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Hail the King Chapter 155

Chapter 155: Terror! The Mountain of Bones

Fei moved quickly and soon came to the end of the corridor, and his vision immediately broadened.

An incredibly large dimension appeared in front of Fei, and the first glance gave people an illusion – it was almost like they had exited the maze to the outside through the corridor. This was a dimension many times bigger than the [City of Heroes]. There was no boundary when Fei looked up, and all he could see was a pitch-black realm. However, with a faint light coming from an unknown source, Fei could see that there was actually a white pyramid-like tower about five to six hundred meters tall that was a thousand meters away from them. The base of the pyramid was over a thousand meters, and it gradually became smaller towards the top, which was no more than 1 meter wide. Overall, it was a creepy white colour and was also faintly flashing with an orchid colored flame. The entire scene had an eerie and horror feeling that couldn’t be described.


A stream of chaotic elemental flame flashed, and it shot right out of the short wand in Fei’s hand.

At the next second, flapping wings sounded, and a pitch black giant crow with wings over one meter wide suddenly appeared above Fei’s head. It circled a few laps over Fei’s head, landed on his shoulder and then intimately twittered a few times beside Fei’s ears, as if a child was playing with his parents. Fei smiled and played with the crow a little, and then spoke a few words in a very mysterious language. The crow merrily chirped, then flapped its wings and flew higher and higher. It quickly disappeared into the darkness above their heads.

The three giant white wolves also received Fei’s order and quickly jumped into the distant dimension to begin searching everywhere.

Then Fei started to carefully look at everything.

This dimension was not completely dark; the pyramid-shaped structure in the distance emitted a faint fluorescent light, and there were also many thin gaps on the ground beneath Fei’s foot. Each was about the width of a fist, creating an overall finely made spider web look. These gaps were very deep, and there were also faint red flames from beneath that provided some light for this mysterious and large dimension.

With these faint light sources, Fei began to carefully observe his surrounding.

Very soon, he realized that it was very different from the simple corridor from before. In this dimension, there were finally traces of buildings. There were many giant stone pillars 10 meters in diameter lying on the ground and standing upright. There were some simple lines going down the pillar, which were obviously manually carved. There were also many styles of pillars; some were shaped as a rhombus, some as a cylinder, and some as a square. Each pillar was at least 20 to 30 meters tall. A complete one would be at least over tens of thousands pounds in weight, and they were sparsely distributed in the dimension. If observed carefully, one could see that they were actually arranged in a very strange pattern. It was just enough to surround the terrifying white pyramid in the middle.

Fei carefully checked out these magnificent pillars, and he soon found something strange – all the fallen pillars on Earth had been knocked down by some great power. Some were broken into many sections after hitting the ground. They were covered in scratches from swords, and many also seemed to come from animals. Fei even found a few obvious fist marks on several stone pillars.

The stone that these pillars were made out off were very tough. It was a type that Fei had never seen before. He transformed into [Giant Bear Mode], concentrated his full strength and unleashed a palm strike onto the Stone Pillar. The level 21 Druid already had the power of pinnacle 3-star level, and the strength even doubled after taking bear form, which was equivalent to the beginning 5-star level. Such strength was already incredible, but what surprised him even more was that the palm strike didn’t even leave a slight dent onto the stone pillar.


Fei took a deep breath. This discovery gave him a big shock. It seemed like one would have to be at least a 6 or 7 star elite in order to leave a mark on the stone pillar. Who could have left these marks? Obviously, the  countless weapon marks and fist marks on the pillar weren’t left there by a single person. This meant that there were countless 6 or 7 star elites that fought a chaotic battle here… what kind of place could this be?

Carrying such doubt, Fei kept looking around, and the more he looked, the more scared he became.

This was because on the stone pillars further away, he continued to find more traces of battles, and some giant stone pillars were even sliced in half by someone and had collapsed onto the ground… To be able to leave such damage, what kind of master could do that? Moon-class elites? Sun-class lord?

The complexity of this case seemed to have gone far beyond Fei’s expectation.

“Kraa, kraa, kraa…”

At this moment, he heard a wave of crow chirping noises.

Fei concentrated his mind and shifted his vision onto the crow.

