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Hail the King Chapter 146

Chapter 146: The King Is Going Off


The heavy armored infantry from Shuani Kingdom who were charging at the very front was wiped out without even putting up a fight. The swordsmen formation from Lunan Kingdom that followed the infantry formation tightly didn’t end up any better. Seventy to eighty percent of them were instantly killed. Soldiers from the other small kingdoms who wanted to benefit from the chaos caused by the Alliance Army also met a bad ending. The commander on Chambord’s side was very conservative and safe. He let the enemies charge to an area that was less than ten yards away from Chambord’s formation. This guaranteed that the female magic archers would have close to 100% accuracy, and all of the soldiers in the Alliance Army who charged at Chambord would be in the attack range of the female magic archers. Although all the soldiers who charged at Chambord turned around and retreated right away after they saw the magic arrows, they still suffered heavy casualties!

This devastating magic arrow attack continued for another three minutes.

After three minutes, all the female magic archers’ mana was about depleted, and the catastrophic attack finally stopped. At this point, among all one thousand and five hundred soldiers from the Alliance Army who charged at Chambord, only less than half of them were still alive. Most of the survivors were at the back, and had instantly turned around and sprinted away from the range of the arrows after they saw the situation change. Otherwise, there would be more deaths on the Alliance Army’s side.

Smoke covered the whole battleground, and the smell of cooked meat also floated in the air.

There were corpses that were black and burnt, standing still and froze everywhere on the battlefield. Where were also chipped armours and weapons, but they weren’t comparable to the corpse.

The soldiers on the Alliance Army who survived and the kings who were a bit farther away all looked at the scene in front of them and were still not yet recovered from the fright. They all felt like they had a nightmare that they couldn’t wake up from. They were all covered in cold sweat, and the sweat had soaked their clothes. Now when they looked at the twenty six pure and cute figures on the hill far away, they didn’t dare to think of these girls as Chambord’s king’s harem trophy wives. That wave of death arrow rain had completely extinguished the obscene flames in everyone’s heart who were on the Alliance Army.

“These women all seem to have the power of Two Star Mages. They are like roses – although they are pretty, they have thorns on them. These lethal thorns would kill them instantly if they touched them.

“How could a little Level 6 Affiliated Chambord Kingdom have so many powerful men and women?”

This was a very strange mystery.

However, that mystery was no longer something that the Nine-Kingdom Alliance Army was thinking or caring about.

If possible, they hoped that everything they were seeing was only a nightmare. They hoped that they could wake up the next moment and realize that nothing had happened… All the kings were regretting their decision as they sat on their high horses. If it wasn’t because of the insight coming from that person, they never would have started this ridiculous war and hoped to seize treasures; that person told them that Chambord was so weak that it couldn’t even take a strike.

Every king on the Nine-Kingdom Alliance Army was asking themself, “What is going to happen next? Can I still leave this hellish place alive?”

They were currently in a very sad situation – they only had about five hundred guards in front of them. The seven to eight hundred soldiers who had retreated from the frontline were already terrified. The kings knew that if those women on the hill lightly pulled on their bowstrings, these defeated soldiers would instantly crap their pants.

This war couldn’t be continued any longer at this point.

Although everyone could tell that those female magic archers had depleted their mana, no one dared to risk their lives to test it out. The precedent of the hundred spear and shield soldiers from Chishui Kingdom and the corpses that covered the entire battlefield had scared everyone in the Alliance Army’s off. The war horses also backed off one step at a time; they also felt the sensation of death.

At this moment, Chambord started its first counterattack.

The red flag moved.

The female rogues who were trying to quickly recover their mana on the hill started moving. Just like the other soldiers from Chambord who disappeared after separating themselves into two groups and rushing to the bushes on both sides of the battlefield, they also separated themselves into two groups and rushed into the bushes and disappeared. The only thing that was a bit different was that their speed was much faster than the regular soldiers from Chambord.

