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Hail the King Chapter 151

Chapter 151: Flirtatious Violet Flower

In the Diablo World, assassin was one of the most terrifying classes. They travelled without a trace and were equipped with incredible stealth and assassination skills. Any part of their bodies could instantly become terrifying weapons and deliver a fatal blow at any moment. In addition, they were also skilled with various weapons. Although Barbarians were recognized as the experts in melee combat, their skills and combat methods were domineering and focused more on force. However, assassins excelled in skilled melee combat, just like a venomous snake hidden in the dark. They were hard to defend against.

This black masked man was an elite that was hard to come across, yet he was still completely rushed by Fei’s series of assassin melee combat techniques.

“Tiger Strike!-”

With a loud roar, Fei suddenly activated the assassin skill [Tiger Strike].

The energy inside his body began flowing at a strange rhythm and speed, and an amazing scene occurred. The illusion of two roaring tigers began manifesting on Fei’s two fists, issuing a ground-breaking roar. The fists were like thunder, endlessly striking towards the black masked man. Every fist’s power increased continuously, with the next fist’s power being twice as strong as the previous strike. The tiger’s head that appeared on Fei’s fists became even more complete, shrouding Fei’s arms within them. The contained strength faintly broke past the top tier 4-star level, directly exploding and bombarding the air.

Faced with such strange yet sharp moves, the black masked man didn’t dare to take them head on. He could only try to awkwardly dodge between the strikes.

“Dragon Talon!”

With another roar, used the assassin skill [Dragon Talon].

This was a chain kick skill. Fei’s feet turned into sharp dragon claws after being covered by energy; the claws tore gaps in space. It was so fast that it was invisible to the naked eye. His two legs were like two flashing sharp axes, and the black masked man was completely caught off guard due to the sudden change in technique. Instantly, the skill hit the black masked man’s upper arm. He grunted once as his arms were deformed. With blood seeping out of his mouth, his whole body was sent flying backwards as if he was taking a heavy blow.

Fei leaped into the sky and chased right after him, and he instantly caught up to the black masked man’s face.

With just one more kick, the black masked man would have probably puked blood and died on the spot.

But at that critical moment, the black masked man suddenly whispered something in a deep voice, and then a purple flame began flashing over his body. After the flame disappeared, the injury on both of his arms had instantly healed. Traces of purple light stopped in the air, like a blooming and flirtatious violet flower, blocking Fei’s fierce and fatal kick.


The flirtatious violet flower and Fei’s giant axe clashed, creating terrifying waves of wind, damaging the surrounding trees and shattering countless giant rocks. The dust shot into the night sky, and even Pete Cech who was standing on guard in the distance was pushed back from the oncoming strong wind.

Fei flipped in the air and flew back towards the masked man.

The mysterious black cloaked man suffered some more minor injuries, but he used the airflow to try to escape. His movement was as fast as thunder. A bronze saint-level soldier raised his sword and attempted to stop him, yet he was sent flying by one palm strike. After a few flashes, the black cloaked man instantly disappeared in the vast night.

“Want to escape? Fists of Fire!”

The energy running inside Fei’s body began accelerating at an alarming rate, activating the assassin skill [Fists of Fire]. With a loud noise, crimson red flames began burning on Fei’s two fists, and the flame was especially bright in the dark night as it exuded an amazing energy. His fist trembled once as he used Fists of Fire. It cut through the night like a meteor and travelled deep into the darkness.

After a few seconds, a deep “humph” sounded. Fire flashed and subsequently disappeared in the distance. Then, everything went silent, as if nothing happened.

Fei landed on a giant boulder nearby with a surprised look as he began thinking.

“I didn’t expect him to actually escape… he could actually extinguish the assassin’s [Fists of Fire]. hH’s really quite skilled!” Feeling a little surprised, Fei didn’t continue to chase. After a flash, he appeared in front of the injured soldier by the mysterious masked man and switched to [Paladin] mode. With a palm pressed against the soldier, his Paladin’s energy began to channel, and a ball of light golden flame started flashing. The [Prayer] skill was activated and Fei quickly healed the soldier’s injury.

“Your Majesty!”

