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Hail the King Chapter 192.1

Chapter 192: Famous after One Battle! (Part one)

Sudden turn of event!

No one would’ve thought that at the end of battle, the outcome would take such a dramatic turn in an instant.

The Golden Knight that once seemed to be at an absolute advantage actually lost completely within an instant. His golden armor and even his golden lance were destroyed after the battle. Everyone below the mountain became completely dumbfounded. Especially those hundred or so Golden Knights. They all just stared as Chris Sutton’s body fall from the mountain top, they were all scared shitless, and couldn’t be in time to rescue him even if they wanted to.

Just at that moment, the giant wolf-like beast released fierce light out of its eyes. With a low roar and a stomp with all four legs, it immediately turned into a stream of yellow thunder. Using the broken rocks as stepping stones, it charged up and firmly caught the falling Golden Knight Sutton. Then, this b-----d roared towards Fei once. Knowing that it was no match, the beast just carried the fainted Golden Knight on its back and ran like lightning towards the Empire Capital’s direction.

“Hurry…. Protect His Excellency!”

The knights of the Imperial Knight Palace shouted, they just ignored the Chambord Expedition army in front of them, turned around and chased after that mount. At the back of the army, the old man with a goatee’s face completely paled. He became dumbfounded for a few seconds, then with a look of disbelief in his eyes, he took an unwilling look at the figure still standing on the northern mountain top. A cold feeling rose in his heart, and suddenly he turned around, smacked his skinny horse on the a-s and ran like flying.


A sharp wind pierced the sky, whipping past his ear and landing on a six meters high boulder on the side of the path. The boulder collapsed into pieces, and dust was everywhere.

“Anyone that dares to abet others to become the enemy of Chambord, the end for them will be like this rock.”

Chambord King’s voice sounded beside this insidious-looking old man’s ear like roaring thunder, and the goatee old man Alpha just felt his heart trembling and didn’t dare to make any excuse. He just covered the cut on his ear in embarrassment and fled in panic, his grey hair flying all over the sky.

Fei stood on the north mountain top and watched the Golden Knight group of people disappeared into the horizon.

In the course of the brief fight, Fei incisively and vividly felt the arrogant character of the so-called Golden Sun Knight, one of the ten Execution Knightage of the Imperial Knight Palace. Although he was arrogant to the extreme, due to the subtle connection between martial art practitioners, Fei was almost sure that all the underhanded tactics of poisoning water, summoning wolves, breaking mountains from earlier weren’t instructed by this proud knight.

Fei carefully thought about some of the reasons. He soon fixed his eyes on the wretched and sinister goatee old man that was standing behind all the knights, and he immediately made sense of everything. This old man should be a character that was similar to an adviser. Just by his perverted look, all the events happened earlier could presumably be instructed by this person who thought himself as someone super smart. Towards characters like these that always plotted against others backs like a snake, Fei never had any favorable impressions. If it wasn’t for that Fei didn’t have any concrete evidence that everything was indeed instructed by this guy, the goatee old man right now would have probably become a pile of diced meat.

Taking off the magic armor that was already reaching the bottom limit of its durability, Fei cleaned up the shirt on his body, and then jumped straight down the northern mountain top, activating the barbarian skill [Jump] a few times, flashed a few times, and instantly arrived at the bottom of the mountain.

“Long live Your Majesty!” The most excited warden Oleg resumed his kiss-a-s nature instantly, raised his arms, and then a loud “kiss-a-s” statement flew right out.

But this time, no one laughed at Oleg.

Because they were all doing the same thing as Oleg. Even Petes Cech who was always silent felt that his whole body was blood-boiled, as if something in his brain was about to explode… Incredible, too incredible… Before then, everyone from Chambord knew that their king was very strong, but no one would expect him to be powerful enough to completely confront one of the Empire’s Execution Knights!

“Woof woof wooffffffffffffffffff!!”

The big black dog also joined in, cheerfully waving its tail, opening its mouth and then let out a loud roar.


A pleasant voice sounded from a distance. The future queen Angela was like a happily dancing beautiful white butterfly, picking up her white dress, jumping down from the Elder Princess’s magic carriage in the distance, sprinting past the crowd and jumping into Fei’s arms.

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