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Hail the King Chapter 171.1

Chapter 171: Undefeated (Part 1)

Although Chambord city’s Saint Seiyas hadn’t participated in too many bloody head-on confrontations, but the individual strength enhancement from the [Hulk Potion] was able to make up for their lack of experience. Faced with the elite soldiers of the Black Stone Kingdom, every soldier demonstrated terrifying fighting strength. Shields that weighed hundreds of pounds and axes of exaggerated shapes felt like weightless straws in their hands. When swinging, strong gales of wind would follow, and the moment a Black Stone soldier came into contact with it, they would immediately wish they were never born.


With giant axes swinging through, any weapons, shields, or armor would feel like paper, immediately shattering into pieces.


One shield bash forward, dozens of enemies would fly like kites, struggling hopelessly as they puked out blood and flew into the sky.

This was the most head-on confrontation!

A fierce collision between brute forces!

In such a battle, not a single ordinary soldier of the Black Stone Army could receive one blow from Chambord City’s Saint Seiyas.

The situation was just one-sided, like a group of tigers charging into a herd of sheep. Since the very beginning, it was an asymmetrical battle, an unilateral oppressive massacre. Despite the great number on Black Stone’s side, the narrow street designs inside the Black Stone fortress became their own nightmare. In the past, they would take advantage of this design to slowly kill off their enemies, but at this moment, this field limited their ability to capitalize on their numbers advantage. The six groups of Saint Seiyas, under Lampard and the other 5 elite masters’ leadership, were like 6 ruthless lawn mowers. Their blades relentlessly advanced roaring, and all that the Black Stones soldiers could do were to fall row by row as they like helpless grass, and whine like little bitches…

“Thunder Lightning Fist!!!”

A flashing electric light exploded from Lampard’s hand, like a blinding sun just appeared in the crowd, suddenly stunning countless Black Stone soldiers. Then, a fist that couldn’t be tracked by vision landed again and again on the soldiers in front of this red-haired man. The figures in front of him felt like sacks of dusts flying all over the sky, and then turning into bloody mist under the explosions as they began to fall down.

“Corpse-Piling Shock Wave!!”

After the second growth stage, the 2-meter tall meat-mountain warden Oleg roared. His whole body of fat began to tremble, and then he leaned over, suddenly punching fiercely into the ground. Under the loud rumbling sound, two huge spider web-like cracks with his fists as the center quickly began spreading forward.

At the next moment, a shockwave undetectable by the naked eye suddenly appeared in the ground, and with countless click and snap sounds, all the Black Stone soldiers within a 20 meters radius in front of Oleg suddenly stopped. A gust of wind flew past, and something appalling happened – a fissure appeared in the fixed soldiers’ body. The crack grew larger and bigger, and finally, their skin, skeleton, hair, armor, shield, along with the weapons in their hand, all fell down to the ground like a collapsed sand statue.

This was a new ultimate skill Oleg had learned from Fei.

The two fists would pour all the physical strength and energy force into the earth, and then through a special channel of energy it would trigger an invisible super frequency shockwave. This was a terrifying and deadly shock wave, capable of quietly shattering any solid material. It carried the breath of death, and it was hard to guard against!

After one move, ahead of Oleg was 46 neatly stacked meat and blood piles mixed with metal scraps.

The scene was bloody and scary.

The [Corpse-Piling Shock Wave] scroll was created after Fei reached level 28 with his [Assassin mode] with a few references to the [Necromancer mode]. After reaching level 28, with the help of the newly gained energy channels, Fei explored the corresponding energy channels in the real world, and also studied the earth-style energy scroll that he looted from the four-star magician Evans’s dimension ring. He then ultimately created this scroll.

Fei named this scroll [Corpse-Piling Shock Wave] after the Saint Seiya Death Mask’s skill Corpse Underworld Wave, demonstrating his obsession with that anime once again. The style actually suited Warden Oleg. This guy also used to be a villain, and he often dealt with the dead so he carried a scent of death. This scroll was basically tailor-made for Oleg. 15 days ago Fei bestowed this scroll onto Oleg as a reward for starting and taking care of the paper-making factory and sewage system when he was on hiatus. A few hours ago, this fatty finally mastered a few keys in this skill, and the effect was already incredible for a first-time user.

It’s just that with his current physical strength and energy level, such a skill could only be used once within a short period of time and needed a certain recovery period.

But this time, it was enough to terrify the Black Stone soldiers, and no one dared to stay in front of Oleg anymore.

Of course, as for showing off, the two professionals Paul Pierce and Drogba definitely wouldn’t let the fat man take away the glory. Right when Oleg was using his ultimate, the two Saint Seiya both used their own ultimate skills!


The Capricorn Saint Seiya shouted in the most exaggerating way possible. A golden light flashed on his arm, and instantly, his right arm incredibly became an indestructible golden sword. Gently waving it in the air, an invisible sword breath surged up and silently crosscut through.



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