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Hail the King Chapter 169.1

Chapter 169: I’m… The King of Chambord (Part 1)

Fei sighed; he didn’t know if he should feel angry or ashamed.

He lightly rubbed the kid’s head as he slowly stood up.

Fei suddenly felt really bad as he looked at this young, yet valiant face. Little Lucas’ words were like slaps that smacked Fei’s face forcefully. Before this, Fei always felt like he was being a good king and he was feeling good about himself… Who knew that there were so many citizens getting bullied and tortured at their enemies’ territories as they hoped that the new king would come to save them from this hellish place?

At that moment, the words made Fei’s body sweat uncontrollably. Fei realized that he wasn’t a good king, as Little Lucas’ words touched the softest and deepest spot in his heart.

“Hey, who are you? Don’t get yourself involved in this matter. These bastards from Chambord all deserve to die… Give back that little b-----d. Your daddy Roby will act kindly and ignore what you just did and let you guys go…” The little military officer’s tone softened. He realized that these people weren’t weak or easy to deal with. A few Blackstone soldiers marked him as they saw a big team of soldiers that definitely weren’t these seven people’s reinforcements.

“Uncle, please go. Don’t worry about me. These demons are really scary. They will really kill people…” Anxiousness filled little Lucas’ clear eyes. Crystal clear tears started to appear in his eyes as he tried to rush everyone, including Fei away and ignore his own safety. “Go, I know that the king of Chambord will take the revenge for us!” He hurried.

“Lucas, you are a warrior, a real warrior!!”

Fei smiled as he stood in front of little Lucas. His thick back was like a huge mountain that guarded this little boy. Then, he glanced through the people around him like Lampard, Drogba, and Oleg, who were so angry that their faces had changed shape. He lightly nodded and said a cold word, revealing the murderous expressions.


This word represented the arrival of the Grim Reaper.

As if Pandora’s Box was opened, demons rushed out and a tragedy instantly occurred at Blackstone Fortress.

The first one who moved was Frank-Lampard. He was the most powerful warrior out of the six people.

An eye-piercing white light suddenly appeared on his right fist. Then, like a lightning ball that was suppressed to its limit, it exploded. The lightning currents were like a bright firework, and everyone who was looking at him felt like their eyes were being burnt. When they were forced to close their eyes, they all heard a series of crisp bone and metal cracking noises.

Lightning Speed Fists!

It was as fast as lightning; the speed was beyond ordinary people’s reaction speed.

Out of everyone there, Fei was the only who saw Lampard’s movements and his fists’ trajectories – at the moment the lightning ball exploded, this former number one warrior at Chambord had punched out more than a hundred times, and every punch was equivalent to a bottom-tier four star warrior’s full strike.

That was the terrifying force of the Lightning Speed Fists.

It wasn’t just fast; it was powerful as well!

Except for Fei, Peter-Cech who was ranked number three among everyone there only saw some vague afterimages in the air. Warden Oleg, the golden boy Torres, and the other two strongmen who were a lot weaker than Lampard couldn’t catch Lampard’s movements at all. Every unprecedented energy channel that Fei opened with assistance of the Zen energy of the assassin mode had their own mysterious powers. The energy connections that were utilized in Lightning Speed Fist specialized in speed and power, and it also created terrifying electric currents; these electric currents could numb an opponent’s nerves and reaction speed.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

After a series of loud muffles, the forty people exploded in mid-air and were turned into blood rain. These people were only ordinary soldiers. After getting struck by Lampard with god-knows how many fists, the power smashed their bones and flesh into dust. When wind blew by, they turned into blood rain. However, the scene looked very horrifying!

Pierce, Drogba, and Warden Oleg moved closer a few steps and realized that all the enemies in front of them were dead. The three of them looked at each other helplessly; after all, since Lampard moved, there was no task for them anymore.

The thin boy Lucas-Modric peaked out from Fei’s back and was stunned by what he saw.

“The forty demonic people are all dead?” The young boy couldn’t believe his eyes.

Everyone to the square defense formation, now!”

Fei shouted as he suddenly grabbed onto the boy who was stunned and leaped into the air. When his voice traveled to everyone’s ears, his figure had already disappeared from where he was standing; there were only a series of afterimages. The six masters who heard the king’s command instantly returned to the troops and brought all the soldiers to the small square. The hundred city bylaw enforcement officer and the fifty Saint Seiyas formed many iron wall circles around the resources, like food and water, that they had and paid extremely close attention.

“Take me to that elder Zolasc that you were talking about.”

Fei’s calm voice sounded in the young boy Lucas’ ears. However, this boy heard the hidden anger. What shocked this boy the most was the he felt like all the scenes in front of his eyes were changing at an insane speed. The wind created by this fast speed somehow disappeared about a meter away from him, as if an invisible force was helping him. The boy never thought that he could would be flying in the air; he was definitely shocked by the force that Fei demonstrated. When he heard Fei’s question, he hurriedly pointed in a direction.

“Who dares to charge through here?”

A few Blackstone soldiers who were under them saw unidentified people jumping over their heads as they shouted out loudly.

Fei didn’t even bother to acknowledge them. Like lightning, he dashed towards the direction that little Lucas pointed at.

“This is a restricted area, please stop…”

“Back off! Otherwise, we will shoot!”

The Blackstone soldiers were all surprised when they saw the intruder not responding to their warnings. A military officer’s expression darkened as he commanded, and a ton of arrows were shot at Fei and Lucas like rain drops in a heavy storm.

“Back off!”

Lights flashed through Fei’s eyes as he became very angry. He switched back to Barbarian Mode and punched out in the air. Boom! Boom! Boom! Loud noises sounded as the air was punched by a strong force that was more than a hundred thousand pounds. Under this force, the air was pressurized, and the high air pressured was emitted downward. This phenomenon was like an air cannon; the stone defense walls were hit by these invisible air balls and collapsed as if they were made of paper. The soldiers who were standing on it all screamed as they fell off…

The soldiers of Blackstone were all stunned when they saw the scene.

This kind of power was beyond their recognition, and their hands that were holding onto the weapons started to shake. No one dared to shoot arrows anymore; they were afraid that they might provoke this “flying grim reaper”, and he would turn them into meat paste with a few punches.



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