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Hail the King Chapter 156

Chapter 156: Madness

                People’s greed wouldn’t diminish even a little when facing despair, not to mention that this was Fei, and the situation hadn’t even gotten that bad yet.

At almost the next instant, the raid began.

The moment Fei thought that these bones could be god tier weapons, his eyes lit up. He didn’t hesitate to start a frantic search. Soon, hundreds of bones that resembled knives, spears, or swords were pulled out of the mountain and neatly placed on the ground. Now, the only problem was how to deliver these treasures. Although these bones were just a drop in the ocean for the Mountain of Bones, if they were brought to Chambord City, they would be enough to arm all the soldiers in the city. If there were enough soldiers, the bones of this mountain would be enough to arm an Undead Regiment of a million men!

Fei had thought about it before; since this underground stone maze was the Gods and Demons Relic marked on that mysterious map, then those skeletal remains were very likely the soldiers and generals of the God race and Demon race that were killed during that battle. However, there was still something difficult to be explained here. This was obviously only a small part of the entire Gods and Demons Relic, yet so many corpses were discovered here. According to the memory Fei had about the Gods and Demons Relic and the giant Gods and Demons war which was recorded in history scrolls, something didn’t add up. According to the records of the Royal Family, in the past the population of both races were limited. It was absolutely impossible for both races to invest tens of thousands of soldiers in one battle. According to most recorded histories of battles between gods and demons, these two races that sat at the top of the racial pyramid were more likely to fight as leaders, commanding all sorts of subsidiary clans and races to fight for them. According to the legends, these subsidiary races weren’t the best fighting races, which meant that these remains may very likely be the remains of these subsidiary races. This was too shocking for Fei. Could the average combat strength of these “mediocre” races recorded in history books have reached the minimum of 6-7 star level warriors, or even futher exceeded the star level and moon level for even stronger soldiers?

This was unbelievable.

Such a force, if placed in the continent of Azeroth, could sweep through all the great empires.

But now, they were just a bunch of bones.

After picking out the bones that could be used as weapons, Fei was finally a little exhausted. From stepping into the black iron gate until now, it had been at least 20 hours. He thought for a second, cancelled summoning the white giant wolf and black crow, picked a few more smaller pieces of bones and placed them into his inventory. Then, he opened up a sky blue teleporting portal and entered the Diablo World.

The sky in the Diablo World was just getting brighter.

Fei first went to find the nun Ankara in the southeast corner of the camp and followed her around to learn the magic principles of pharmacy, herbal medicines and magic scrolls as usual. After the skill [Learn] was leveled up, Fei could effortlessly learn these things. Nun Akara just needed to go over everything briefly once and Fei would be able to quickly grasp the key points as if he already learned it before. If it wasn’t because his habit of being careless and absent minded, he would’ve already become a qualified pharmacist or scroll maker by now.

“Aunty, I have got something strange here. Can you identify what it is?”

During the end of his study session, Fei took out a small piece of bone he took from the Mountain of Bones into the Diablo World and passed it to nun Ankara. With a little luck, Fei thought that maybe Ankara could identify it for him.

“This is…” Aunt Akara took the bone piece with a calm face, carefully examined it in her palm and quietly felt it. She had a  sudden change in expression and exclaimed, “This is actually the Demon’s Remains? My lord, Master Fei, how could you possess such a thing? Where did you find it? Do you have more of it?”

“Demon’s Remain?” Such an evil name made Fei have a bad feeling. He rarely saw aunt Ankara with such a surprised expression and asked, “Aunty, could these things be very terrifying?”

Akara looked excitedly as she shook her head, “The owner of these remains is indeed very terrifying. It’s a terrible and evil existence that absolutely could not be tolerated by the Gods’ light. But, the remains left behind after their death are actually very precious magic ingredients. The piece of bone you gave me should have been taken from an extraordinarily powerful demon’s body, and its strength has already far exceeded your imagination. Even Andariel could not match one hundredth of its power. The bone left behind by a demon at such a level is an extremely precious magic ingredient and could be used to forge powerful magic weapons. After grinding it into bone powder, it could also be used to make magic scrolls and potions…” But then, the aunty nun sighed a little sadly, “Unfortunately, this is only a small piece, and it would be so nice if there’s a little more!”

Fei smiled proudly and took out a slightly bigger remain from his character inventory.

“You have more?” The aunt nun’s eyes turned wide open.

Fei then took out an even bigger one.

‘There’s more?”

Another one was taken out.

“How many more do you have? Take it all out, quickly!!”

As the spiritual leader of the [Rogue Encampment] for the past few hundred years, when had Akara ever reacted like this before? But at this moment, Akara was on the verge of going crazy after being seduced by Fei’s bones one by one. Her bony hands grabbed onto Fei and desperately began shaking him because these Demon’s Remains were indeed very important. If there was enough of it, then [Rogue Encampment]’s strength would surge within a short period of time, and they would never have to worry about other demonic monsters from the wilderness bothering them.

