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Hail the King Chapter 145

Chapter 145 Giant Axe and Magical Arrows

Thirty huge axes that rotated at a high speed in the air were like kisses from the devil; they only brought destruction wherever they went. The soldiers in heavy armours were separated into two easily, as if they were soft tofu. They were all shocked to see their own bodies chopped in half with their lower bodies still charging forward, while their upper bodies remained behind in the air. The huge amount of force directly penetrated through soldiers’ bodies. Their armour, long swords, and torn limbs flew into the air with the blades and axes. The blood that spurted into the air had dyed the blue sky red. No one could block these vicious deadly axes. Terrified screams resonated on the battlefield after a short moment of time. Some people only had their limbs torn off and didn’t die right away, so they held onto their wounds and screamed and whined……

This was like a living hell on earth.

The Earth Attributed Warrior had been to many wars and battles, but it was his first time to see anything this bloody and cruel. A leg fell beside him. The warrior recognized the leg, it belonged to one of his peers. That soldier was laughing viciously three seconds ago, banging his sword on his armour, and couldn’t wait to rush into Chambord to plunder it dry. All that was left of him were some chipped bones and flesh.

The rotating axes smashed out a path of death that was about thirty yards in length and five yards in width. . After the devastating force on them were all used up, they slowed down and then fell to the ground.

Only one strike from Chambord caused the two hundred heavy armoured infantry from Shuani Kingdom to suffer casualties one quarter of their size.

The survivors were showered by the “bloody rain” and their amours and inner clothes were all soaked. Chipped bones and flesh also covered the surface of their bodies. The death and the bloodiness had scared them, and also numbed them. With the screams from their peers who were severely injured still resonating in their ears, the soldiers in the Alliance Army who charged at Chambord fell into a temporary state of terror and hesitation. But soon, they recovered and braved themselves up as they roared and continued their charge because the thirty strongmen in front of them were weaponless after they threw out their axes.
“Charge and kill them! Get revenge for our brothers!”

The Earth Attributed Warrior got up from the ground as he roar angry and charged at forefront.

However –

The actions the thirty strongmen took made the soldiers in the Alliance Army feel like they had been treated very wrongly. The thirty strongmen who were very dominating and had a strong presence protected their heads with hands as they separated themselves into two groups of fifteen people each. After that, they moved their legs and sprinted away. Without the burden of those heavy axes, these thirty people ran faster than rabbits. In a few seconds, they got away from the attack range of the Alliance Army. They rushed into the green and yellow bushes far away and disappeared as if it was a miracle!


“You bastards!”

“You cowards and bugs!”

“You shameful deserter!”

The soldiers in the Alliance Army and the kings were super mad and pissed when they saw the strongmen escaping. Their hearts skipped a beat and almost puked up a mouthful of blood. After they suffered such a huge lose and from these thirty strongmen who threw out their axes, they wanted to fight back. But before they could strike back and make the trade even, their opponents escaped without any sense of pride or dignity. It felt like concentrating everything in one punch and missing the target right away after that; it felt really strange and made the Alliance feel very powerless.

The good news for them was that the king of Chambord didn’t escape.

Fei quickly became the target for the hatred and grievances.

“Charge! Let’s go and kill their king!”

The Alliance was in a desperate and mad state. All the soldiers’ eyes turned red as blood filled the capillaries in their eyes, making them looked like a bunch of rabbits. They bit their teeth and charged at Chambord and it’s formations with all their strength. They all swore in their mind that they will stick the handle of the axes into this shameless guy’s butt.

On the other side.

The red flag on the hill moved again.

The huge iron shield formation that was at the the very front of Chambord’s formations started to move. What was surprising was that the more than ten iron shields didn’t come together and march forward and form a line of defense. Instead, they separated into two groups and moved to two completely different sides while completely exposing their king and the more than a hundred Bylaw Enforcement Officers to the blades and the charge coming from the Alliance.

At this point, Chambord’s formation was very strange. It was in a “U” shape. It had a very special and wanton feel to it. It made people feel like Chambord wasn’t trying to defend at all, but welcoming the invasion from the Alliance Army with open arms.

Fei tapped the big black dog under his crouch and slowly backed off to a hill that was a bit farther away.

This action was interpreted into escaping in the eyes of Nine-Kingdom Alliance Army, and that made them more aggressive and insane and their decision of charging firmer.

But to Fei, he only wanted to stand with the kids.

These kids were all excellent students from Chambord’s Civil and Military Academy. Most of them were from poor families, were more mature, and were recipients of the “King Scholarship”. To Fei, they were the important foundation to Chambord’s future upraise and success. Therefore, despite all the disagreement from his ministers and officers, Fei took them to this dangerous battlefield to let them experience the cruelty of wars and the complex situations that changed by the second.