This strange situation that occurred consecutively made the kings in the Alliance Army feel a little uncomfortable.

“Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark!”

Everyone in the Alliance Army heard the arrogant dog bark, and a new change occurred – they saw the young king Alexander of Chambord, who was riding on the big black dog, suddenly move. With the young king on its back, the black dog slowly walked off of the hill. The Bylaw Enforcement Officer formation who was in front of him split in the middle and made a path for their king. The young king sneered as he slowly glanced at all of the nine king’s faces. He didn’t hide his disdainful expression at all. As if all the seven to eight hundred defeated soldiers were nothing, the king rode the dog towards the nine kings on the Alliance Army’s side slowly and casually.

Soon, he moved past the battlefield that was filled with corpses.

The seven to eight hundred defeated soldiers were already terrified. They didn’t dare to block Fei’s path at all when they saw Fei walking towards them. They all quickly backed off and made a path for Fei in unison, as if Fei was a bloodthirsty demon. Especially when they saw the big black dog that was bigger than a war horse under Fei’s crutch, they were almost scared to death. But as soon as they looked at the beast’s eyes, they felt like a chilling sensation ran loose in their bodies. Their minds turned blank, their legs started to shake, and their souls seemed to escape from their bodies.

The more than seven hundred defeated soldiers didn’t create any obstacles for the dog and the man.

They were more like guards who were protecting and welcoming their king.

Fei easily got past them as if he was riding the big black dog on a wide road.

Although there was only a man and a dog, it made everyone in the Alliance Army feel like this man and dog were even more frightening than the strongmen and the female magic archers. No one in the Alliance Army had seen Fei attack before, so they didn’t know about the real strength of this king. However, just his bold and unruly presence dominated over all the other nine kings.

“The game is almost over. I will give you guys two choices: either surrender and pay up, or die!”

Fei stopped Blacky when they were less than ten yards away from the nine kings. His warm smile looked like the smile of a demon and his gentle voice sounded like the melody of hell from the perspective of the nine kings. For a moment, no one dared to look at him directly in the eyes. But behind Fei, the defeated soldiers who slowly recovered gradually realized something and slowly blocked Fei’s way back as they held onto their weapons tightly.

“Kill him for me!”


The king of Chishui Kingdom said to one of his personal guards with a gloomy expression on his face when he saw the opportunity.

Killing a king who was canonized by Zenit Empire violated the empire’s law, and it would cause some problems. Ransacking and killing were different, after all. The law of the empire allowed conflicts between its affiliated kingdoms, but it didn’t allow for the killing of a king. However, the king of Chishui Kingdom was feeling a little arrogant because of his  [Fire God’s Iron Fleet] cavalry since two of the princes of Zenit wanted him on their side. Also, things like the law were meaningless in front of powerful warrior and mages. The laws of Zenit were no longer followed to the same degree as a hundred years ago. To a level 3 affiliated kingdom, as long as the king was willing to spend the money to influence the nobles and decisions makers at St. Petersburg, killing a king of a level 6 affiliated kingdom wasn’t an issue at all. In fact, as long as the king of Chishui Kingdom was willing to spend the money, he could kill a few kings without stirring up a big situation. After losing an elite spear and shield infantry formation, the king of Chishui Kingdom was extremely angry.

The personal guard rushed out of Chishui Kingdom’s formation.

This was a Metal Attributed Two Star Swordsman. He would be considered a master in all level 3 affiliated kingdoms.

Everyone in the Alliance Army was confident in this personal guard’s ability. Because the Alliance Army was formed under the insight of that person, they gather the proper intel and didn’t know the real strength of the king of Chambord since they hadn’t see the king fight. There were a few kings who were afraid of the trouble that might arise from killing this king, but it was too late to stop the king of Chishui Kingdom’s personal guard……

However –


Sparks appeared in the air.

Shadows flashed by where the spark was.

