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Hail the King Chapter 161

Chapter 161: Chambord City King came out of Hiatus?

Chambord Kingdom. It is a level 6 affiliated kingdom, one of the 250 affiliated kingdoms under the jurisdiction of the Zenit Empire. It had a weak national strength and small territory. Previously, a single person could easily bully these small kingdoms. Not much people would pay attention to these small countries.

But since four months ago, when King Alexander, an idiot king of Chambord city, suddenly returned to normal, things began to go in a direction that no one would have thought of.

The battle of the Black Armor Army was not known by the other affiliated kingdoms, but what happened at the top of the mountain during the King’s coronation and the news of the coalition of nine affiliated kingdoms who surprise attacked Chambord to annihilate it quickly spread among across the Zenit Empire.

The rumors of the King of Chambord Alexander and his subordinate’s valor had spread out like the waves of golden grass on the windy plains outside of Chambord’s wall, to the ears of the other kings. Although the continent of Azeroth was not as modern as earth with its media outlets, the spread of such messages was not slow.

At first, there were people who scoffed at it.

How strong was a small, small, six-star kingdom? Stop joking, not to mention the nine kingdom Coalition, even if it was only the Chishui Kingdom alone could very easily annihilate Chambord within the time it takes to eat a meal and capture Chambord’s royal family. It was impossible to beat nine affiliated kingdoms.

But the next fact slapped all of the skeptics in the face.

Because over the past one month, some of the countries that were said to have been defeated by Chambord in the rumors actually sent out diplomats to Chambord, with timid attitudes to humbly send war reparations. The way that the defeated nations were forced into such a humiliating situation reached the other king’s attention. Almost for all the eyes, this finally confirmed Chambord city’s previous news of victory.

At this point, the big affiliates had finally woken up, and they started re-examining the sudden rise of the small affiliated kingdoms.

Things started to get interesting!

In less than 20 days, the arms drill battle of the 250 affiliated countries under the Zenit Empire was about to begin. This was to determine the fate of all affiliated kingdoms with a single grand contest. but also a place for ambitious characters to have competitions. No one wants to, during such a crucial time, suddenly have to compete with such a mysterious fighter, breaking the delicate balance of the boulder, and breaking their previously set up chess arrangement.

So in this period of time, Chambord city had an influx of many people from other countries such as emissaries, spies, traders, bards, mercenaries, adventurers … A large number of people with a variety of different purposes came into Chambord city. This small frontier settlement had never become so bustling.

Of course, the influx of outsiders also brought a test to the public order of Chambord city.

In the world of the strong, where the jungle law prevails, it was too common for one provocative sentence to cause warriors and mercenaries to pull out their weapons and fight to decide who was in the right. Additionally, there were some people who deliberately provoked trouble to test the strength of Chambord city. Violent matters were happening within Chambord city non-stop. The first attempt by the ministry of justice for restoring the town’s public order was a bit unorganized and chaotic. This was a major headache for right prime minister Bast, but then Regimental Commander Brooks dispatched the King’s two Golden Horsemen, Drogba and Pierce, with dozens of saints and soon resolved the problem.

The streets were finally calmed down.

“Look, those are Chambord City’s two big beasts!”

“Those two brawny dudes? The ones that look kinda dumb? They were the ones that beat the Maple Leaf Mercenary Corps’ 11 masters all disabled, then grabbed them across Chambord city to that ‘small black house’?”

“Yes, it was them. See that guy with the black hair? He was the one that bent his back slightly and easily spun the arrogant two-star peak strength captain of the Maple Leaf Mercenary Corp dizzy, where he could not even struggle slightly. …  He is really terrifying. You did not see the situation at that time, I suspect that if that guy slammed into the castle walls, it would collapse!”

“And that white-haired fellow, his hands could be compared to divine weapons. He can crush any weapon and armor, and it is said that so far no one has been able to receive one of his attacks…”

“My God, where did the Chambord city find these two savages?”

“Don’t know … But don’t underestimate the group of brawny men behind those two beasts called the Golden horsemen of Chambord. They are also not easily provoked. Some people have seen that their trainings looked like life and death hand to hand combat sessions. Those 20 strong men have thrown the two beasts onto the ground…

As Drogba and Pierce’s patrol team walked in, the few young mercenaries sitting in the bar closed their mouths. No one dared to act as brazenly as they did 10 days ago. The general law enforcement, Chambord City’s Saint Seiya warriors and the Bylaw Enforcement officers have made a fierce name for themselves. Completely shocking those outsiders who were unwilling to obey the rules. The small black room, as if on cue every day, released blood curdling sound of screaming, turning these people with malicious thoughts into docile sheep. And now, as soon as one sees the two beasts of Chambord called the golden horsemen coming over with the Saint Seiya, one would feel as though they  were face to face with a mountain crushing over, not even daring to talk loudly. If the other party saw, everyone will get a feeling akin to that of a monster from hell staring at them.