“That’s all, that’s all…” The character inventory only contained about 5-6 pieces of remains from the Mountain of Bones, and now with all of it taken out, Fei smiled and put out his hands.

The aunty nun’s face became dim as she was a little disappointed. But soon when she saw the 5-6 Demon’s Remains, she became excited again. She thought she might’ve been a little too greedy. With such precious Demon’s Remains, just these few pieces was already a huge wealth. How could she still expect more?

Fei giggled, and right when he was about to tell Akara the existence of the Mountain of Bones,

“Ah hahaha, I found it, I understand now, ahahahah…” White beard old man Cain’s signature crazy laugh resonaated through the entire Rogue camp. A figure sprinted towards Akara’s tent. It was indeed the old man Cain in his insane state. He held a few thin books in his hand.  His old arms and old legs were running so fast that when he came to the tent, he hesitated for a bit, “Huh, Master Fei, you are here too? Hahaha, too good, I’ve completely uncovered the difference between the Rogue continent and the Promising World’s magic system. Hahaha, if I’m not wrong, the two magic systems are essentially the same thing. Ahahaha, look, I’ve unlocked the inventory ring, and this is what I’ve found inside.

Fei took over the books in old man Cain’s hand and took a close look. It was all written in Azeroth continent’s text.

“City-Destroying Fierce Flame? Guidance of the Undead? Lava Floor Explosion? Wings of Flame? Fire Tongue Strangle?” Fei took a brief look at those books; they were mainly fire magic skill scrolls, with a few low level undead magic skill scrolls. This 4-star wood element magician Evans seemed to have saved a lot of good things.”

“There are a lot of things inside the ring; take a look yourself!” Old man Cain opened his palm and handed over this ring that was full of treasure to Fei without hesitation. Then, he looked to the side, saw the white bones in Akara’s hand and slightly hesitated. He suddenly thought of something. It looked like he also recognized the Demon’s Remain. With shock, he grabbed a piece and began carefully began rubbing and observing it. This old man was exactly like Albert Einstein; he was a scientific research madman.

Fei took the storage ring. After being modified by Old Man Cain, the ring’s exterior had already transformed a bit. Like a gecko that briskly swam around his finger, it felt very comfortable, despite not have the slightest effect on the flexibility of his fingers. It also protected his finger.

Consuming a little mana, Fei could see the giant dimension inside the ring as he wished. It was like a stone chamber that was at least 100 cubic meters. It was piled with stuff, but still organized neatly. There were about 4 to 5 hundred of all kinds of sorcerer stones, some strangely designed magic equipment and some other necessities like food and clothing. What attracted Fei the most was the abundance supply of books, energy and magic scrolls. They were all piled in the corner like a little mountain. The quantity of these books and scrolls had already far exceeded the Royal Collection in Chambord City. Magicians were often called “mobile libraries” on the land of Azeroth, and it looks like they were indeed worthy of that title. Although Evans was just a 4-star magician, he was from a super empire and was a disciple of the famous sorcerer Ferdinand, so the scrolls he carried were naturally valuable and rare.

“Hahaha, this is perfectly on time. What Chambord city needs the most now are all kinds of energy and magic scrolls…” Fei touched the gecko-shaped ring and thought in surprise, “The storing capability of this ring is a hundred times bigger than the character inventory. With this, I can now exchange items on a large-scale between the Diablo World and the real world.

At this time, there weren’t a lot of people in the [Rogue Encampment]. After Fei’s three god skills leveled up from the level clearance reward, he could now perform fixed location real time teleportation. He just needed to consume a [Town Returning Scroll] and set a simple magic mark in the [City of Heroes], and then he could teleport people from the Diablo World into the [City of Heroes] without even being there himself. At this moment, the head mercenary Kashya and blacksmith Charsi, as well as a few other female rogues were teleported into the City of Heroes by Fei to participate in the construction and defense of Chambord City.

Thinking about that Mountain of Bones inside the Gods and Demons’ Relic, Fei understood its value supressed the excitement in his heart. With a change in thinking, he exited the Diablo World and then used the god skill [Summon] and directly teleported aunty nun Akara and perverted old man Cain to the giant and mysterious dimension in front of the Mountain of Bones.

“This is…” The aunty nun saw the mountain in front of her and became speechless due to shock.

“Wahahahaha… How is this possible? Hahaha…” The wretched Uncle Cain was also stunned to the point of being unable to speak. Then, he went mad with laughter.

Both of them screamed at the same time and looked at each other, as if a starving hobo had just seen a roasted barbeque pig. Both of them were very knowledgeable and had a far better understanding about the value of this mountain. Akara’s hands shivered as she greedily rubbed each piece of white bone, as if feeling God’s hand. The perverted old man directly opened his mouth and started trying to bite the white bone… The two old people had gone completely insane.

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