Before the people in the Alliance Army could see the two people clearly, they saw the personal guard being beheaded. The personal guard’s body fell to the ground like a punching bag. His sword had a similar ending. It was also cut into two pieces and fell to the ground. Now, they could see the situation clearly. Some time ago, this little king had a sharp green sword in his hand. The blade of the sword looked like the edge of a chainsaw, and blood was dripping down from it. Heat was still coming off of the blood.

A master!

Everyone felt a chilling sensation in their bodies again.

This was another shocking and unexpected discovery; the soldiers and kings in the Alliance Army almost had their eyeballs fall out of their sockets.

This scene made the kings who were afraid of death feel an enormous threat. They all knew what it meant to have an enemy who could instantly kill a Two Star Swordsman less than ten yards away from them – it was just like voluntarily extending their own necks to their enemy’s murdering blade. This time, Fei’s glance made the king of Chishui Kingdom extremely nervous; he was the first one who sensed this great danger. He screamed on top of his lungs as he almost crapped his pants; he immediately turned his horse around and ran away…

This action instantly collapsed the Alliance Army’s last bit of morale and hope.

The other kings were woken up by the king of Chishui Kingdom’s action as well. As if their butts were getting poked by a spear, they screamed as they whipped their horses and tried to get away as fast as they could.

The kings’ actions immediately influenced their bodyguards’ actions.

The bodyguard’s actions immediately influenced the seven to eight hundred defeated soldier’s mentality; these soldiers were hesitating at first, but they immediately started to run when they saw their kings and their bodyguards escaping.

That was how the Alliance Army’s collapse occurred. Everyone in the Alliance Army started to run under the lead of the kings. It was a huge loss; they thought they were about to conquer this little kingdom and plunder the riches, but now they were like homeless dogs being chased by tigers. Everyone in the Alliance Army wished that they could grow a few more legs to help them run faster. Some soldiers in the Alliance Army even started to kill their peers so they could get their hands on the scarce war horses. It was a huge chaos…

“Haha, you want to run now? It’s too late!”

Fei suddenly jumped up from the [Black Tornado]’s back. He left a series of afterimages in the air as he immediately chased up to the kings. His terrifying strength was demonstrated again. The green and purple dual swords turned into sparking shadows like stars in the night sky. The air-piercing sounds resonated on the battlefield as the two shapes sword dominated this chaotic situation. Wherever these two swords went, soldier, cavaliers, and bodyguards fell to the ground without any chance to defend themselves. Fei was very fast and agile. Like a bouncing ball, he leaped in the air about a dozen times and all the bodyguards screamed as they were killed instantly…

Bark! Bark! Bark!

[Black Tornado] followed Fei with its lightning speed as it barked loudly, and all the war horses within a fifty yard radius were terrified. White foam spurted out of their mouths as they fell to the ground, while their body twitched.

The kings on the horses didn’t expect it and screamed as they fell to the ground and dirtied their faces and clothes.

When they got up and screamed as they wanted to run away with their own legs, they saw a shadow flash by in front of them. Fei had already reached and stepped in front of them as he landed on the ground from his leap. The green and purple dual swords in his hands had blood dripping off them. The blood landed on the grass on the ground, and the heat and bloody smell filled all the kings’ noises.

At this moment, Fei really looked like a demon who had just crawled out of hell. All these kings had never seen anything like this; they were terrified. They kneeled down and begged for mercy and forgiveness as their bodies trembled…

Beside them, all the soldiers were still running away; the defeated soldiers were in a chaos themselves and didn’t have the time and chance to save their own kings.

What an ironic scene!

“Tie them up!” Fei waved his hand and the Bylaw Enforcement Officers who were chasing after the defeated soldiers rushed by viciously and tightly tied the kings up very tightly. The ropes strapped into these king’s soft skins, and the huge amount of pain made them forget about their high status. They all started to scream and beg, as if they were pigs in a slaughter house.

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