“My kids of Chambord, don’t be afraid. Now open your eyes, watch everything happening in front of you closely. Watch how your fathers are fighting with those damn invaders, and feel the atmosphere on the battlefield with your hearts. Because one day, you will be doing the same thing as your fathers, protecting your homes and loved ones by battling with your enemies with sharp weapons. Remember, every student from Chambord Civil and Military Academy could be a brave soldier with a low status, but you guys shouldn’t be a timid and scared general of prestigious status!”

Fei said as he glanced at all the kids with an encouraging smile as he suddenly raised his voice and shouted: “Do you guys understand?”

“Understood, principal!” All the kids said in unison as they nodded. The unhidden respect and worship in their eyes made Fei feel like a real king.

At this moment, the Alliance finally were less than ten yards away from Chambord’s formation as they continued their charge. The fiftyish Bylaw Enforcement Officer stood at their spot loosely. They only raised their shields and spears and were alerted, but they didn’t really mind their enemies who were charging at them with vicious intent.

“Kill them all!”

The Alliance Army saw the sign of victory, and the Earth attributed warrior raised his arms and shouted to boost the morale of his peers.

But at this moment, a strange situation arose –

The sky that was blue and didn’t have a single cloud suddenly was lit up by a lot of colors, as if there were multiple suns in the sky.

As if he sensed something, the Earth attributed warrior looked up out of surprise. But before his smile could stay on his face for too long, what he saw caused an unprecedented terror to appear on his face. The terror on his face intensified and his pupil suddenly contracted as he shouted: “NO……..”

Boom – !

Crack – !

Whoosh – !

One second after, all these colorful lights fell to the ground, and that was the beginning of a horrifying catastrophe  – Violent explosions, splashing ice chips and hail, shocking lightning, and malicious poisons instantly enveloped the Alliance Army who were charging. The fire, ice, lightning, and poison that fell from the sky caused insane damage and took away numerous lives. Screams and sad cries resonated on the battlefield one after another……

“Mages! They had mages……”

“Traps! We got tricked…… Retreat, quick!”

“Mom, save me, save me please……”

“Ah, my legs! My legs are gone……!”

Alliance Army who were influenced and blind by their hatred and biases were stunned. The Earth attributed Two Star Warrior who was charging at the very front didn’t have the chance to dodge. He was shot by a frost arrow, a fire arrow, and a lightning arrow at the same time. In an instant, his body was turned into a pile of stinky meat. His two star warrior energy couldn’t save his life, and the thick armour on his body also couldn’t protect him from the sudden assault at all.

The heavy armoured infantry formation from Shuani Kingdom also were almost instantly wiped out.

Iron was one of the best conductors for electricity. It was also a good conductor for heat, either cold or heat could easily spread over it. The heavily armoured infantries who survived the axes throws couldn’t protect themselves from this attack at all, and the thick iron armours that were supposed to protect them turned into the weapons that killed them. In a short period of time, almost all of them were killed less than ten yards away from Chambord’s formations. The soldiers who were unlucky and didn’t die to the arrows themselves right away were either burnt to death or frozen to death in their own armours.

The scale of victory instantly reversed, as if all the weight were taken off of one side.

At this moment, the soldiers in the Alliance who were close and kings in the Alliance Army who were farther away just realized the source for this devastating magic attack – some time ago, the harem on the six carriages behind the Chambord’s formations had got out and were standing in the hill in front of the carriages. Each and every one of them had a long bow in their hands and huge magic energy surged around them. Every single powerful arrow that was filled with devastating magic power were shot out of their hands. Just like the Grim Reaper’s scythe, the colorful arrows were shot into the infantry formation that was charging at Chambord like a huge flood mercilessly.

“God……A total of twenty six magic archers?”

Everyone on Alliance’s side almost lost their language and thinking abilities, as if they were all shocked by lightning.
The night kings in the Alliance Army looked at their “preys” bluntly. The preys who they thought were easy to get had suddenly tore away their cute and naïve appearances and turned into representatives of the Grim Reaper. Their deadly stares, smooth movements of loading the arrows and pulling their bows all seemed cruel at this moment. A number of frost, fire, lightning, and poison magic arrows were like intimate kisses from the Grim Reaper, and were shot at the other soldiers in the Alliance Army who were still charging like thick dots!

Too fast!

These female archer’s shooting speed were too fast.

People were only able to see the afterimages left by their soft arms and slender fingers in the air. Each sharp arrow’s tip seemed to be touching the arrows that were shot out prior by their ends. Together, all the arrows formed into multiple trajectories. In less than ten seconds, these twenty six pure girls had shot out more than a thousand magic arrows!

There were more than a thousand lethal and destructive magic arrows.

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