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Hail the King Chapter 142

Chapter 142: Hurry and Grab the Bodies

One hundred yards… seventy yards… sixty yards…

The distance was getting shorter and shorter.

As the distance decreased, everyone’s hearts started to race, and they hoped that the scene they wanted to see would happen.

A vicious and venomous expression appeared on the king of Chishui Kingdom’s face. He never thought that a dog could scare him off of his horse and make him lose face in front of all his peers. He tightly gripped his swords as he swore to chop that black dog into pieces when he conquered this castle. He laughed as the Lance and Shield Formation slowly approached his opponent’s formation. He could foresee the scene of all the dirty low lives in Chambord whining and dying under the lances, as well as the king of Chambord kneeling on the ground, begging to give up his royal treasures and fiancée, who was rumored to be a peerless beauty…

“Archers… get ready!”

A red signaling flag stood on the hill that Fei was standing on as a loud shout sounded from Chambord’s troops. Squeak… A series of sounds that came from bowstrings being drawn made some of the soldiers’ hairs stand up. The fifty archers behind the tower shields placed arrows on their bows as they pulled their bowstrings. Every bow was pulled into a full moon shape, with the point of the arrow being aimed at the Lance and Shield Formation from Chishui Kingdom.

What made the spectators surprised was that all these archers didn’t angle their shots upward. They used flat shorts, which were arrows that travelled parallel to the ground once they were shot out.

“Hahaha, they really don’t know what they are doing!”

Some soldiers in the Alliance Army instantly started to laugh and scorn Chambord. During battles and wars, archers weren’t the main players. The situation often changed, so even god-tier archers would only have limited utility. Archers had the most terrifying impact moments before two armies engaged each other. Their ability to injure many soldiers and their wide firing range could result in enemies suffering heavy casualties before the armies even reached each other.

However, if archers wanted to achieve this result, they had to aim their arrows at an upwards angle. These arrows would strike down at the opposing army as the upward force was cancelled out by gravity; this was the most effective method to injure enemies who were charging forwards with shields in their hands.


“These Chambord idiots actually chose to use flat shots!”

This was just too rudimentary of a mistake!

“Flat shots only pose a threat to soldiers at the very front. During a battle where situations change by the second, both armies won’t give enemy archers the chance to pull on their bowstrings a third time. Wasting time and an opportunity is equivalent to joking with their own soldiers’ lives… unless… unless each and every one of these archers are god-tier archers who never miss a shot! However, haha, how is that possible?

“Hahaha, the victory is ours! We have overestimated these dumb and vulgar farmers…”

The king of Shuani Kingdom laughed out loud.

However, at the next moment, his laughter suddenly paused, as if he was a rooster who had its neck pinched by someone during its morning call. His laughter was stuck in his throat as a shocked expression appeared on his face.


Bang! Bang! Bang! After an angry roar, a series of vibrating noises resonated on the bridge. Fifty sharp arrows made whooshing, air-piercing noises as the white feathers at the end of the arrows drew fifty parallel white lines in the air. Like bloodthirsty insects, they almost instantly penetrated Chishui Kingdom’s soldiers who were charging at Chambord.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

A series of noises sounded as the arrows penetrated through bones and flesh. Fifty of the Chishui Kingdom’s soldiers who were charging at the very front fell in unison as if they were crops that were harvested by a farmer’s sickle. The big circular shields in their hands didn’t provide them with any protection. The merciless arrows pierced through the very small half-circular peeking holes on the shields and struck through the soldiers’ heads. These fifty lives were instantly lost; they didn’t even have time to let out whines or screams.

Fifty arrows took away fifty souls!

The whole battlefield quieted down; a strange and breath-taking atmosphere instantly took over.


The king of Chishui Kingdom’s mouth opened wide subconsciously as his sword slid out of his powerless hands.

“God… God… God-tier archers? Are all of them god-tier archers?” Someone screamed as if he saw the Goddess of Life running naked in front of him.

“No! Who could it be?”

All the kings and generals in the Alliance Army felt like a cold breeze had instantly gone up their buttholes and rushed into their throats, instantly freezing their bodies. Even the horses they were riding on felt the sensation of death. They neighed as they backed off anxiously and uncontrollably. “This is crazy! Is there anything else this crazy? A poor little kingdom that can’t even afford to buy armor for its soldiers has fifty god-tier archers? How is this possible?

Bang! Bang! Whoosh! Whoosh!

The archers didn’t give the kings in the Alliance Army too much time to think. Soon, a second wave of bowstring vibrating noises sounded, which woke up the leaders of the Alliance Army as they were deep in shock.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

There wasn’t any difference between the first and second wave of arrows. After the fifty bowstring vibrating noises, fifty flesh- and bone-piercing sounds quickly followed. Those were the only noises on the battlefield, and it was a dead melody. Everyone in the Alliance Army felt that Hades, the god of death, was swinging an invisible sickle and harvesting each life on the battlefield.

