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Hail the King Chapter 143

Chapter 143: The Mighty Bylaw Enforcement Officers

Arrows like rain.

But the location of the dead bodies was a bit too far from the camp of the nine kingdom Alliance army, and it had already exceeded the effective range of the bows. The sparse arrows being shot out landed on the ground in a crooked manner, as if there was a light drizzle and they simply couldn’t pose any threat for Fei’s army.

Big Black Dog excitedly barked as it carried Fei, flying back and forth like black smoke. This back and forth trip could transport back 6 bodies, and the other Bylaw Enforcement Officers were all working hard too! Each of them pick up two bodies and the equipment and the ground, and then they began running back right away…

In less than 10 minutes, the bodies of the 100 spear and shield soldiers from the Chishui Kingdom were all robbed back to the Chambord city camp.

These people were really something else, not even leaving behind a helmet for the Chishui King.

After everyone retreated, His Majesty the King rode on the back of the big black dog and shouted, “Hehehehe, His Royal Highness God of War taught us wasting is unforgivable. Hurry, there’s still a spear over there, someone go grab it for me!”

Two skinny bylaw enforcement officers heard it and immediately ran back, retrieving that last long spear that was on the ground, waving at the Alliance Army kings as if showing off, and then turning around, taking off their pants, and patted their butts towards those “great” kings…

Seeing the grass floating across the empty field, the Chishui’s King was about to cry.

The Chambord City’s Bylaw Enforcers were almost like a bunch of bandits, a group of hungry rats! Wherever they’ve been, they won’t even leave behind a single hair for you. At this moment, the battlefield where the infantry units died on had been cleared, with only grass and blood stains on the ground.

Too shameless!

All the kings of the Alliance Army were all dumbfounded.

Of course, it wasn’t like the Alliance Army didn’t take any measures during the process to stop them.

But those 50 godly bow masters were retardedly strong. Those 50 long bows were like the 50 scythes of the grim reaper, firmly suppressed more than 2000 people. Whoever dared to move forward a little would be immediately filled with arrows like a hedgehog. Even those that carried giant shields became useless. These arrows, as if having eyes or something, could reach them from all kinds of unexpected angles through gaps, look-holes, and onto their feet.

The menacing force of 2000 could only watch as the Chambord City’s Bylaw Enforcers robbed everything.

After Chambord City transported all the dead bodies to their territory, the 100 [Fire God’s Iron Fleet] units were an entire thousand meters away from the battlefield. They were in the process of grouping up and preparing to launch the iron hammer impact. These heavily armed units that weren’t scared of arrows went too far, so they couldn’t provide any help from the beginning to the end.

The Alliance army’s morale was like a stock graph during a recession, plummeting!

Whereas the atmosphere at Chambord City was exactly the opposite.

The 50 Bylaw Enforcers stripped those Chishui Kingdom’s dead soldiers clean of their equipment in laughter, and then started wearing them in front of the Alliance Army’s face. Then they raised their kite shields, tightly gripped the long spears and shouting in sync, instantly transformed from a bunch of scattered peasants into a fully armed elite infantry squad.

Fei laughed.

He thought to name them Bylaw Enforcers was really a genius mov. At least in terms of robbing, these bad boys really lived up to their name, 100% worthy of their name! (TL: in China, the bylaw enforcers have a reputation of being a-s holes and taking the citizens’ things in the name of “law”)

“Haha, thank the Chishui Kingdom’s king for his generosity!” Fei ordered as he tried to deliberately piss off the already pissed off Chishui King.

“Thank you Chishui’s king for gifting us armor, weapon and shields!!”

“Man, these looks damn good on me!!”

“Heyyyyyy, I still need a broadsword here, the generous Chishui king, can you send a sword over?”

All these words came out so nature from these Bylaw Enforcers’ mouths. After a series of shouts, a lot of people from the Alliance Army were already smoking out of their forehead from rage!

“Ahhhhhhh!!!” Chishui’s King had completely gone mad. He became incoherent as if he getting a seizure. He already couldn’t wait for the [Fire God’s Iron Fleet] behind him to charge up. Suddenly he trembled as he grabbed the neck of the Shuani Kingdom’s King and shouted, “Hurry and attack, command your heavy infantry units to attack, attack…”

There was indeed a 200-men heavy infantry squad under Shuani’s King’s command.

