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Hail the King Chapter 147

Chapter 147: Evaluation

Fei didn’t bother with the kings that were already caught. His vision was like thunder, immediately locking onto the Chishui King that was running in the distance.

Due to the Roaring Flame Beast being fast like the wind, whose speed far exceeded any normal horse, and the few loyal guards beside him protecting him with their lives, the Chishui King was the only king that got away.

Waving his hand, big black D barked and jumped over like thunder, and Fei jumped onto the Black Whirlwind and chased right away.

“Stop him…” Chishui’s King noticed the approaching Fei as he looked back, and that the full-speed dog was actually a little faster than the Roaring Flame Beast. The gap was pulling closer bit by bit, and that made the Chishui king almost piss his pants. He turned around and saw the [Fire God’s Iron Fleet] in the distance that was on standby. As if he saw his savior, he began crazily shouting, “Charge! Charge! Hurry and protect me!”

At this moment, he no longer cared about preserving those 100 [Fire God’s Iron Fleet]. As long as he could get away, he was willing to sacrifice everything.

Toot toot toot toot!!

The horn sounded, the already prepared heavy cavalry regiment loyally executed the king’s command. With a fierce kick to the belly of the Roaring Flame Beast, they began charging. With the lance firmly locked within their armpits and pointed towards the front, the knights were like large moving killing machines. The rumbling of the Roaring Flame Beast’s steps trembled the earth, like an unstoppable steel torrent flooding towards Fei’s direction.

The knights demonstrated their amazing tacit understanding.

When they were about to encounter Chishui King, the formation suddenly split into two from the center and left out a 2-meter-wide gap, smoothly letting the king and his guards to pass through, and then it immediately closed again, reforming into its invincible steel torrent form. The knights’ lances dazzled cold light as the beasts made the earth tremble, and they charged towards Han.

On the battlefield, it was almost an unparalleled force.

At this moment, everyone that were watching this scene thought that the dog and the man would immediately dodge to the side.

After all, no matter how strong is one’s individual strength, he still shouldn’t be strong enough to go against the power of this many knights combined. In the face of these charging knights, even castle walls could collapse.


Bark bark bark*!

The big black dog let out a trembling roar as if entering a mad state. Its bloody mouth revealed sharp white fangs, and the strong muscles above its limbs began getting bigger. Its size almost doubled in the next second. Then it suddenly released its explosive energy, and its speed was accelerated to an incredible degree. Like a light that just flashed past, squeezing into the tiny gaps within the enemy formation from unbelievable angles.

Two flashing lights, one green and one purple, shined like the bright meteors, and the heavily-armored knights had no way to fight back. With the lances being so heavy in their hands, the knights didn’t even have time to pull out their sword and remained completely vulnerable to the oncoming green and purple flashes. They began falling down their beasts like dumplings going into a pot!

Almost everyone’s wound was surprisingly consistent – all on the throat where the helmet and chest plate converges. This location was also the most vulnerable place of a fully-armed knight, there’s only a small iron guard in place, and it’s completely not enough to stop any elite warrior’s attack!

The knights that fell onto the ground didn’t even get a chance to scream and were trampled into paste.

Under the duo green and purple swords, no one could muster any resistance. The big black dog’s figure was very erratic, it can easily pass through the slightest gap, as if a fish freely travelling in water, very slippery. The knights’ vision was already having difficulty catching the shadow of the dog and man, not to mention attacking back.

Both sides almost instantly finished the exchange of attacks.

The famous [Fire God’s Iron Fleet] lost a third of the power in this encounter, and the casualties were all caused by a slice at the throat and then falling to be trampled into paste by the beasts. But the dog-man army didn’t suffer the slightest injuries, as if they just finished a tour. They easily passed through the heavy-cavalry regiment’s assault, their speed didn’t slow down by the slightest as they quickly bridged the distance with Chishui’s king.

The [Fire God’s Iron Fleet]’s charging speed was too quick, they couldn’t turn back in time. They were like an unstoppable flood rushing towards Chambord city’s army formation in the distance.

“S--t!” Romain the knight captain shouted. At this moment, there was almost no one defending the Chambord city grounds.