Until the Chambord King’s two Golden Knights with the Saint Seiya disappeared to the far corner of the street, did the mercenaries in the bar finally relax.

“Hu Hu Hu, finally gone … Damn it. When they look at me, I don’t even have the heart to drink!”

“Drink what wine? It’s almost time for the goddess to appear. Let’s hurry and go together to see the goddess!”


“Hey, don’t say you really do not know. Every afternoon at this time, there will be a goddess riding a huge black dog, appearing in the plains next to the river outside the city. Many people claim that she is the embodiment of the goddess. It was even said that the migrating black swans can’t resist the urge to stop when they see her beautiful face.”

While the young mercenary was talking, his eyes were shining. Drinking malt wine, everyone’s testosterone levels were raging. The hormone secretion was exuberant. Hearing that there was a beauty, the group of people all got up, and set off outside the city. Even some of the other good people in the wine bar, hearing the goddess described with such words, also got up and followed in the back.

Outside the city.

The autumn plains looked like one span of gold. The autumn wind was blowing magnificently, as the sea of gold surged with waves.

White clouds floated in the blue sky, with sunshine warming the scene of the boundless Golden Prairie. A group of horses in the grassland galloping were like dragons proudly swimming in the sea. On top of a elevated mound in the plains was the big black dog, closing its eyes sleepily while lying in the grass. Sixty of the high level Roaring Flame Beasts were like loyal bodyguards, surrounding and protecting the surroundings.

This was a tranquil and beautiful late autumn picture. The original will definitely cause countless people to be ecstatic.

However, all the luster, was stolen by girl standing next to the big black dog.

Her skin was as white as snow, eyes were like clear water. She had an elegant noble temperament, causing the onlookers to be ashamed of their inferiority, to not dare to profane this scene.

As if all the beauty and luster between heaven and earth was all concentrated on this girl body, nothing could take away her countenance.

The young mercenaries came out of town, over the stone bridge and the steel drawbridge, onto a flat small hill, just to see the scene.

All of them stood on the spot, like a thunderbolt struck their faces, losing the ability to think.

Was there such a beautiful maiden in the world?

Everyone felt as though their hearts were flying out of their bodies to the girl that looked like a goddess, wishing that this life had been accompanied by her side. There would be no regrets.

A young man in the crowd had lost his ability to think, like his soul was being controlled by someone. He walked towards the girl in a daze, his eyes sluggish. Next to him, a slightly older companion reacted, hurriedly grabbed him and shouted: “David, are you crazy? Do you want to die?”

“I … I just want to say a few words to her!” The young man struggled.

“Say a few words? Young man, do you know who she is? Chambord city King Alexander’s fiancée, Chambord City right prime Minister Bast’s daughter, the undisputed future first lady of Chambord City. Even if the two beasts and the Saint Seiya meet her, they would act obediently like little kittens … You look at the big black dog beside her, even two-star warriors can be torn apart by it in seconds. The legend is that Chambord King Alexander went to the abyss of Hell to capture the Cerberus …” The more the older companions talked, the more incredible and exaggerated it became, “Also, you see those four-level monster scarlet Flame beasts around her? Every one of them is ferocious. It is said that in a short span of more than half a month they have trampled dead more than 10 perverts … Strangely enough, these fiery magical beasts act like a meek servant to the Chambord-King’s fiancée.”

Some of the others around have been listening a little bit.

It turned out that this stunning girl had such a profound background, and her ability also didn’t look simple. At least in the field of commanding the crafty beasts around her, she seemed to be very talented.

“What a pity, such a good girl is actually marrying the Chambord king who is a legendary idiot!” The young mercenary soldier, who was finally pulled back by his companions, angrily cursed.

“The King of Chambord is not an idiot now, you just have to look at the 12 Bronze Knight code …”

The older companion was just about to say something, suddenly–

Dang dang dang–!!!!

That giant iron bell at the gate of Chambord City was suddenly sounded, after god knows how long it has been silent.

The distant grand bell pierced the peace between heaven and Earth, instantly resounding through the city, startling a group of birds in the mountains. As the bell echoed, a sudden tension and excitement began to spread through the whole of Chambord city.

On the distant golden grassland, the big black dog that was squinting his eyes napping, his ears suddenly erected with light bursting out of his eyes. Beside it, the stunning maiden who had showed an indifferent facial expression for the past month, suddenly had a look of pleasant surprise showing in her pair of beautiful eyes. She jumped onto the big black dog’s back, whistled a sound, and the horses and more than 60 Roaring Flame beasts that were playing on the meadow suddenly neatly lined up into a team formation. Then, behind the big black dog, they started galloping, trembling the Earth, and like a wave they flooded into the Chambord city.

“Could it be… The Chambord City King Alexander who claimed to be training in isolation, finally came out?!”

The city had a lot of outsiders with different motives, and when they saw the scene, at the same time, they revealed a shocked expression, all looking towards Chambord city palace from different directions.


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