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Hail the King Chapter 152

Chapter 152: City of Heroes

In addition to the “pirated elevators”, some masons from Chambord city also later joined the construction of transforming the underground stone maze.

These masons had deep love for myths and that played their imagination to the full potential, carving all kinds of gods and mystical beasts vividly onto the originally rough and monotonous stone walls. The carvings could be observed on every single step. The heroic fighting scenes of ancient battles of the gods that were told by story tellers and poets were also restored on the murals. Of course, there were also the statures of all the Kings of Chambord City. Although Fei had only been the king for less than 3 months, but as the King that made such progress, Fei’s statues were the most in number. There were statues of him of 30 to 40 meters tall situated at the north, south, west, east, and center inside the mountain belly, and the expressions were happy, angry, pity, and waving a sword. They stood majestically.

These were improvised by the masons, not because someone wanted to do this to please the king.

Besides these changes, another significant initiative was planting large amounts of green plantation in the underground stone cave.

All plants that could been seen in Chambord city could all be seen in the underground maze, and maybe due to the special air quality and temperature, although it was deep into fall and the world outside had leaves turning yellow and falling, the plants in the stone cave were still as green as ever. This was because Fei used up every bit of his brain cells and his pathetically small knowledge of biology and designed an independent circulatory system that’s similar to a greenhouse. The plants’ presence enhanced the air quality inside the stone cave, and the improved air quality also let these plants stay out of the seasonal changes of the outside world and stay green… The entire underground maze was slowly becoming an independent ecosystem.

Of course, as for the work of constructing and renovating the underground stone maze, the “guests” from the Diablo world also put in a lot of effort.

The underground river water was treated by a few simple water magic arrays set by Acala and led to the gully that were specifically cut out by the masons. After being treated by the magic array, the river was no longer so cold but became warm and full of vitality. The small river flow was very fluent, watering all plants nearby. Aunty Acala and the rogues were clearly also filled with inspiration as they even ingeniously built dozens of large and small artificial magic fountains, decorating the entire underground cavern like a wonderland. One could see green plants and water everywhere, and it simply looked magical and pretty.

This water system also established its own cycle. White mist floated above the water, and red-tailed fish relaxingly swum back and forth.

The entire underground cavern was like a paradise, making it very difficult for someone to link it to the cold and scary dungeon that was originally here.

This was the paradise that Fei envisioned in countless dreams.

“Your Majesty, please grant a name for this place!”

“Yes, Your Majesty, the cavern’s renovation is basically complete. It’s time to give this place a name!”

The soldiers, masons, and blacksmiths that were busy working all gathered over after seeing the King’s arrival. Many of them had already deeply fell in love with this magical place. In the beginning, no one thought that they could create a place this beautiful, and now all of them had a proud smile on their face, feeling a full sense of accomplishment.

Fei laughed, “Haha, okay. From now on, this underground stone maze will become our Chambord City’s secret operating and talent training base. This place was created by the sweat of everyone, so let’s call it…” Then, Fei opened his palms, with light flashing past he summoned the Purple and Green Duo Sword. Under everyone’s eyes, he quickly paced to the giant stone at the entrance to the mountain belly and suddenly jumped up. The purple and green swords transformed into two bright lights as they danced on the stone, with sparks splashing everywhere stone pieces falling down, he said, “Let’s call it the City of Heroes!”

City of Heroes!

After Fei landed on the ground, the stone chips fell down and the three big words appeared in front of the crowd.

A burst of cheers sounded within the mountain belly.

“City of Heroes, haha, it has two layers of meanings. First, this magnificent underground stone city is created by every step and every drop of sweat of the people of Chambord City. Secondly, I hope that all the Chambord people that walked out of this secret stone realm from today are all heroes with an indomitable spirit!“

Fei’s voice just faded, some soldiers and masons already began feeling excited and blood boiled. On this kind of continent where status hierarchy was this important, people with low status like them were actually very easily satisfied. To be able to receive the “hero” title from the king was already an honor they can brag about for generations.

The crowd gradually dispersed, and began busy working on some finishing touches for the [City of Heroes].

