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Hail the King Chapter 162.1

Chapter 162.1: Explosive Growth of National Strength

The moment the bell rang, almost everyone from Chambord City had the urge to let out a long sigh of relief.

This time, the bell didn’t sound because there was an enemy attack, but rather because their King had come back.

Everyone saw the two Golden Horsemen below Chambord King’s Throne, and all levels of military and political officials hurried towards the royal palace. The city streets suddenly became quiet, and all the citizens came out of their homes and looked towards the direction of the palace, which was situated on a high ground in the north. Now, everyone was completely impressed by their young king, not to mention the fact that they defeated the Black Armor Army and the Nine Kingdom Coalition. Even during this short period that King Alexander went on a hiatus, the whole city could clearly feel the influence left behind by King Alexander.

During this time, a lot of things happened in Chambord City.

The first was a command left behind by King Alexander before he went on a hiatus. The large amount of garbage that was piled in the garbage section of the city was all cleared by Warden Oleg and his men within one month. It was a very strange processing method which most people didn’t understand. But after seeing the how the garbage was soaked in a pool until it became a thick paste, which was then processed into paper, the whole city started boiling.

These piles of garbage had been a little cancerous tumor in Chambord City, and during every summer, there would be flies and bugs everywhere. This was the source of the mess and disease. One month before the whole city underwent a reorganization of all the functional areas, someone suggested to dump all the garbage into the Zuli River, but it was stopped right away by the King. No one would’ve thought that these piles of filthy trash that not even stray dogs would get close to would one day be turned into paper.

It’s not like there was no paper on Azeroth Continent, but in rural and poor places like Chambord City, paper was a very rare thing. Even when people recorded or passed commands in the Royal Palace, they would usually use soft cloth or processed animal skin. Little gadgets like paper could be regarded as a luxury item. But now, with large amounts of garbage being made into thick paste and then processed into paper, all the poor people in the city could afford to use paper now.

To the many lower class citizens in Chambord city, the disappearance of garbage and appearance of paper also brought them many benefits, because anyone that was willing to go to the “Chambord City Paper Mill” to help out could earn 2 silver coins per day. To most people, this was a very rare money-making opportunity. It was almost deep into autumn, and the harvesting season had passed, so everyone wanted to make some money safely to get through the winter.

The second thing was that all the sewage systems that were previously clogged due to wrong usage and poor maintenance were renovated and put into use again. These accessible sewers and drainage systems existed since a long time ago, but the kings in the past did not pay much attention to their renovation, causing these drainage systems to become blocked. There was also another order left behind by King Alexander. Warden Oleg led a bunch of people and painstakingly dredged up these drainage systems that had been clogged for years. At first, some people did not understand why it was worth the hassle, but helpers could receive silver coins everyday, so they were happy to go and work. Once the drainage system was completely cleared and every household added a simple water pipeline, the citizens found out that the original drainage system could make life much easier. Then, the way people looked at the fatty warden Oleg also became warmer. Oleg was once the representative of darkness and cruel torture, but after the introduction of the papermill and sewage system, people realized that this fatty was also slowly changing.

The third thing was that one month had finally allowed the city’s people to adapt to the 12-bronze warrior’s code. Not only did they get used to it, but even the recent influx of foreigners also adapted to the code. There was no other way; they had no choice but to adapt… At first, there were indeed some blind d*cks that didn’t take it seriously and deliberately broke the law. The result was that the city of the Holy Warriors and urban management surrounded them and gave them a ruthless beating. Then, they were taken to the “little black house” for a few days. After a few times, all the outsiders learned to behave, and the first thing they did when coming to Chambord City was go to the temple and recite the 12-Bronze Warriors’ code of Chambord city, just in case they accidently breached the law and got beaten up into a dead pile of sh*t by those stubborn bylaw enforcers.

During this process, Chambord city’s cohesion rapidly increased.

In the past during every autumn season, there would be some mercenaries, caravans, samurais, small merchants and thieves coming to the Chambord city. It was because autumn was a good hunting season, and many magic beasts would be laying cubs during the spring and autumn. It was a good time for adventurers to make money. These foreign people would often get into conflicts with the natives of Chambord city. With Chambord’s past strength, they have been unable to protect their own people. To the natives, these foreigners were the source of nightmares. But now, it was different. Chambord King Alexander’s fame became increasingly prominent, and under his command, the two Golden Horsemen, Saint Seiyas, and 200 Bylaw Enforcement Officers were like wolves and tigers. They had already conquered those damn outsiders with their fists. Other than the first few days, no one dared to riot in the city. Therefore, the natives of Chambord city could now walk in the streets with their head held up high and enjoy the eyes of outsiders that were filled with respect. Even if they met a stray dog on the streets, those outsiders who used to be very aggressive and arrogant wouldn’t have any choice but to show some respect!

This kind of powerful and protected feeling was a wonderful thing, and it made everyone feel that being a member of the Chambord city was a fortune.

Everyone knew who brought this to Chambord City.

Now, that man was back.

And with half a month left, the biggest grand Prix of the Zenit Empire – the Arms Drill Battle would be taking place. Almost every citizen in Chambord city, from the oldest elder to the youngest kids, were all firmly convinced that the Arms Drill Battle, which had been a disaster for the past Chambord city, would be the chance for Chambord to shine on the world stage.


All eyes were on the palace.

There was a figure that was their source of confidence, as well as their belief.


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