Although the heavy infantry squad moved very slowly, their body was covered with armor. If they pulled down their masked helmets to protect their face, then besides their wrists or ankles, the armor on their body could stop most arrows. If they go all out against the arrow rain and move forward, then it shouldn’t be a problem for more than half of them to get to the Chambord city’s archers alive and then kill them… But, the problem was that the Shuani Kingdom’s king also didn’t want to lose these troops… This regiment of 200 heavy-armor infantry troops was also his treasure.

It’s just that in front of the angry Chishui King who already lost his mind, he had no choice but to yield.

In the face of violent authority, even treasure must be abandoned. Otherwise, Shuani Kingdom was merely a tier 5 subsidiary kingdom. The consequence of pissing off a tier-3 big kingdom was not something Shuani could take.

Just when the Shuani Kingdom King’s heart began dripping blood as he was about to order his troops to advance, an unexpected change took place at the camp across from them – those 50 godly archers suddenly put away their bows, turned around, split into two groups and then ran. They actually just left the Chambord City’s army’s formation.

“Ah, can’t do it anymore… My fingers are almost bleeding, it f*cking hurts, can’t shoot anymore!”

“I know! Let’s get the f*ck out!”

The kings of the Alliance army vaguely heard some of the conversations the Chambord city archers were having as they fled while waving their fingers in pain. These archers ran their a-s home like scared rabbits, plunged right into the distant hills and disappeared immediately, don’t even know where they went…

Chishui’s King and Shuani’s King exchanged a dull look at each other.

Everyone was already dumbfounded by what just happened.

In fact, everything that happened today at Chambord city already made the commanders of the Alliance army lose their minds.

They were almost driven mad from being played by their opponent!

“Charge! Hurry and charge!” Shuani’s king was the first one to react. Doesn’t matter if it was that idiot Chambord king’s trap, now that those 50 grim reapers were no longer here, everyone at the Alliance Army felt that the sky suddenly brightened, and the air also became fresher. They can finally breath comfortably.

“Who cares what he has up his sleeves, take this opportunity and defeat the Chambord City first! Then even if those 50 archers come back later, there will be nothing they can do!”

That was almost the uniform idea of all the kings of the Alliance Army.

After receiving the order, those 200 heavy armed infantry soldiers of the Shuani Kingdom carried a broadsword in each hand and advanced at steady pace. This was like a horrible steel tsunami, and even the Earth began to tremble under their feet. The one that walked at the front of the formation was a 2-meter tall general. Dirt yellow energy light shined below his armor. This was actually a 2-star earth-style user.

“Attack!” The Earth-style warrior grinned.

Because there was no more pressure from those archers, all the heavy armed infantry units walked arrogantly like generals, completely fearless and even lifting up their protective masks. They walked in organized steps while banging their broadswords against their breastplates. The uniform metal-hitting sound soared into the sky, creating a chilling and terrifying atmosphere.

This was indeed a fine army that couldn’t be underestimated.

Other then the formation being a little loose and the moral being a little too arrogant, but in terms of oppression and impact, it was almost on par with the Black Armor Troops from before. Looks like this Shuani Kingdom also had a pretty solid foundation. Comparing them to Chambord city, Fei’s army seemed to be poorer than ever.


The Lunar Kingdom’s elder prince saw this opportunity, he also waved his sword in excitement and commanded the hundred broadsword troops to follow Shuani Kingdom’s army and assault. Those dozen beautiful young girls on the six carriages in front of them already made their blood run wild, they just wanted to immediately rush over and capture them all and then fiercely ravage them.

Seeing this scene, the other Kings also became excited.

When faced with the 50 godly archers, none of them dared to be the first to raise their head, but now being presented such a big opportunity to take advantage of, none of them wanted to be behind others, fearing that all the good loot would be robbed by other kingdoms. They all wanted to be the first one to charge into Chambord city and lavishly rob everything, and also capture those beautiful girls on those carriages.

“Charge up! Capture the Chambord’s king alive!”

“Kill! You will own anything you can grab!”

“Hahahaha, boys, did you see those little s---s on those carriages? Everyone has a share!”

At this moment, all the men of the Alliance army became blood-boiled. Victory was close at hand, and those aristocratic kings that were usually elegant and high up there also exposed their vulgarity and brutality. They made vulgar statements to boost army morale, face covered in grins, each like greedy devils that crawled out of hell.

“Capture that little king! I want to make his head into a wine glass!! Let Chambord city’s royal palace disappear in flames!!” Chishui’s King who lost more than 100 spearmen issued a vicious curse.

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