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Hail the King Chapter 169.2

Chapter 169: I’m… The King of Chambord (Part 2)

The battle bugle sounded in the city, and every Blackstone soldiers’ face changed color. This bugle meant one thing – the enemy had entered the city and everyone should get ready to fight. Everyone in Blackstone grabbed their weapons and put on their armor as they got ready to battle with the enemies to the death.

At the same time.

In a firm, yet secret stone cave on one side of the mountain, the blonde haired and bearded king of Blackstone was drinking and negotiating something with a mysterious man. When he heard the bugle, his expression changed as he quickly walked to the entrance of the cave. When he walked out, he saw the scene where Fei had smashed and collapsed more than a dozen small fortresses and the defense wall in the air.


The wine glass in the Blackstone King’s hand was crushed into pieces, and his body shivered. “You are too damn arrogant, king of Chambord!!!!”

After about ten seconds.

Fei and the thin boy Modric arrived at a cliff behind the Blackstone Fortress under Modric’s instructions.

A big pit that was more than a hundred meters in diameter was dug out by humans under the cliff. It was more than a hundred meters tall from all three sides. A disgusting stench was coming out from the pit as more than tens of thousands of corpses were stacked at the bottom of this pit.

Most of these people had only died a few days ago. A ton of red marks and blood were on them. They were all very thin; their skin directly covered their bones. The corpse at the very bottom of this mountain had died about ten to fifteen days ago. Although it was autumn and the weather was chilly, these corpses had rotted to a degree where their faces weren’t even recognizable. Foul yellow liquids flowed out of the corpses, and white worms were all over them. Looking from afar, Fei could only see a big area of white substances wriggling around; it really was hell on earth!

“Uncle Zolasc is right there! Please save him!” the young boy pointed at a thin, corpse-like figure as he shouted anxiously.

Fei switched to Druid Mode and summoned a big bird with a wave of his hand. The bird cried in the air as it carried the thin “corpse” to the top of the cliff. Fei grabbed onto Modric and leapt into the air. He stepped onto the side of the cliff a few times and jumped onto the cliff.

The ventilation at the top of the cliff was better, and the foul smell wasn’t that heavy here.

After a detailed inspection, he could tell that this man who was over fifty years old was going die any second now. His heartbeat was so minimal that Fei almost couldn’t sense it. The bones under his knees were all crushed by someone using a cruel method. His tongue was cut off, one of his eyes was taken out forcefully, and one of his hands was cut off as well. His was in the worst possible condition. Since he also didn’t eat anything for a long time, he didn’t have much life left in him.

“Uncle! Please save him. Please! Please save him.” Modric’s tears started to slide off of his face like a fountain as he saw the elder’s condition. He cried as he jumped onto the elder’s body.

“Ah… So much pain… Is it little Lucas? Kid, don’t cry… Men of Chambord never cry!”

Maybe it was because he was reaching his final moments before death, but elder Zolasc’s consciousness had miraculously returned. With a light smile on his face, he looked at the young boy who was crying over him with his single eye. His rubbed Modric’s head with his dry old hand. Anger and calmness appeared in his eyes. With the remnants of his tongue, he said vaguely, “Good boy, remember, remember uncle’s word. You have to… you have to live on valiantly. You have to live until the moment the Saint King of Chambord come here with our troops. Tell his majesty the torture and pain that we suffered. Let his majesty take revenge for our Chambord’s citizens who died with grievances!”

“Uncle Zolasc, I found someone to save you. You will be okay, you will be okay…” The thin boy cried intensely. He turned around and kneeled in front of Fei as he begged, “Uncle, uncle, please save uncle Zolasc!”

Fei switched back to Paladin Mode, and a golden aura instantly covered the elder’s body.

A golden light started to appear within the elder’s body, and some of his external wounds started to heal. However, the elder was suffering from so many injuries; some of his body parts were missing, he was starving, and his bodily functions were malfunctioning. Paladin’s skill 【Prayer】wasn’t working well. Fei thought about it and took out a bottle of 【Potion of Full Rejuvenation】from his storage belt and poured half of the bottle onto the elder’s wounds and the other half into the elder’s mouth.

A miracle occurred.

The wounds and injures on the elder’s body began recovering at a visible speed! In the blink of an eye, bones started to grow out of his arms, and flesh followed. The eye that was taken out by force somehow also started to grow. The legs that were fully crushed almost instantly recovered… In a few breaths, 【Potion of Full Rejuvenation】that was the top potion of Diablo World came into effect. It easily healed this ordinary elderly man.

After a cold breeze blew by, elder Zolasc had fully awakened.

He looked at his hands and touched his eye. He then touched his legs as he couldn’t believe his senses. “How is this possible? I was going to…” He thought. After all, he was an elder who experienced a lot of events. He looked at Lucas who was so shocked and lost the ability to speak, thought about what he felt on the verge of death when his conscious was blurry, and looked at the young man beside him.

This man was no ordinary person, and he instantly understood what happened.

“This exceptional young man saved me!”

It was a miracle!

It was impossible!

“Thank you for saving my life!” The elder quickly kneeled down and bowed as he thanked Fei. “May I know you name? The citizens of Chambord will remember your kindness forever on…” He asked.

“Elder, please get up. I’m… I’m…” A shameful expression appeared on Fei’s face as he contemplated. For a moment, he couldn’t look at the elder’s earnest emotion in his eyes. He paused for a second and lightly answered, “I’m Alexander, the new king of Chambord!”


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