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Hail the King Chapter 144

Chapter 144: An Unforgettable Scene

On the top of Chambord city wall.

The Empire’s Eldest Princess Tanasha stayed behind in the city after the battle of Eastern Mountain, but her intentions were unknown. No one knew when she appeared on top of the city wall. The female swordsman Susan and knight captain Romain guarded her left and right sides, and twenty fully armed knights stood behind her back.

“Your Highness, should I go and order them to stop their attack?”

The knight captain Romain frowned. Seeing the rolling torrent-like alliance army coming from afar and comparing them to those 100 peasant-like soldiers on Chambord City’s side made him a little worried. He didn’t know what the seemingly-wise King Alexander was doing, but no matter what, voluntarily removing 50 godly archers from battle was simply a flop in the battleplan. As an experienced tactical master, Romain held authority in this area. If those 50 archers were under his command, he was confident that he could wipe out the entire Alliance army in the shortest time possible.

“It’s a match between a group of dumb pigs and a lion, so there’s no need for our interference.” The Eldest Princess shook her head, “Romain, today you might notice something. Ty your best to remember King Alexander’s combat style. Maybe there will be use in the future!”

“Yes, your Highness!” The knight captain bowed, but he still frowned, “The gap in number is still pretty significant, since Chambord city is facing the nine kingdoms’ alliance!”

“Nine-kingdom Alliance? Hehe, Romain, you are really overestimating them. I don’t see a nine-kingdom Alliance. All I see are a bunch of fools that have been corrupted after being under the empire’s umbrella for too long. A little tier-3 subsidiary kingdom and a few even smaller tier-5 and 6 kingdoms… hehe, their royal families’ brains have already been crawling with maggots after being in a peaceful environment for too long. Besides drinking and sex, there’s nothing else they are good at. The land of Azeroth is just like a jungle full of danger, and those people have long been degraded into brainless fat pigs. If it wasn’t for the Empire’s blessing, they would have already become fresh meat under other “beasts”, losing the qualification to continue surviving in this jungle. They have long lost the glory and responsibility a true kingdom should bear. Even if you randomly pick out a small group leader in the empire’s [Iron Blood Camp], he would still be a hundred times smarter than this group of so-called kings put together. If Alexander can’t even handle this little problem, then he’s not worthy of being the man that defeated the cold-blooded female devil Paris!”

The Eldest Princess surprisingly said a lot.

Compared to the current situation of Chambord city, she was more worried about the difficulty faced by Zenit Empire.

If the subsidiary kingdoms had fallen to such an extent, then the empire’s combat strength and foundation was already unknowingly rotting. However, those nobles and princes in the empire were still keen to fight for power and cause internal strife and did not notice the upcoming crisis at all. King Yaxing the Great’s body was worsening day by day, and the empires at the border like the tier-1 Spartac Empire, tier-1 Light Empire, tier-2 Saint Germain Empire and tier 3 Lyon Empire were are all eyeing Zenit Empire greedily and getting ready to attack. The seemingly-peaceful Zenit Empire that was filled with singing and dancing was already shaking in the wind, at risk of being destroyed any moment.

Zenit Empire’s situation was far worse than Chambord city’s current situation.

The reason why the Eldest Princess stayed back in Chambord City, besides the shock and curiosity she felt towards the little king Alexander and wanting to convince him to join her side, she also wanted to see how this magical little king organized the messy Chambord city. Perhaps she could learn something interesting from this trip and use it later for her big brother Arshavin to win the throne.

Indeed, reality did not disappoint the Eldest Princess.

Although it had only been less than half a month, this little King’s strange administrative systems, as well as the incredible twelve bronze warrior statues caused the Eldest princess to be unbelievably shocked. The content on the twelve bronze warrior statues were perfect, and it was very hard for the Eldest Princess to believe that it came from the hands of a young man that just turned 18 years old. She couldn’t find any flaws in these laws, and they could be brought straight back to Zenit Empire… Unfortunately, the Eldest Princess was also wise enough to know, that if she implemented this system in the present Zenit Empire’s situation, it would encounter so much resistance that not even the Zenit Empire king could afford to bear.

