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Hail the King Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Magic Items Again

Fei tried to hold himself together and squeezed the third question out of his mouth, “I want to know if I can bring items in this world into my world. You know that I mean, right? Honorable Priestess Akara.”

Fei was ready. If Akara said anything like, “It’s god’s decree” or “I don’t know“, Fei would literally punch Akara; “Consequences? F--k that!” Fei thought. He didn’t care what the consequences were for fighting with the leader of 【Rogue Encampment】.

Fortunately, Akara’s answer wasn’t anything like that –

“Young traveler, you have memorize this rule – In this world, everything has a price…… Hehehe, if you have and are willing to trade items that even the gods envy, you can get anything you want!”

“So you mean, if I can pay for it, I can take it to my world, right?”

“Young man, this is your fourth question?”

“You damn woman, you’re so cheap!” Fei cursed in his mind.

Although he was pissed, he appeared respectful towards Akara. He shook his head, “No, of course not.” Fei was honestly scared by the greediness of Akara. He quickly asked his fourth question, “Why am I forced to leave this world after a few hours? What’s that voice inside my head?”

“That is god’s direction …… my child, when your mental strength is strong enough, you will get to stay in this world forever. But now, it’s obviously not the case. With your current mental strength, you can only stay in this world for four hours!”

“Mental Strength?! So that’s the key!” Fei now understood.

After Fei got the answer, he turned around and quickly walked.

He was afraid that he would do inexplicable things to Akara. Who said that NPCs were dumb and that their only purpose was to accelerate the plot of the game? Fei trusted this concept too hard and suffered a big loss while negotiating with Akara.

“Young traveler, you still have one last chance to ask a question.”  Akara gloated.

“I will save my last question for now. I will come and ask you when I get a question that’s worth 2,000 gold!”


“Looks like I have to be more careful when dealing with NPCs in this world, or they’re going to suck me dry like a vampire. Damn, they’re scarier than the monsters on the moor…”

After talking with Akara, Fei decided to level up his character.

Chambord Castle was under serious danger, so he had to increase his power right away. Even if he couldn’t defend the castle, he still could protect the people that were close to him.

The fastest way to level up was not to slay monster non-stop to gain experience, but to complete various quests. The experience he could gain from it was way more efficient, so before Fei left 【Rogue Encampment】, he went to Kashya, the military leader at the encampment.

From her, Fei received his second quest – 【Sister’s Burial Grounds】. Fei had to kill the【Blood Raven】 who lived there.

As the military leader at the encampment, Kashya had a lot of well-trained female rogues under her command. In the original game, when players completed the quest, they would gain the trust of this military leader and she would give them a rogue mercenary to fight alongside the players.

“Hehehe, I wonder if these female rogues are as pretty as the ones in the original game.” Fei’s EQ plummeted when he thought of girls. He tried to peek into the tents behind Kashya where the female rogues lived. Light crisp giggles came from the tents and it skyrocketed Fei’s curiosity.

However, the damn curtains on the tents blocked Fei’s view and he didn’t see a thing. Fei had to leave it behind and left 【Rogue Encampment】.


【Blood Raven】 was a traitor of the 【Rogue Encampment】 and a corrupted rogue. She lived in a Burial Ground on the 【Cold Plain】. She was not only a strong boss, but there were also a ton of monster that guarded her.

As Fei left the encampment and traveled through 【Blood Moor】, he killed numerous monsters. After around two hours of traveling, he finally entered the 【Cold Plain】 under the heavy rain.

At that moment, Fei had leveled up his barbarian character to level 7. Like a lot of the RPG(Role Playing Games), you needed more experience and time to level up as your level got higher. It took Fei less than three hours to go from level 0 to level 5, but it took more than two hours for him to level up to level 7 from level 5.

Just like its name, the 【Cold Plain】 was way colder than the 【Blood Moor】. It was like going from Brazil directly to the North Pole. The monsters were stronger, too. Except for the【Fallen Shaman】and 【Vampire】, which were the common monsters, there was a new type of monster – 【Corrupt Rogue】. They were basically rogues that had absorbed death energy from hell and turned evil. They used spears and swords to attacked Fei when they saw him appear at 【Cold Plain】. They rushed towards Fei in groups. When one died, it screamed and called for more 【Corrupt Rogues】 to show up.

There was no way that Fei could’ve avoided them, so he manned up and battled his way out of it.

After an hour, Fei had finally arrived at the Burial Ground where 【Blood Raven】 lived.

There was one hour left until he would reach his four hour time limit per day in the Diablo world. There was enough time for Fei to complete the quest before he would get kicked out of this world.

But before that, Fei checked his status and decided to do one thing – go back to the encampment to fix his weapons and armour, as well as purchase some potions.The battles at 【Cold Plain】 had worn out Fei’s items. The durability and effectiveness of his items decreased a lot. If he wanted to fight the boss of 【Cold Plain】【Blood Raven】 like that, he was better off poking a tiger’s a-s with a stick; it would be an easier way to die.”

Fei opened his 【Item slot】 and used a 【Town Portal Scroll】. Fei stepped in as the bright blue oval portal appeared. After the buzz, Fei was teleported back to 【Rogue Encampment】.

From Fei’s memories of the original game, there was a woman called Charsi, a NPC blacksmith who sold and repaired weapons and armour.

Fei checked his mini-map and found Charsi a couple tents away. She was a young female who looked around eighteen years old. Although Charsi was pretty, she didn’t have the appearance of a delicate yet fragile female, probably because she was a blacksmith. She looked valiant, but didn’t seem happy. It seemed like there was something bothering her.

She wasn’t surprised about Fei’s arrival.

After Fei talked to her, his axe and armour were repaired at the cost of twenty gold coins. Fei also sold the items that he didn’t need from the monsters to Charsi. He found out that for the same items, he got more gold coins for them from Charsi than from Akara.

“That priestess is not a good egg!” Fei’s resentment towards Akara grew even greater. He swore that he was never going to sell his items to Akara again.

Charsi didn’t seem like she wanted to chat, so Fei thanked her politely and went back to 【Cold Plain】 to fight the boss 【Blood Raven】. There wasn’t much time left.


After fifty minutes.


A mournful female scream disturbed the quiet plains.

Fei was wounded all over his body. After the tense battle with 【Blood Raven】, one of the strongest evil rogues, she had finally died under Fei’s axe. Fei shamelessly dragged out the fight, he ran from the boss when his health was low and battled the boss after he used health potions. Although it was sneaky, there was no other way for Fei to win that fight; 【Blood Raven】 was too powerful.

After 【Blood Raven】 died, numerous lightning bolts came out of her body. It quickly occupied the whole Burial Ground as if it was the end of world.

However, Fei was not hurt by the lightning at all. It seemed like the lightning’s purpose was not to cause damage.

After a while, the lightning disappeared. A strange scene appeared – above the corpse of 【Blood Raven】, an illusory female figure, like an angel, raised up the sky. She looked like a female rogue.

“It must’ve be the poor soul of this rogue before she had fallen.” Fei thought. “My actions must have saved her.”

After a second of seriousness, he quickly checked out the corpse. Theoretically, after killing bosses like 【Blood Raven】, magic items would be rewarded.

Just as Fei expected, blue lights flickered under the corpse.

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