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Hail the King Chapter 184.2

One Month Agreement (Part Two)

At that moment, someone opened the door of the tent.

With the lead of Torres, the manager in black robe Redknapp and the red dress lady came in.

“Your Majesty!” They bowed.

With the power and influence of the Soros Business Union, the officer Redknapp didn’t need to care about a King of a tier six kingdom but apparently, this young King was an exception. The reason Redknapp respected the King of Chambord was because he saved the Soros caravan, and he also saw potential in this young man.

“Please have a seat!”

Fei pointed at the seats in the tent and greeted them warmly.

Old Zolasc had explained the Soros business union to Fei. It was one of the groups that are way more powerful than the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group. Their business covered every region of Azeroth in the business field. The chairman of the union was very well-known. He started it from scratch to become now the wealthiest man, but he never appeared. Someone said Zenit was a Martial Art Master of the Sun-class. Someone also said he was just a normal person. Beyond all doubt, he was very close with the ministers of both the civil and military sides. For this reason, no one dared to harm the Soros business union.

These audacious Blood-Edge Mercenaries started the fight with the Soros business team. In the forest, people barely walked by so it was no wonder the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group almost killed them. Once they did it, even if the Soros business union wanted to investigate, it would be very difficult for them.

Of course, there must be something profitable underneath, so it made the Blood-Edge Mercenaries go crazy about it.

Fei saw the guards of the business team protecting the three magical carriages, so he guessed the reason behind it. But it was not the business of Chambord, so he didn’t asked about it.

Since they met the Soros business union, the powerful group, they should strengthen their relationship with them. Although Redknapp was only a level five officer, it will beneficial to the Kingdom of Chambord if they were close to each other.

“I am Harry Redknapp, a level five manager of Soros business union. Thank you for your kind help. Otherwise, I couldn’t imagine what would happen tonight!” The old man sat and smiled, letting you feel his sincerity.

“Haha, you’re welcome. The Blood-Edge Mercenaries and the Kingdom of Chambord are enemies, it was just a coincidence.” Fei didn’t want to claim the credit.

“Your Majesty is being modest. If Your Majesty didn’t give us a hand, my daughter Shirley and I, and the guards of Soros business team wouldn’t have escaped unscathed, let alone keep the valuables from the Blood-Edge. The Soros business union must reward Your Majesty!”

Fei couldn’t believe the young lady, Shirley, was Redknapp’s daughter.

Fei smiled and switched topics, “This time the Blood-Edge Mercenaries angered the union. How are you going to handle this?”

“In ten days, Blood-Edge Mercenary Group will be destroyed!” Redknapp showed his anger. Tonight, it was humiliating for him, and he had to make the Blood-Edge Mercenaries pay for what they did.

“Oh?” Fei scowled, “I already promised my people, I will destroy the Blood-Edge Mercenary group with my own hands”

“Oh, you made that promise?” Redknapp was amazed, and touched his beard, “May I ask when Your Majesty has decided to destroy the Blood-Edge Mercenary group?”

“Within a month!”

“Within a month?” Redknapp was shocked and said, “Your Majesty, do you know how big the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group is? How many elites do they have? And how strong those masters are?”

Fei understood.

Redknapp was reminding Fei in a polite way to never overestimates himself. The Blood-Edge Mercenary Group was very strong and powerful. They had a lot of masters and were heavily guarded. No matter how exceptional Fei’s performance was today, it is not enough to destroy the Blood-Edge Mercenary Group.

But, how would Redknapp knew Fei’s full capabilities and his plan.

Fei understood and smiled, “Thank you for your reminder, I have my own plans. If my Chambord Kingdom cannot destroy Blood-Edge within a month, it is not too late for the Soros business union to takeover. Can you promise me on this?”

Redknapp never expected the King of Chambord would say this. He saw his confidence and knew that Fei was not a reckless man, and would have thought through multiple possibilities. So, he immediately made a new judgement.

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