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Hail the King Chapter 167.2

Chapter 167: A Scream (part 2)

Due to the geographical and strategic aspects, the Black Stone fortress was completely militarized. All the buildings were piled together by the giant black stones, and there were no buildings made of wood. Moreover, all the layout and levels of the buildings were designed after careful and reasonable planning. Even the two sides of the mountain peak was cut out for the dense stone chamber and the outpost was fully loaded with armed archers hidden inside.

The streets of the fortress were narrow, and the terrain was like a maze. Even if the enemy were to break the gates and rush in, they could not be able to organize a large-scale attack, and have no choice but to split into a fragmented team. The loosened strength of most forces would then be eliminated by the Black Stone army who were familiar with the geography.

The fortress perfectly embodied the genius design of the cold weapon era’s military fortress, and it was just like a cold-blooded killing machine entrenched between the valleys.

The Black Stone king treated the fortress seriously. Before Fei and his army came in, a lot of the military facilities had been hidden to prevent exposing their strength to the enemies from Chambord City, so what Fei looked at was just one tenth of the actual fortress’s military power.

The widest street that went through the entire fortress was only about two meters wide, which almost only allows a carriage through. There were only a few people on the street. There were not many residents or small traders. All they saw were armed soldiers and large caravans travelling in the Fortress. The Black Stone fortress occupied the shortest road leading to St.Petersburg, and it was heavily taxed for anyone who wanted to pass by. Usually only those bigger caravans could afford it.

Besides the soldiers and a small number of caravans, most people here were slaves.

Mining slaves!!

The Black Stone City opened a lot of mines in the mountains under the scorching sun. The mines steadily produces large quantities of ores at all times, which was one of their national income pillars, as well as the Black Stone King’s foundation for his military.  As long as there was enough population, he could easily organize a heavily armed army since the supply of iron weapons would never be a problem, unlike for Chambord City.

To the Black Stone king, the only problem was the lack of slaves for
mining, which explains why this country liked wars. It’s because wars could
bring them a large number of prisoners and these prisoners were one of the great sources
for high quality slaves.

Since the crowning of the ambitious current generation Black Stone King in the past 30 years, Black Stone City had conflicted with countless countries in order to meet the labour needs of their mining, and they would also support some of the thieves and mercenary groups secretly, slaughtering other countries for slaves. Chambord was one of the countries to suffer the most. Especially in the last three years, Chambord’s national strength was weak and the king was a recognized r----d, with the ambitious Bazel stirring chaos in politics. At least one-sixth of the young and middle-aged labour had been secretly kidnapped to this scorched mountain region as slaves. With countless injuries and casualties, those slaves led to the Black Stone kingdom’s glory.

The unresolvable hatred between the two kingdoms was already instilled between them a long time ago. .

This was why Fei began the massacre last night, and it also explained why Pierce, Drogba and even people like Warden Oleg were enjoying the killing when fighting Black Stone Kingdom’s soldiers. The City Of Chambord suffered a lot because of them, many women lost their husbands, many children became orphans, lots of old people did not have a home and had no one to rely on…… This was all because of the Kingdom of Black Stone.

The Chambord expedition army slowly moved forward on the street.

When they entered the center Black Stone’s fortress, Fei frowned.


Because he saw on the sides of the center square, erected three to four hundred blood-stained stone pillars of different height. The white pillars are very eye-catching being surrounded by black buildings. With the pillars stained with a large amount of blood, they looked terrifying. Despite the late autumn season, there were still a large number of flies buzzing and dancing near the pillars. Of course, that was not the only reason Fei frowned. He noticed that on some stone pillars, there were iron chains tightly tied to naked and skinny people.

These people, without exception, were covered with shocking scars.

Fei noticed very soon, some people that were tied to the pillars had already been tortured to death or were already in coma, while some maintained a sense of consciousness but groaned painfully, sounding like a wounded beast with deformed twitching facial expressions. Death might be their preferred option at this point.

“Your Majesty, those mining slaves who did something wrong were dragged and hung onto the pillars to deter other slaves!” Cech whispered.

Fei nodded, he did not say anything.

In the land of Azeroth nowadays, Fei expected that there would be some cruel scenes like this, but he did not have the authority nor ambition to do anything about it… But, it’s just that seeing this scene led to some uncomfortable feelings and emotions.

Just at that moment, suddenly, there was was miserable screamm that came from the other side of the square.


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