The chief guard Pete Cech brought the saint warriors under his command and continued to carry out the supervision and defense work on site. Only warden Oleg was summoned by Fei on short notice and followed behind Fei’s a-s. They came to the stone chamber that was specifically opened up for the King. Fei took a careful look around and nodded in satisfaction. The majority of the furniture was made of stone, and there was a little mermaid fountain pool in the middle of the stone chamber, sparkling, and there was a group of red-tailed goldfish leisurely swimming around. Flowers and green grass, the decorations wasn’t luxurious, yet simple and fresh, and that’s the type Fei likes.

“Tell me about it, is the interrogation work carrying out smoothly?” Fei picked up some fish food and stood beside the fountain pool, teasing the goldfish while he lightly asked.

“Very smooth, these people simply don’t deserve the nobility title, they are all as timid as rats. Drogba and Pierce tied a few guards to rocks and sunk them to the Zuli River, and the others were already terrified. The nine kingdom’s kings didn’t dare to resist the slightest and all signed the new agreement right away. In accordance to His Majesty your orders, we have already released their most trusted personal guards for them to travel back right away to their respective countries to prepare the compensation…” Warden Oleg said proudly with his eyebrows dancing, “We isolated and interrogated all the kings separately, and according to them, the reason they all had dared to fight back, besides that they didn’t want to pay for the reparation signed by their princes, most importantly they were convinced by a mysterious person.”

“Oh? Mysterious person?” Fei crushed the rest of the fish food in his hands, threw them into the pond, then patted his hands and said, “What kind of mysterious person?”

“The specific identity of that person was not even clear by those dumb kings, and they only knew some blurry information. It should be a powerful magician from the Empire Capital St. Petersburg, it’s just that he didn’t follow the army here this time. But he had a follower that did, and it’s the wind elemental magician that initiated the attack on the stone bridge this afternoon. He followed the alliance army to the city, and was captured by us. But this guy’s a little noble from a big family in the Empire, he’s really arrogant because of his identity. Without His Majesty your orders, we didn’t dare to use any punishment on him, so…” Warden Oleg said with a little troubled look, once the matter involves big powerful families of the Empire’s capital, their identities are even more sensitive than the nine kings, so Oleg didn’t dare to act rashly and needed Fei to make the decision.

“They are really a group of idiots, don’t even know that person’s identity and actually lost their own judgement after being instigated and decided to attack Chambord City? What a bunch of people with brains crawling with maggots, how did they become king?” Fei shook his head, then with a straight face he said, “Don’t worry about what powerful family of whatever shitty empire they are from, dig out the identity of that mysterious man at any price! You know already, from the little black room of Chambord city, no enemy could walk out with their heads up. Since they dared to go up against Chambord city, then they should have a taste of living a life that’s worse than dying. I remember you were called the “Death’s Touch” by the people of Chambord city back in the old days, cold blooded, cruel, and everyone’s face would change when they hear your name? Now, it’s time for you to show the means you use before to interrogate which even the rocks would cry if you use on them! Remember, enemies never need pity, and there’s only one purpose for the little black room’s existence – I will know the things I want to know!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Fei’s answer made warden Oleg’s fat body startled a bit, then he replied after straightened his back.

“Temporarily put this thing aside for now, and do it when you can.” Fei said, waved, and then a sheepskin paper that was cut into a perfect square flew towards warden Oleg. Oleg caught it in his hand in surprise, and Fei continued, “On it have a list of things you have to do within the next month.” Fei didn’t explain further. In fact, beside Oleg, the main leaders of Chambord city Bast, Brook and the others also received similar papers.

Warden Oleg suddenly hesitated for a second, and then immediately understood Fei’s meaning, and he said in shock, “Your Majesty, you… you are going to leave Chambord City for a period of time?”

Fei nodded.

He didn’t say anything else. He stood in front of the fountain, his eyes looked past Oleg’s figure into the deepest place in the distant mountain belly. Over there, there was a giant pitch black iron door that was over 20 meters tall, as if a giant monster was entrenched there with its mouth open. No one knew what was behind that giant iron gate. In the past two hundred years, many kings of Chambord city explored there before, but besides heavy casualties, no one could find out the slightest about the secret that’s hidden behind there.

“Your Majesty, you absolutely should now…” Oleg followed Fei’s eyes and looked, and he suddenly understood Fei’s plan. He was shocked and advised, “Your Majesty, that place is way too dangerous… way too dangerous!”

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