“Keep watching.” The Elder Princess said calmly.

Fei very quickly caught up to Chishui’s King and his guards. The guards didn’t slow down [Black Whirlwind]’s speed by the slightest, and they all fell off the horses under the duo swords. Fei reached out his hand and directly picked up Chishui’s king off of the Roaring Flame Beast’s back like picking up a chick and then threw him onto the ground. Then, very quickly there were bylaw enforcement officers that came over and tied him up.

Fei patted [Black Whirlwind] on the head and the big black dog roared, immediately turned around, and stopped the soldiers that were about to flee. How did these people dare to go against Fei again. Seeing him block their path, they immediately screamed and changed directions, fleeing from the left and right sides.

Pew pew pew pew!

Dozens of sharp arrows landed on their feet. From the bushes on two sides, the originally “escaped” godly archers and the terrifying female magic archers suddenly appeared. The long bows in their hands were pulled to the full-moon state, and the sharp arrow tips already aimed at the panicking soldiers. Their cold eyes made everyone instantly stop their movements and not dare to move even one step forward.

They were surrounded.

400 people were surrounded by less than 100 people.

“Kneel down, surrender. Otherwise you will be shown no mercy!” Fei shouted.

All the remaining soldiers looked at each other. The moment one person became the first one to throw away the weapon in his hand, other people immediately followed, all kneeling on the ground obediently as they have long lost resistance in their hearts.

At this moment, [Fire God’s Iron Fleet] was also almost annihilated.

No one would have thought, those 22 people that originally showed up on Chambord city’s side in heavy armor that seemed like they were about to collapse any moment due to the heavy weight on them, would act as if they were possessed by gods and started running within those heavy steal armor when the red command flag in the distant hill flashed again. From jogging to sprinting, their speed was incredible, which made it very hard to believe that they were in heavy armor that was over a hundred pounds in weight.

It’s those 22 guys that got into a horizontal line fearlessly and engaged the remaining [Fire God’s Iron Fleet]. Their iron armor was extremely tough, providing their bodies with the most primitive protection, but what was even more terrifying was the terrifying power that came out explosively from their weak little bodies. From after the first heavily-armed Roaring Flame Beast plus the heavily-armored cavalry unit on top were smashed away, the knight captain Romain’s opened mouth just couldn’t close. He just watched the 22 people like terrifying giant beasts smashing away Roaring Flame Beasts one after another. The significant gap between body size and power shocked everyone’s visual senses, even the Elder Princess’s eyes were filled with surprise.

Chambord City used the same method and shocked this Zenit Empire’s [Female Strategy Goddess].

The 22 iron giants’ vanguard once again took down more than two-thirds of the [Fire God’s Iron Fleet].

The remaining 30 or so knights didn’t even have time to turn their head around and crashed into the already-prepared iron tower wall at the front, and they instantly lost all combat strength.

No one would’ve expected, one assault, three encounters, and the famous [Fire God’s Iron Fleet] among the Zenit Empire’s subsidiary kingdoms would be defeated like a straw in a hurricane. What’s more unbelievable was that, from beginning to end, they didn’t kill a single enemy. The damage to the Chambord City side was just a few people’s armor getting deformed from the collision, and some people also became dizzy from the collision. But their tough body after being refined by [Hulk Potion] made them already completely immune to such kind of collision damage.

At this moment, a period was drawn onto this sudden attack from the Nine-Kingdom Alliance army.

“Romain, do you understand Chambord City’s fighting strategies yet?” The battle had already ended. The Elder Princess turned around and asked in a low voice.

“Savage, rude, straightforward, and… and cunning, insidious!” Romain’s always-smiling baby face was now covered with unprecedented seriousness. He said a few adjectives right away, but he still felt that he didn’t fully describe Chambord City and their king’s fighting style.

“You are right…” The Elder Princess suddenly turned around, “But these are all not enough to accurately describe the guy. If I want to describe him, I would use another word…” Then, the Elder Princess spit out two words from her lips in seriousness –

“Variable.” (TL: well its two words in Chinese)

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