In this respect, the Elder Princess was a bit envious of Alexander. The little Chambord city was completely under his control, and he could do whatever he wanted. The Eldest Princess already knew how Fei used someone else’s knife to murder, eliminating the opposing nobles in the country with the help of the Eastern Mountain Top Battle, and this also proved how magical this little king was. If anyone dared to underestimate him, they would probably not even know how they died.

Although the scene in front of her looked breathtaking, all she needed to do was show her presence to cause the so-called nine-kingdom alliance army to retreat immediately. However, she didn’t want to do that. The little Chambord city king Alexander already delivered too much shock to her previously, so the Eldest Princess was certain that without a doubt, an unexpected twist would appear.

Besides, with that guy’s strength, even if the 2000 soldiers got to him, there would be no difference. With the dog under his feet and two swords in his hands, even if he was alone, it would still be enough to kill these two thousand people.

The invincible and fierce image of Fei at the Eastern Mountain Top Battle had already been deeply engraved in the Eldest Princess’s heart.

Seeing the torrent-like enemies charging towards him, Fei scratched his chin and laughed. It looked like placing a bunch of beautiful girls could indeed easily stimulate men’s hormones. Now that everyone in the Alliance Army had lost their minds, they suddenly didn’t even care about their lives anymore.

At the top of the hill, the red command flag began flapping in the wind.

Chambord city’s formation began changing in silence, and the dozen giant iron shield towers were quickly withdrawn. Then, those 30 muscular men holding two giant axes in their hands voluntarily began welcoming the charging enemies.

It looked like that was the only change the Chambord army would make to their formation.

30 versus 1500.

The couldn’t be a bigger disparity in terms of numbers.

It’s just like an almost dried up river going up against a rolling waterfall, or a little dog that just learned how to walk going up against a lion in heat – with such a big difference, it seemed like there was no difference between sending these 30 warriors to battle or straight to hell. There wasn’t even enough time for the king to run away. It was safe to assume that they wouldn’t even make a ripple before they were swallowed whole by the opposing heavy armor warriors, without even a leaving any bones behind.

However, even though they seemed to have an absolute advantage, 0after experiencing the previous battle, these kings that were regarded by the Eldest Princess as retarded pigs, ultimately kept a little calm.

They didn’t all whip their horse’s a---s and charge forward, but rather stayed at their original positions and observed the situation while being surrounded by their guards.

Every king cautiously saved a portion of their troops; even the already insane Chishui Kingdom king calmed down, waved his hand and stopped the [Fire God’s Iron Fleet]’s charge, telling them to be on standby.

Of course, it might not have much to do with being wise; rather, it might have just been the cowardly having exceptional caution against danger.

The leaders became afraid after the last fight.

In the battlefield, the two armies were less than 50 meters apart, and the high-speed running soldiers could all see the grimy and murderous faces of the enemies. They could even see the boogers in their enemies’ nostrils. The earth-style warrior that charged at the very front waved the broadsword in his hand, gradually accelerated his steps and beckoned to promote morale as yellow flames began surging over his whole body.

There were less than 30 meters.

At this moment –


No one would have thought that the first ones to strike would actually be the giant axe warriors from Chambord city. Every one of them suddenly roared towards the sky, as if 30 lightning strikes hit the field. Before the enemies could even react, they only saw that the muscular men’s formation suddenly scattered into a straight horizontal line. Then, every one of them suddenly changed their grip to the end of the axe. With the momentum of their charge, they spun in a circle like a gyro as they threw out their giant axe.


The high-speed rotating axes suddenly tore through space and flew right into the incoming heavily-armed infantry units.

The Shuani kingdom soldiers that were originally running happily at the very front instantly cried.

What the f*ck!

Who would’ve thought that these guys would suddenly pull this move? In this situation, they actually dared to throw the only weapon in their hands.

The most arrogant earth-style warrior that was charging at the very front barely laid on the ground in cold sweat. His helmet was directly blown away by the sharp wind. Then, he immediately heard a burst of bone-shattering sounds from armor and weapons being broken. Then the ground became filled with blood and limbs. He was expecting to be trampled over by his own troops that were running right behind him, but that didn’t happen. He turned around and looked in surprise, and then he saw an unforgettable scene-

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