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Hail the King Chapter 177.1

Chapter 177: The Legendary Saint Armor (Part One)

After packing up these great trophies and rewards, Fei equipped the new items and became much more powerful. With Elena’s small hand in his, he searched for a bit more. After making sure that nothing was left, they found a hidden black entrance within the mysterious space that Duriel was originally. After going through this entrance, the environment also changed. As if they walked into a teleport portal, they came to another huge space similar to an underground tomb.

In this space, a small mountain was floating mid-air. Iron chains that were locked onto the sides of this underground space were attached to this floating mountain. On this floating mountain covered in a ton of magic symbols and engravings, Fei and Elena saw Archangel Tyrael who was imprisoned and tortured till the verge of death. As Fei expected, this Archangel who was in a fancy angel battle armor and had white tentacle like light coming off his back, also didn’t have any intelligence. What he said to Fei was no different to what he would say in the game. What he said could be summarized into this: Diablo and his buddy Baal had gone to the east, and he wanted to Fei who was acting as the hero to eliminate these two demons. What he said wasn’t useful at all! Fei was hoping this Archangel could give him some rewards. However, this Archangel was very cheap; he only gave Fei the quest but no actual reward. Fei was so pissed that he dragged Elena and got out of there……

They got back to 【Lut Gholein】using the town teleport scroll. Fei found an NPC merchant and sold the magic items that he had no use for and was paid 30,000 gold coins. He started to hum a little song as he organized his little personal storage space. Although he had completed all the quests in Act II and was able to get to the third map in Diablo World – 【Kurast Docks】through boatman Meshif and continue his journey, after some thinking, Fei temporarily stranded that plan. He was better off to complete all quests in Act II with all of his characters before heading to Act III.

After spending some time with Elena alone, the Diablo World that was filled with demons and monsters become romantic as well.

After Fei carefully told Elena about the future constructions plans and told her to tell Bast, they walked through the mountains with their hands together as the red moon in the Diablo World was at the highest point in the sky. Walking with a beauty shoulder by shoulder and watching the moon, it was something that Fei fantasized about many times in his previous life. He didn’t expect to realize it here at this very moment.

After another half hour, Fei exited Barbarian Mode and chose Sorceress Mode. He entered 【Lut Gholein】and started to kill monsters and level up. His sorceress character was level 33 now; with the help from the green set item 【Arcanna’s Tricks】, his sorceress character was very powerful and was able to level up fast.



Burning Sun Mountain, Blackstone Fortress.

The moments before the dawn was the darkest.

When Fei exited Diablo World, the teleport portal was still in the highest tower at Blackstone Fortress. After the bloody battle in the day, Blackstone Fortress was very quiet and peaceful. No enemy really attacked them. From the look of it, it seemed like Blackstone King knew that his troops were no match to Fei’s and didn’t plan any major military activity around getting back his lost fortress.

Of course, there were some other reasons. From what the Blackstone King said, Fei had already sensed something. However, Fei wasn’t too worried. All of his planning was useless in front of absolute power. Although Chambord wasn’t strong enough to fight an empire, Fei was confident in Chambord’s ability to take on the affiliated kingdoms.

“Whoever dares show me the teeth, I will make him cry and regret.”

Lying on the roof of the watchtower and looking all the stars in the sky, all of Fei’s thoughts scattered, and he went into a peaceful state. He enjoyed this rare moment of calmness as he stared at the beautiful night sky. When the sky was the darkest, the stars were the brightest. Like diamonds, they decorated the sky into a painting.

Fei soon fell for it.

Subconsciously, he started to look at the constellations in the sky just like what he would do in his previous life. As a fan of the Saint Seiya, Fei was heavily invested into the study of constellations. He was very familiar with the locations of the eighty-eight constellations, and formations of them, and the arrangements. Although the stars that he was seeing weren’t the ones from his previous life, he did draw out the constellations when he paid close attention.

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