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Hail the King Chapter 150

Chapter 150: Invincible [Assassin Mode]

The majestic king was godly!

It wasn’t the first time that these servants had seen King Alexander’s magical ability, but they were still in shock this time.

These aggressive and anxious beasts acted like lost kids who had just seen their parents when the king appeared.

However, Fei didn’t have the time to acknowledge the servants’ surprise and idolization. His level 21 Druid ability let the Roaring Flame Beasts accept him easily. These beasts weren’t that intelligent; their consciousness was like infants. They were not like the big black dog at all, so it was easy to gain their trust. Fei took out some [Healing Potions] from his storage space and started to treat the Roaring Flame Beasts that were severely injured. Some of them had their leg bones cracked, while others had their neck bones cracked from the collisions in the battle. These beasts were on the verge of dying. They all stared at Fei with a sad begging expression on their faces.

After spending about five bottles of [Healing Potions], all the injured Roaring Flame Beasts recovered.

It was fortunate that after all seven of Fei’s character passed Act 1 in the Diablo World, the cost for Fei to convert all kinds of potions decreased dramatically. On top of the fact that Fei had become super wealthy in the Diablo World by selling the gems, he could afford these costs.

After fully treating all the Roaring Flame Beasts, Fei paused for a second, and then he added a little portion of [Hulk Potion] into the Roaring Flame Beasts’ drinking water. Then, he told the servants about some things to keep in mind and left these Roaring Flame Beasts alone.

When Fei left the middle stable area, the Roaring Flame Beasts had all calmed down. Since he petted and relaxed these beasts and reminded the servants about the key points, the servants were able to get close to these beasts and comb their iron-like scales. When these beasts saw Fei leaving, they were all unwillingness to part with him, as if they were kids who were being left at home by a busy parent.

This magical scene shocked the servants again.

Fei was thinking about training and reforming these Roaring Flame Beasts into mounts like [Blacky] by using the [Hulk Potion]. As he was daydreaming, he looked up. The scene he saw had him stunned – Angela, who was wearing a light blue long dress, was standing in front of the war horse and smiling brightly. She looked like a beautiful goddess. The anxious war horses somehow calmed down and kneeled down around Angela, as if they were guards who were protecting their princess. This scene was comparable to the tales described by traveling poets where Saint Beast Unicorns kneeled around the beautiful Goddess of Life intimately. Fei felt like the scene was taken directly out of a fairy tale; it was ecstatic and mystic.

Fei rubbed his eye, but he wasn’t hallucinating.

This was very strange. Fei was able to calm down the anxious Roaring Flame Beasts due to his Druid power. What about Angela? “Is Angela secretly a Druid as well? How is she able to calm down this bunch of anxious war horses in such short period of time? But there isn’t any profession like the Druid on Zeroth Continent…” Fei thought.

The servants who were supposed to protect Angel were all stunned and surprised as well.

“Alexander, I don’t know why, but it seems like I can sense their emotions. I didn’t really do anything; I just tried to comfort them, and these horses kneeled down obediently … Xixi, they are so cute, they are docile too!”

On the way back, Angela answered Fei’s question. However, this made Fei even more curious.  Actually, Fei knew about Angela’s affinity with animals. The big black dog that didn’t go through [Hulk Potion] reformation was very ferocious, and people couldn’t get close to it. However, Angela was able to easily tame and order it around. There were numerous examples, but Fei didn’t really pay much attention to it.

But what happened today was very weird. It couldn’t be just explained by the word “affinity”. Those war horses were very stubborn; when they just got to this new environment, even professional horse trainers couldn’t get close to them. Chambord Bylaw Enforcement Officer had used a lot of methods and a lot of forces to get them into the royal stable. “How could Angela, who doesn’t have any training experience, do that? This is very interesting… Could the animals tell apart pretty from ugly, and they didn’t want to hurt Angela because she is so pretty and pure?”
Fei quickly shook his head when he thought that. There was no way that ridiculous reason could be true.

It looked like this secret would take some time to solve and find out.

After returning back to King’s Palace, both Angela and Emma were both very tired, so they went to their rooms to rest.

Fei still wasn’t tired. He went into his office and started to read and experiment with the simple energy training scrolls that he collected. After that, he started to try to create new energy training scrolls by using the speciality of [Assassin Mode] and his hypotheses.

After carefully remembering every single energy connection channel in a human’s body from a two-star energy training scroll, Fei switched to [Assassin Mode] and closed his eyes to sense the special power that his assassin character had – “Zen Power”. After he felt how the assassin energy flowed in his body, he took a feather pen and drew out each and every energy connection channel on the leather sheet in front of him. He combined it with the energy connection channels on the two-star training scroll.

Then, Fei added a total of seven new channels. After the revision, the two-star energy training scroll [Breaking-Stone Chop] already had fourteen energy connection channels. According to how energy training scrolls were ranked based on how many energy channels they had, this training scroll was elevated to the three-star rank.

However, this was only theoretical.

In terms of how actual training would go by using this scroll, Fei couldn’t guarantee anything; he would have to experiment and find out.

The process of drawing out new energy connection channels was very energy consuming. Fei felt tired after only revising one energy training scroll.

He went into his bedroom to rest… Suddenly, a vigorous energy surge appeared around the Back Mountain, and Fei felt it vaguely.

Fei was shocked; his face even changed color. There was only one possibility – someone had triggered the magic traps on the back mountain.

It couldn’t be the soldiers who were guarding the underground cave.

They all remembered the correct path to travel on the back mountain.

That meant… there were intruders!

Fei immediately used the power of the [Assassin Mode] and disappeared from his bedroom. He turned into an invisible shadow to naked eye and dashed towards the Back Mountain like lightning under the dark sky; he didn’t wake anyone up.

Of course, Fei saw red flames and white lightning striking around the restricted area in the Back Mountain. It was very eye catching in the dark night. Under the light, Fei saw a few figures move; it was obvious that there was a fight.

“Who is it? Who dares to intrude the restricted area of Chambord?”

Fei heard Peter-Cech’s loud shout from far away. The figures moved and changed their locations continuously. The swords in their hands made a lot of sparks during collisions. It seemed like there was only one intruder, and Cech had a few Bronze Saint Saiya and elite guards helping him. Even with the help from Fei’s magic trap, they could only match up to the intruder; it even seemed like the intruder wasn’t using all of his or her strength.

At this moment, Fei finally arrived.

“Back off/ Let me deal with him!” Fei shouted. In the air, Fei bent his fingers and formed a claw as he struck at the intruder who wore black and was covered.

“Your Majesty!”

Cech and Chambord’s warriors heard the voice and knew that the person who appeared was Fei. They were delighted and backed off. They had blocked all the possible paths that this intruder could take to escape.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Almost at the same time, Fei and the mysterious intruder in black had struck at each other several times. Fei, who was in the [Assassin Mode], was almost invincible in these close combat fights. Every part of his body had turned into a weapon, and they all struck at the intruder in black like rain drops in a storm. His opponent was clearly not ready to fight against such a strange style. The intruder tried to defend himself or herself and backed off.


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