Cech and the others tried to supress the shock in their eyes and quickly came over to salute. They didn’t join the battle at the Eastern Mountain top, so this was still their first time seeing His Majesty’s moves. They were all completely shocked by Fei’s stealthy movement and godly melee combat skills like [Tiger Fist] and [Dragon Talon].

“Um.” Fei nodded. “Pete, tell me what just happened in detail. Did you guys find anything?”

“Yes, Your Majesty. That masked man is very skilled. He quietly went past four layers of magic traps. If it wasn’t because he accidently set off a flame trap and got exposed, he would have almost gotten through the traps. With the advantage of numbers and knowledge of the location of traps, we could only stall him for about two to three minutes. If it wasn’t because of Your Majesty arriving in time, I’m afraid that he would’ve already broken into the forbidden ground in the back mountain.”

Fei nodded and immediately changed to [Assassin mode]. He made a series of strange marks with both hands and rearranged the distribution and location of all the traps on the back mountain. Then, he turned around and walked towards the underground stone maze and asked, “In your opinion, is the intruder tonight the same person as the one that broke into the back mountain before the ceremony?”

Cech thought as he walked, and then replied with confidence, “Your Majesty, we fought both of these guys, and from the strength and energy type, they should be the same person. It’s just that his strength seems to be quite stronger than the last time he appeared. What’s puzzling is that this intruder doesn’t seem to have any hostile intent. It was as if he was just looking for something, so he didn’t try to hurt anyone, otherwise…”

“Otherwise you guys would probably be dead or severely wounded by now.” Fei scratched his chin, frowned, and said, “I noticed this too. He’s very careful with his attack. He never intended to hurt anyone, which was why I just attacked to teach him a lesson and never really thought of killing him. The magic traps in the forbidden area have already been rearranged by me. You guys just need to be careful and don’t let them break into the underground stone maze.”

The mysterious black cloaked and masked man wasn’t malicious, which made Fei feel a little reassured.

From the exchange of attacks just now, although it was very brief, Fei already found out a lot of information. This person’s origin was unknown, but his energy fluctuations was similar to the skills of the Holy Church. However, there was also a clear difference. That difference was not done on purpose, and Fei had no doubt about it, so he didn’t suspect Priest Zola and the others. Besides, those two were so obsessed with the idea of becoming friends with [God’s Favorite Child], so they wouldn’t dare to do something that might anger Fei. However, that flirtatious violet flower formed by the mysterious cloaked man’s sword might was very memorable to Fei. He could possibly use this to look into finding more clues. After all, on the land of Azeroth, elites that had purple flame energy were very scarce… This matter needed to be slowly traced and investigated. After all, Pete was sure that the intruder was the same person as before, and that meant that this person had been dwelling in Chambord City for a long time, so there must be some clues.

Fei’s thoughts quickly passed through his mind, and he soon came to the underground stone maze.

The stone maze was the work of countless soldiers and craftsmen rushing day and night, and the dark and terrifying water prison had already gone through drastic changes. He entered from the little stone square that had piles of dead bodies of the nine kingdoms’ soldiers and passed through the 30 or so heavily guarded indestructible iron gates. Fei came to the deepest mountain space.

The area here had a complete new look.

The cold cells from before that were used to hold criminals awaiting execution had now been completely renovated. The ice-cold iron bars and rusted stains were replaced with some simple wooden doors and windows. The layout of the braziers and other light sources went through careful designs. After the renovation, the rooms became brighter and gentler. The feeling that the stone cave gave to people was no longer sn icy cold cell, but rather a warm and safe home.

The rooms that were scattered over the walls had different sizes and clearly had different uses. They were nested neatly like honeycombs onto the 400-meter-tall stone walls. The originally-narrow stone stairways were carved to be even wider, with fences installed on the edges to make them safer.

In addition to the staircase, eight giant chains fell down from the dome, and each iron chain was connected to a giant iron-supported wooden cage that can hold up to 10 people’s weight. With the four giant gear wheels placed in the four corners of the mountain space, the wooden cages could be lifted up by pulling the iron chains. This was the simple “elevator” that Fei racked his brains to design.  It was finally realized with the optimization and improvements made by the Diablo World’s blacksmith Charsi and Chambord City’s blacksmiths. Through these four elevators, the distance that originally needed an hour of walking now only needed about 4 or 5 minutes, saving a significant amount of time.

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