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Hail the King Chapter 154

Chapter 154: Super Werebear

The corridor was long and dark. After the iron gate behind his closed, there weren’t any light anymore.

Fei lightly shouted and mystic changes occurred.

Colorful lights started to shine. A wolf skull helmet, short wand, red belt, iron boots, a small skeleton shield, a pair of yellow furry gloves…… Almost instantly, Fei switched to [Druid Mode]. He summoned all the items and equipment of the level 21 Druid. As a surge of massive amounts of elemental power appeared on his body, Fei waved the green short wand in his hand. Three clouds of white elemental energy flew out of the wand and turned into three white wolfs that were a yard tall and two yards longs when they landed on the ground. These wolves surrounded Fei and rubbed their heads on Fei’s body intimately.

Druid Summon Ability – 【Spirit Wolf】.

Different from the monsters from the maps in 【Rogue Encampment】in Diablo World, the wolves that were summoned by Druid’s ability could be controlled by Fei handily. They looked just like real wolves, and they had their own intelligence. With flesh and bones, they were really born-intimate with their creator Fei, and they were the special helpers that Druids had.

Fei had his plans when he decided on choosing the class of Druid.

Since these wolves that he summoned were able to walk ahead of him, they were able to help him to inspect the corridor before he actually got there. Even if situations arose, he would know ahead of time and could react properly. Thus, he wouldn’t be put into a reactive situation and lose all control.

The three big wolves got their commands from Fei. One of them walked about ten yards ahead of Fei, one of them walked about five to six yards behind Fei, and the last wolf walked alongside Fei. One man and three wolves slowly but steadily walked towards the deeper part of the dark corridor that seemed endless.

Fei was very alert. He was able to see through the wolves’ eyes using the special connection between a Druid and their pets. Fei could clearly see all the surroundings in the ten yards radius; it won’t be exaggerated to say that Fei would see everything and hear everything.

After about ten minutes of walking, Fei felt like he could use the word “thick” to describe the darkness in this corridor.

If it wasn’t for the lights coming off of Fei’s magic items and armors and the night vision that the wolves had, Fei would really be blind. Even though this was the case, Fei was still walking very slowly. Since there weren’t any clear identifiers, Fei estimated that he only walked about three kilometers. The corridor wasn’t very straight; in the last ten minutes, he had already made four turns, and the steepness of the corridor had increased and decreased six times.

It was very fortunate that there weren’t any forks in the corridor. When Fei stopped and took a detailed look of the walls in the corridor. He realized that these walls weren’t too different from the [City of Heroes] prior to development. They were simple and crude, and there weren’t any kinds of symbols or drawings on the walls. If Fei didn’t see the marks left on the wall by people who dug it, he would think that this underground corridor was formed naturally.

But what was strange was that it didn’t matter how deep and how far he went down the corridor, the air was still fresh as when he just entered the corridor; it didn’t have the dense and depressing feel that tunnels and space underground would give. Fei even saw some dust on the walls; that meant the air travelled and moved in this corridor frequently.

At this moment, suddenly –


The white wolf walking at the front suddenly let out a deep roar, and what the wolf was seeing immediately appeared in Fei’s head – it was a black stick that was about fifty centimeters in length. Fei was intrigued by this. He quickly went over and rubbed the white wolf’s head to praise it. Then he squatted down to take a better look at this stick.

Fei immediately identified this stick. It was just a torch made out of black iron. The fuel in it was all depleted, and it was abandoned by its owner for that reason. Fei quickly guessed the identity of the owner of the abandoned torch – the person must be a warrior who was sent here by the former kings to explore this corridor. From the detailed recording in the royal library, the last few kings of Chambord had send more than a hundred of people into here to explore it, but they all disappeared in the corridor. These people had definitely used things like torches to light up the surroundings.

As Fei expected, after more than half an hour of walking, he gradually saw more equipment’s and items that were left by the former exploration teams.

There were torches, ropes, iron hooks, clothes, and there were also burnt marks left by fire. The thing was that the air traveled freely in this corridor, and these items were really old. Most of the iron made items were rusted, and the ropes and clothes were all rotten. When Fei touched a hook that was stuck in a slit on the wall, it chipped and turned into a pile of rust.