Instantly, he saw a field of rugged mountain rocks appear in front of his eyes, covering the entire area above his head. Fei commanded the crow to fly a few thousand meters in all directions, but there were still boundless amounts of rocks, like a giant inverted dome of rocks above his head. Fei didn’t guess wrong; it is still somewhere underground, or a hillside space of a giant mountain.

Surprisingly, the depths of the corridor was actually such a world.

Fei observed the surrounding environment above his head once again, and his vision ultimately fixed onto the magnificent white tower at the center of this world. Maybe there would be more clues there.

However, when Fei slowly approached the white pyramid, he gradually started noticing that something was wrong.

The orchid colored flame on the white pyramid didn’t have the slightest warmth, it was actually… wisp?! Fei was surprised, and he quickly paced towards the giant white pyramid and took a closer look with the help of the flame. He was immediately shocked – how was this a giant white tower? It was actually a thick pile of skeletons. This pyramid-shaped structure about 7 to 8 hundred meters tall was actually a mountain of bones formed by countless skeletons being piled up.

Fei only felt a cold chill behind his spine. It was as if an invisible cold hand was lightly feeling his back, and all his hairs were pricked up. All those horror movies of zombies that Fei watched in his past life came back to his head. Such a giant mountain of bones; how many skeletons would it need to complete? It was probably not even possible to build it even after killing tens of thousands of people…

After slightly calming down, Fei kept on looking.

But the more he looked, the more terrified he became. Fei found that the skeletons that this mountain was made from were unusually hard, and they couldn’t be even be crushed by Fei’s strength as if they were white refined steel. Also, the bone pile was very neatly organized, as if the layers of white bones were carefully piled up by someone and firmly inserted into the Mountain of Bones. It gave off a look full of architectural and artistic harmony. There wasn’t the slightest speck of dust on the bones. It was as smooth as new; this was absolutely not a natural formation. It seemed to have just been built artificially.

“Could it be that this Mountain of Bones was actually built not very long ago? Doesn’t that mean that there are also other people or organisms living here?” With that idea popping into his mind, Fei felt another wave of sweat roll down his back. He quickly scurried around the Mountain of Bones, but he didn’t find any ladders or stairs that could get him to the top, nor did he find any gaps or passages. He gritted his teeth, changed his vision to the giant crow’s view again, and then commanded it to circle the mountain many times. However, nothing was found.

“To be able to build a mountain like this requires at least tens of thousands of years of labor, and it’s impossible to not leave behind any traces. This is really strange…” After using up another hour, Fei had personally climbed onto the top of Mountain of Bones to look, but he still couldn’t discover any living organisms’ existence.

But during this process, he also made new discovery.

This Mountain of Bones was not entirely composted of human skeletons. During the “climbing” process, Fei also noticed some complete bones that were larger than 30-40 meters. It was obviously left behind by some giant creature after death. Although there wasn’t a single complete corpse on the Mountain of Bones, besides these giant bones, Fei also found many skeletons that were clearly not human. Some were extremely slender, while others were too stout. However, these skeletons had the same characteristics. They were extremely tough, and Fei couldn’t even find a single piece that he could break with his current strength.

There was only one explanation for this phenomenon.

The strength of the owners of these skeletons must have been super elites that exceeded the star level warriors, because only warriors that strong would be able to cultivate the bones in their body to be even harder than steel. Also, even after they died and their flesh rotted away, their skeleton could still be preserved for thousands of years, unlike the skeleton of the ordinary people that became fragile after just a few decades.

This conjecture made Fei almost rethink his own perception.

In other words, the white bones that were piled onto this mountain were actually super elites that exceeded himself. But the question was where could he find that many super elites? To be able to pile a mountain this size required over tens of thousands of corpses… could more than tens of thousands of super elites have died here? How was that possible? Masters at that level could be counted with one hand in Zenit Empire.

This was simply a tomb of super elites!

Fei pulled out a two-meter long machete-shaped bone of some unknown creature, casually waved it in the air twice, which caused it to release a sharp burst of sound that pierced the air. Then, Fei jumped up and sliced down with the bone towards a stone pillar in the distance. It unexpectedly made a spark, similar to when two metals clashed. He reached out and felt the bone in his hand and mumbled, “This is incredible. This bone can be used to make weapons. If all the soldiers in Chambord City can have a bone like this in their hands, it could be equivalent to holding god tier weapons!”

Fei suddenly realized that the value of these bones was astronomical!

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