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Hail the King Chapter 148

Chapter 148: Complete Victory


Romain slightly hesitated, and then he was immediately enlightened.

Yes, it was a “variable”.

Aside from this word, Romain couldn’t find any other words to describe everything he observed from that fight. From the beginning when Chambord King Alexander brought the women and children to the battlefield, he didn’t think that those girly women would be magic archers, acting like the representations of death. He also didn’t think that Chambord City would have 50 or so godly archers, nor did he think that the giant black dog had such a terrifying strength. He never could’ve imagined that those 22 heavily-armored warriors and the giant-axe-warrior-formation would be this destructive. Lastly, he didn’t expect that the famous [Fire God’s Iron Fleet] would be completely annihilated without killing a single enemy, or that King Alexander’s combat strength could have reached a new high…

He didn’t expect any of this at all.

Those were the variables.

Chambord King Alexander turned all these things that people didn’t expect into reality.

Such variables were the most terrifying, because even if one was a wise commander, when faced with such an enemy, they would be defeated by these layers of unexpected variables that kept arising. It was impossible to know what would happen the next second, nor which card the opponent would play. When these were revealed, it would have already resulted in defeat!

Too terrifying!

“Romain, carefully remember what you saw today. Someday in the future, you may possibly face it as well…” The eldest Princess’s words came a bit out of the blue for Romain, but he still replied with a nod.

Among the countless royal generals under Elder Prince Arshavin, Romain wasn’t the strongest one. However, he had a calm heart and was eager to learn; he was one of the rare generals known for his wisdom. He had the talent to become a great general, so the [Wisdom Goddess] Eldest Princess broke her rule and always kept this knight beside her, exposing him to things that a normal general would never experience. The meaning of doing this was self-explanatory, an Romain also knew this clearly, so he always studied in silence. This small-scale battle today gave him a lot of shock, and he needed to slowly digest it.

“Your Majesty, how should we handle them?”

The Capricorn Saint Paul-Pierce asked. He had already led the Bylaw Enforcement Officers to capture all the 9 Kingdoms’ Kings and threw them in front of the [Black Whirlwind]. A wave of barking from the big black dog deeply scared these kings who were used to being respected and served, and some of them with weak resolves had already kneeled down, desperately begging for mercy.

“Clean up the battlefield, take all the people, weapons and armor into the city and catalog them into the city’s inventory. Heavily lock all the prisoners into the [Little Black House] and let Oleg strictly look after them. Execute those that are heavily wounded, and move all the corpses into the small open lot in the back mountain…” Fei rode on the big black dog and scanned past the battlefield filled with evaporating blood. “Take all the horses and Roaring Flame Beasts, regardless of how injured they are, into the Royal Stable, and send experienced people to take good care of them. These are all our future baby treasures of Chambord City, muahaha!”

“You can’t do this; these are the property of the Chishui Kingdom! You have no right to claim them as yours.” Chishui’s king saw his Roaring Flame Beasts being carried away one by one as he shouted.


Pierce laughed and slapped Chishui’s King across his face. The terrifying power made it feel like iron hammers landed on his face. This king’s teeth flew all over the place, and his face was instantly covered in bruises. He couldn’t talk clearly anymore. His eyes were squinted due to his swollen face, and his nose was broken.

“Shut up! Prisoners should have the resolve of a prisoner. These items are all King Alexander’s spoils of war, including you!” Pierce didn’t give the high-status prisoners any respect, and some of the kings had already fainted after seeing the barbaric scene. For those that were conscious, no one dared to fight back anymore and silently watched as the Bylaw Enforcement Officers cleaned up the battlefield, taking away their properties one by one.

The sunset was like blood.

Vultures hovered in the sky; these black giant birds with sharp beaks had smelled the scent of death and rotten bodies, so they flocked over in groups from the distant mountains at the back of the Chambord City. Their noisy caws created oppressing feelings of darkness.

“Let them sign the document, double the war reparations from last time, and give them only one month to deliver it to Chambord City. If they can’t gather enough in this with this short amount fo time, they can compensate with minerals and other materials. Hehe, the princes’ words didn’t hold any weight, but now that their Kings are here, the Kingdoms should probably be able to keep their word now, right? Relay my message word by word: if any country dares to decline, when the deadline comes, I will bring their king’s head and visit them to ask for compensation myself!” After a great victory, Fei’s attitude hardened up.

In fact, he had already expected that holding the princes hostage would lead to a rebounding effect. After all, princes were not kings, so their words didn’t matter much. That’s why he had already expected that it would take some effort to obtain the war reparations. However, he didn’t expect that the alliance would form and visit him this quickly; Fei smelled something fishy.

“Let warden Oleg take good care of these kings. Make them confess how they planned and executed this trip. I need to know every single detail regarding why these nine kingdoms came together!” Fei then patted the big black dog and began to walk towards Chambord City.

This battle was won easily.

In fact, with Chambord City’s current strength, there was originally no need to take so many twists and turns to win the battle. They simply needed to have an army charge out of Chambord City to easily take care of the problem, but Fei wanted to take this simple battle to train the soldiers of Chambord. He wanted to help them get used to the various aspects of war, from planning, cooperation, positioning the vanguard, following commands, and so on. In addition, Fei also wanted them to come in close contact with melee combat, death, and blood. He knew that a powerful army would not only need extraordinary strength, but also resolve and determination. Fei could use [Hulk Potions] and other items from the Diablo World to enhance his soldiers’ strength, but he couldn’t make them get used to the bloody and merciless side of war. These things could only be felt and learned on a real battlefield. Chambord City was a small subsidiary kingdom on the rural border, so it had not encountered a real war in many years. The battle with the Black Armor Army counted as one, but that was a case where they were forced to fight, and it was different than this time, where they took the initiative in the fight.

This was why Fei dragged out this war, which could be finished within ten minutes, and took whole 2 hours to finish the battle.

Fei slowly walked towards the gates, and his eyes swept past the solders’ faces.

Facts proved that Fei’s painstaking efforts today were not in vain, because in the eyes of these soldiers, in addition to a little panic, Fei saw firmer and braver spirits… They had begun to adapt to such battles.

Blood and fire were the easiest ways to let someone grow.

This battle was a complete victory!

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