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Hail the King Chapter 168.2

Chapter 168: Waiting for the Great New King (Part 2)

The 30 or 40 Black Stone soldiers suddenly began charging out from a nearby black stone fortress with sharp blades in their hand.

Fei didn’t even blink his eyelids as another golden ring bloomed in his hand and disappeared into the young boy’s body.

This time it was not really another paladin skill, but it was simply pouring in some sacred aura. The young boy’s consciousness was clearly very blurry and in extreme fear at that time, and this holy aura could dispel the fear and evil, and calm the soul.

Sure enough, the skinny young boy stopped shivering after the golden ring disappeared into the young boy’s body.

“Ah… This is… Not good… Leave! You guys leave! Don’t worry about me!”

The teenager opened his eyes. His eyes were very clear, reminding Fei of clear spring water. He saw the arrow injuries on those Black Stone soldiers and instantly knew what happened. What surprised Fei and the 6 elite warriors were, the young boy’s first reaction wasn’t to ask for help or seek protection. Although his stick-like body began shivering again due to fear, but his first thought was not about himself, but to anxiously urge Fei and the others to hastily depart, “Kind hearted people, hurry and leave this place, don’t worry about me, but these demons will kill you…”

“Leave? Hahaha, too late! You 7 scums, your Robbie daddy me will stomp over your bodies and make you beg for mercy!” The officer that received reinforcements appeared even more arrogant. More than 40 soldiers surrounded Fei and the others, “Hurry, kneel before Officer Robbie and beg for mercy. Then later I will slice one less meat off your body!”

Fei’s eyes became sharp, like two ice cold swords against the little officer’s neck. A dense murderous atmosphere began surging around Fei, and those Black Stone soldiers didn’t even dare to put one step forward.

Fei gently patted the teenager on the shoulder, squatted, and asked calmly, “Little fellow, don’t be afraid. Tell me, what’s your name?”

“Luca… My name is Lukamod Richie, son of Caruso!”

The young body seemed to have understood something at this moment. After carefully observing Fei and the 6 muscular guys beside him and noticing all his injuries quickly going away, he sensed that these people gave him a powerful yet caring feeling. He carefully got closer to Fei and whispered.

“Okay, Luca, tell me, why did they beat you up?” Fei asked patiently.

“Uncle Zola’s leg was broken… he was too injured to go to the mine and work… no one cared about him… and he was thrown into the dead men’s pit and was about to starve to death… I… I secretly took a small piece of black bread to give to him, but I was busted by captain Robbie…” The little guy told Fei everything, his body couldn’t help but shiver again, and he was a little incoherent.

“Just for a piece of black bread?” Fei was stunned.

“Also because I’m from Chambord City…” The little guy lowered his head, and his fist tightened. Fei clearly saw that at an instant, a glimmer of hope and pride flashed past the corner of this little guy’s eyes, “The Black Stone kingdom’s soldiers hate and fear Chambord city, and Uncle Zola’s from Chambord too. They heard that the new King of the Chambord city came up with a wise ruling system and even defeated the nine-kingdom coalition army. Uncle Zola was spreading the story of the new king to encourage everyone to have hope, and he said that sooner or later, His Majesty the king will surely lead an invincible army here to kill these damn demons and save us. That’s why the soldiers broke Uncle Zola’s legs and threw him into the dead men’s pit…” After saying these words, the little guy’s face began to be filled with anxiety, “I wonder when His Majesty the King would be like what Uncle Zola said, leading an undefeated army to come here and save all of us… There are already too many people that died, Uncle Tom, Aunty Carla, and little Roddy. They were all beaten to death by these demons…”

Finally, the little boy spoke of something that deeply scarred his heart. He summoned the courage and pointed at those Black Stone soldiers, and his tears already began spilling like a waterfall, sobbing.


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