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Hail the King Chapter 205.1

Chapter 205: An Even More Shocking News (Part One)


“Old York, are you kidding me?”

“You must be drunk. These kinds of things would never happen….”

People in the tavern started to shout. Although, being mercenaries, they had seen many bizarre things, they still couldn’t believe what this big, burly man just said. What kind of man was the Golden Sun Knight, one of the ten Execution Knights of the Imperial Knight Palace? The extremely talented and utterly gorgeous, renowned throughout the empire, Golden Sun Knight that had slayed countless challengers with his golden spear. Rumors had it that the Golden Sun Knight possessed strong powers that almost rivaled a six-star warrior at such a young age. How could this so called “Best fighter of the young generation” be defeated by the king of an subsidiary kingdom?

This almost sounded like a story from the fairytale compilation “One Thousand and One Nights”.

The tall burly guy took another sip of the wine, stretching out his neck and retorted, “How is it not possible? This isn’t a secret. It has already been spreading in the Holy Capital. Some people even witnessed the Golden Knight get beaten unconscious and was carried by his Knight retinue back into the Knight Palace. They say that the Head of the Knights Akinfeev was furious. And nowadays, every single prominent force from the Holy Capital, at least the ones who deemed themselves to have a decent shot, started to secretly prepare to win this unparalleled mighty king of the subsidiary kingdom over….”

“How come?”

“Maybe it’s real?”

People saw that Old York was telling the story in a convincing way and gradually became less dubious.

“Oh, I know! It must be “One Sword”! Only “One Sword” has the power to defeat the Golden Knight…” Someone was suddenly enlightened, thought he figured out the “right answer” and proudly yelled it out. Other people in the retinue heard him and echoed along. They also agreed with this answer–if out of the whole empire, you had to name one from an subsidiary kingdom that could defeat the Golden Sun Knight, that person must be “One Sword”.

“Hahaha, no, you are dead wrong. Jim, is your head broken? I’ve already told you, it’s the King of a subsidiary kingdom that defeated the Golden Knight. “One Sword” wasn’t enthroned as a King yet, he’s just a prince…Tee-hee, okay forget about it, don’t even try because you aren’t gonna get it. The guy who routed the Golden Knight, actually was just a level six subsidiary kingdom’s king who had never revealed his talent.” The tall man finally unveiled the truth.

“The King of a tier 6 subsidiary kingdom?”

“Old York, did you become retarded after being beaten by your wife?”

The big man became apparently agitated, stretching out his neck and yelling, “ No, your brain was the one that got smashed! Heck, your whole family’s brains are damaged! This can’t be more real. I would never get it wrong…”

However, the mercenary audience bursted out into nothing but guffaws and gloats. The man’s words seemed so outrageous. Hardly, no one trusted him anymore.

Sitting quietly just next to the laughing crowd, Fei on the contrary could hardly enjoy the humor. Instead, he became more and more anxious along the unfolding of the story. In a vain attempt to calm himself, he stroked his chin repeatedly and was truly astonished, “It has only been four days since my battle with the Golden Knight at Dual-tower Mountain. How could the news have spread out so fast? What is more bizarre was that the words originated from St. Petersburg, all the way back to the Hot Spring Gate. This was indeed uncanny.”

Angela and the blond loli Emma could not suppress themselves and chuckled on the side. The two girls surely knew all about the whole Dual-tower Mountain Battle. Seeing that the people in the tavern wouldn’t believe it, Emma, with wide open eyes and raised eyebrows, almost jumped out of her seat in an attempt to advocate for the truth, but was stopped by Angela who clasped Emma’s hands and subtly shook her head. Emma had no choice but to sit down grudgingly with her teeth gnashing, fiercely staring at the people around them with rage, as if all those who didn’t believe that Fei defeated that Golden Knight were all her enemies.

“Hey bro, if you don’t mind me asking, where did you hear all these stories? Was it all a rumor?” Fei, in an effort to probe, deliberately beat around the bush to ask this simple and honest guy.

“How can it be a rumor?! Little brother, this was publicly announced by the Soros’ Merchant Group at St. Petersburg…” York’s face flushed red from impatience. He slapped at the table and stood up raising his voice, “You guys, if you don’t believe what I said, the source, the Soros’ Merchant Group, should earn your trust. Just a few more days, the news will definitely get passed to the Hot Spring Gate. And the news released by the Soros’ Merchant Group was very detailed–The mysterious master who has vanquished the Golden Sun Knight was the King of the level six subsidiary kingdom, Chambord, whose name is Alexander!”

“Wow, the Soros’ Merchant Group announced the news?”

“It seems legit, sounds more convincing now…”

“If it was released by the Soros’ Merchant Group, then it might be true. I can’t believe that just from a little level six subsidiary kingdom comes such a heroic figure.”

Upon York stately backing up his story with the Soros’ Merchant Group, the crowd in the tavern finally became progressively convinced. Indeed, an organization as powerful and authoritative like the Soros’ Merchant Group, would never blab or gossip with issues as important as this. After all, the ultimate virtue that merchants valued was being reliable. No merchant group could be considered reliable if they were ever caught spreading untrue crucial information. Not even once! For the hundreds of years of establishment of the Soros’ Merchant Group, no such scandal had ever happened before.

Until now, Fei finally figured out the knack.

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