happened in the next second –

Many scenes appeared in front of Fei, as if he was watching a realistic 3D movie –

A poor little girl who lost both of her parents was walking on a moor alone. But as she was about to die from hunger and exhaustion, a kind priest took her in. From that moment on, this poor little girl lived in the monastery on the Tamoe Highland. She was like an ugly duckling; she did most dirty and tiring chores just to earn a meal. As time passed by, this ugly duckling turned into a beautiful white swan unexpectedly. Even the most devoted priest would lose focus because of one of her smiles. Soon, the girl’s name was passed around the continent; she became a goddess in every man’s mind, and the target of jealousy in every woman’s mind.

The monastery used her beauty to grow its strength by getting more support, and soon became the most important force on the heaven’s side of the battle against hell.

In an important event hosted by the monastery, hundreds of thousands of men came to Tamoe Highland from all around the continent just to see her face. When she appeared on the high stage, numerous men cheered, but one man who was in a red cloak turned around and walked away… she remembered that man.

Then, an unfortunate event happened.

During a praying session, the oil lamp fell off of the ceiling and hit the girl’s face, and her eyes were burnt by the hot oil. Due to the jealousy from the nuns towards her beauty, the treatment was delayed… she became disfigured. What happened next took her by surprise. After losing her beauty, she had become the laughing stock of the continent. She lost the value that she was able to bring to the monastery, and she had to do the dirtiest, most tiring, and even demoralizing chores again to survive. She lived in shame. Even the lowest, dirtiest mercenary would laugh at her. “Look, this ugly one was the most beautiful woman on the continent…”

Just to prevent people from seeing the ugly scars on her face, she begged a blacksmith to make her an iron mask.

From that moment on, the former most beautiful women had to wear the black iron mask and live like a dog in shame… Until one day, a man in a red cloak appeared in front of her.

“You are Andariel?” he asked in surprise.

She was stunned. “How could this man recognize me with this mask on my face?” she thought.

“Your eyes are still beautiful as always!”

What a simple answer. Tears immediately filled the girl’s heart. Beauty? What a familiar yet strange word. When was the last time someone complimented her this way? “So my eyes are still beautiful…”

“Do you want to restore your beauty?” the man asked.

“Yeah… But how? Can you?” The girl had a bitter smile on her face.

“Of course I can.” The man unveiled himself from the cloak. He let loose a little bit of his force and the ground started to shake. “Because I’m Diablo – the Lord of Terror!”

The girl was shocked… However, she slowly put herself together when she was facing the Lord of Terror who only existed in legends.

Then, the girl restored her beauty, and she had a strong demonic force. She used her beauty and power to control the monastery and turned it into a paradise for demons, the frontline of hell. She got everything that she lost and became the female demon who was feared by everyone.

Yes, she was in love with the Lord of Terror.

However, that man didn’t love her back; he was deeply in love with his wife who had passed away.

For him, the girl who had restored her beauty had taken back the glory, blame, and blood…. She also learnt a vicious technique to become very strong just for the purpose of helping that man in the fight against heaven.

The girl’s name was Andariel.

The last 【Flower of Rogue】, the one before Elena.

Fei had witnessed the complete journey that the former 【Flower of Rogue】 Andariel went through and the love between her and the Lord of Terror as a bystander. This was a very mystical and spiritual ride. For a moment, as if Fei was connected to Andariel, he completely felt the emotional journey that the former 【Flower of Rogue】 went on. There was helplessness, powerlessness, anger, hatred, sorrow, regret… until the end, Fei sighed as he thought, “Was she wrong? Was this woman who went through such tragic events wrong?”

This was fate.

Fei was a little sympathetic towards the woman who he had killed seven times.

As Fei was contemplating, something mysterious occurred again. All the scenes in front of him shattered into pieces like a broken mirror, and slowly reformed into a beautiful woman who could take breath out of almost any man. Like a goddess, she appeared in front of Fei – Fei recognized her; she was Andariel, who had her beauty restored and not yet learnt the vicious technique. At this moment, she was so beautiful that people didn’t dare look at her straight in the face; she was definitely the most beautiful woman Fei had ever seen.

“Accept my gift, and protect your lover. Every 【Flower of Rogue】 will experience unprecedented suffering. Young warrior, a great disaster is coming. If you still believe in love, please protect her, and don’t let her go through what I did!”

After she said that, she waved her arms and a black light enveloped her body. Soon, she disappeared. At the location where she was at, a set of fascinating magic armor filled with unbelievable magic powers appeared.

Fei was shocked.

This was a complete set of magic items.

The complete set of magic items wasn’t missing any parts, and it was at its most powerful stage.

Beside the magic armor, there was a black iron mask; it was the mask that Andariel begged the blacksmith to make for her to cover up her ugliness.

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