These findings meant that the former exploration teams had all safely arrived at this place. Except this, it didn’t mean anything. Fei would stop and take a short period of rest sometimes; after he take out some food and water from his storage space and consumed them, he would continue his journey.

Gradually, Fei felt a strange change –

Not sure when, but a wind started to blow in the corridor. It was a very light breeze, as if someone was lightly blowing beside Fei; it was almost negligible, but to masters like Fei, he clearly felt it. As he got farther and farther into the corridor, the wind started to get bigger and bigger. After an hour of walking, the wind was so strong that it was able to blow up the edges of Fei’s shirt under the armor and make his long black cloak flutter.

Fei suddenly remembered something that Warden Oleg told him.

“According to history books, there would be stranger loud roar coming from the corridor periodically, and a terrifying suction force would appear and suck people into the corridor. Therefore, the king at that time couldn’t do anything but to order blacksmiths to forge these two huge Iron Gate to lock up the corridor!”

“Wind? Suction?”

This should be it.

After thinking about that, Fei subconsciously got more aware of his surroundings. How powerful must the suction force to be in order to suck people from the location of the Iron Gate into this corridor. Fei was a little scared just thinking about that. He slowed down his walking speed and had his guard up. He didn’t want the wind that was getting stronger and stronger to mess up his pace and throw him off balance.

After another thirty minutes, the wind in the corridor was beyond what the three white wolves that had the strength of one star warriors could handle. After a series of howls, they were pulled off the ground by the wind and got sucked into the darkness that the corridor was leading to.

Fei’s steps were staggering too; the power of the wind at this point was able to suck up a thousand pounds of stone.

“Howl -!!!”

Fei roared and a brown elemental energy flame flashed on his body.

Fei’s body started to change aggressively in the next moment. If anyone saw Fei, they would be so scared that they would start screaming. Iron needle like black thick hair started to grow out quickly from Fei’s face, neck, and all the skin that was exposed in the air. Fei’s body also started to get big like an air balloon; soon, his height and waist doubled compared with his regular body. Sharp teeth grew out of his mouth, and sharp claws grew on his hands and feet.

These changes almost appeared instantly.

When these elemental energy flames disappeared, Fei had turned from a human form into a vicious terrifying huge bear.

Druid’s natural skill – 【Werebear】. It allowed Druids to turn into a strong huge bear. Fei had upgraded this skill to level 4. After he changed form, his strength and his vitality had doubled, his health and armor also doubled, but he still had the intelligence of a human and some minor human characteristics. The weakness of losing consciousness after changing form and going berserk was gone.


Fei who was in the werebear form let of an angry roar, and the whole corridor seemed to shake. He stomped his paws, and two huge and deep paw marks appeared on the rock-hard ground. He swung his arms and stabbed his claws into the stone wall; the strong wind was no longer effecting him, and he walked forward slowly yet steadily.

The level 4 【Werebear】was able to last about thirty minutes. Fei went into a turn in the corridor when he was about to exit out of the werebear form and turn back to his human form. The wind at this turn was weaker, so he was able to rest a bit in here.

It was good that skills from Diablo World didn’t have any cool down. As long as Fei had mana, he was able to use the skills. Fei used the skill many times and slowly walked forward to explore the corridor. After four to five more hours, the wind finally weakened. And after an hour passed, the wind finally went away mysteriously.

The corridor returned back to its calmness, as if nothing had happened.

Fei turned back to his human form and summoned three white wolves again to explore the corridor faster.

Time slowly passed, and Fei felt like he had lost all sense of direction. He wasn’t sure where this corridor was leading to. He felt like he had spent a day in the corridor already; after all the lefts and right, ups and downs, nothing appeared; it was just like a huge maze.

Finally, when Fei decided to take a rest and go into Diablo World to train, the white wolf that was walking at the very front let out an excited roar, and what the white wolf was seeing immediately popped into Fei’s head. In an unbelievable huge space, a huge amount of white bones were stacked in the middle of the space like a pyramid.

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