Fifty yards!

That distance was an impeccable and invisible defensive wall.

This was because fifty meters from Chambord’s formations, there were a hundred corpses lying on the ground.


Every infantry had their vital spots penetrated, including their throats, eyes, and foreheads. These were the spots that couldn’t be protected by their circular shields, since they had to check their enemies’ response when they charged. These vital spots, which were less than the size of their palms, could normally drastically reduce the effectiveness of archers. No one on the Alliance Army’s side could have foreseen that these vitals spot that were left out would result in the death of a hundred strong soldiers.

Everyone on the Alliance Army’s side gasped in shock as they saw the hundred corpses on the bridge. Almost every one of them wiped their eyes and hoped that they were hallucinating. “How could this be possible? After two rounds of arrows shot out by fifty archers, a hundred elite lance and shield soldiers were killed. Even though there were a lot of veterans in the Alliance Army who been to many battles and wars, they shook and sweated profusely. It wasn’t right to call this a miracle; it was better to call this a horrifying nightmare! It was terrifying!

The king of Chishui Kingdom’s heart was dripping blood. This kind of blood loss was vast and severe.

There was no way that he wouldn’t feel any pain. This was a hundred elite lance and shield soldiers! They were his trump card and backbone formation during battles. One reason why he let this formation charge in was because he saw that Chambord’s formations were messy and soft; another reason was because he wanted to showcase the strength of his elite troops in front of the other kingdoms. The last reason was because he wanted to have more authority and more spoils of war when the Alliance Army conquered Chambord and divided up the seized resources. He never would have thought that a hundred of his elite soldiers would turn into corpses before they finished a single charge and struck their lances once!

He felt like someone had carved out a piece of his heart from his chest with a sharp knife.

“Ahhhhhh… I’m so mad!” the king of Chishui Kingdom swayed on his horse as he felt his blood pressure increasing and his head dizzying; he almost fell off of his ride and landed on his head.

God-tier archers!

A total of fifty god-tier archers.

“Does Chambord Kingdom have a total of fifty god-tier archers?”

No one could laugh anymore at the fifty poor archers on Chambord’s side who weren’t even properly dressed in armor. This fact was way too shocking.  Every single god-tier archer had a high status and was a valuable resource; many affiliated kingdoms and even empires fought over these kinds of talents. Who could have thought that a small level 6 affiliated kingdom would have fifty of them? It was unheard of! At that moment, no one dared to make any noise. They were afraid that they might attract the attention of the fifty killers on the other side of the bridge; if these killers’ bowstrings vibrated again, they would be turned into “hedgehogs”.

At almost the same time, most of the people in the Alliance Army wanted to retreat.

They only had about two thousand people. When facing fifty god-tier archers, they weren’t even enough for those archers to practice on. With about forty arrows from each archer, all of them would be going to hell without any chance of escaping.

Fei, who was riding the big black dog, was so delighted that his teeth almost fell out of his mouth.

He had used six bottle of [Hulk Potion]. He mixed the potion in with these archer’s daily meals and slowly changed these archer’s ability. Since these fifty archers consumed small doses of potion each meal, all six bottles were depleted after two weeks. After these soldier’s body were completely strengthened, Fei asked the female rogue mercenaries to teach them archery. This was the first time that Fei’s secret weapon was used, and the fifty strong archers had instantly shocked the arrogant Nine-kingdom Alliance Army.

“Are you guys dumb? Why are you guys standing here? Follow me to seize the corpses and their weapons!”

Fei shouted and commanded the big black dog. He was the first one to rush out of Chambord’s formation; Chambord’s fifty scattered law enforcement officers were also woken up by Fei’s shout; they were shocked by Chambord’s archers as well. They threw away the sticks and wood axes in their hands without hesitation and cheered as they rushed to the corpses. They were like a pack of hungry wolves who had just seen a white rabbit. They followed the big black dog and sprinted so quickly that the bottom of their shoes almost caught on fire.


“What are they trying to do?” Someone in the Alliance Army asked dumbfoundedly.

“Damn it! Charge! Stop them! They are trying to rob me…” The king of Chishui Kingdom felt like he was going crazy. He instantly understood Fei’s intention. These low lives were so poor that they were going to take the weapons and armors from the corpses. “This is too shameful! They aren’t even letting go of dead people.” The King of Chishui Kingdom thought as he screamed, “Ahhhhhhh…… Shoot your arrows, quickly! Kill them!”

Most of the leaders in the Alliance Army realized what was going on. They quickly commended their archers to shoot.
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