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Hail the King Chapter 208.1

Chapter 208: Are you willing to become my disciple? (Part One)

“York, what are you doing?” Fei quickly reach out, and a huge invisible power pulled York off the ground.  He asked with a smile, “York, you know…. Eh, how did you know?”

“Your majesty, I……” With a ashamed face, the man told Fei what happened.

The young man who appeared in the pub was one of the famous hooligans at Hot Spring Gate. His father Tolemy was the Legion Commander of [Rapid Wind Legion], and his older brother Dilles was the youngest Centurion in the legion as well as the strongest younger generation warrior there. With two men who looked after and protected him, this Lulun was spoiled. He could do anything he wanted there, and no one could do anything about him. Numerous people died in his hands, and everyone in the Hot Spring Gate would stay away from him.

Today, everyone at the pub saw this devil wanted to get to that goddess like girl. Although they sighed and didn’t want to see it happen, no one dared to stop him because of the fear. Even York and Philip who were respected by Angela didn’t stay behind and help……

After they left, they felt really anxious and returned to the pub to make sure that Fei and the girls were safe. But when they got back, they heard the shocking news. The arrogant young master Lulun was beaten up. He got beat up, and two of his henchmen were nailed into floor like carrots until they were dug out. The other party was the young man who smiled and talked to him. What they didn’t anticipate as well was that the young man was the mysterious master King Alexander who had just defeated one of the ten Execution Knights of the Imperial Knight Palace.

After knowing that the three of them were safe, York and Philip felt more comfortable. They returned to the ghetto with shame and regret of missing the mysterious master Alexander, and they continued to teach the kids martial arts like they always did.

“Your majesty, please forgive us. We……”

York’s face became as red as a monkey’s a-s when he was talking. He didn’t know what to say at this point; he left like a coward and didn’t even say anything to help the three of them out. He felt like he had stained the dignity and honor of a true warrior and a true mercenary.

“Hehe, York, don’t worry about it. I didn’t have the intention to blame you from the beginning……” Fei explained as he helped Angela and Emma off of the magic carriage. He turned around and smiled, “I knew from the beginning that you guys left wasn’t because you were afraid of death.”

“AH? Your majesty……How……How did you know?” York was surprised as his eyes opened big and wide.

The dark young man Philip had brought the kids to them. His was still very shy like a girl, and he had an apologetic smile on his face. Although he stood behind York quietly and didn’t talk, the three of them were able to feel that he was sorry for what he did.

“Because I have a pair of eyes that can see through people’s heart……”  Fei joked a little. After seeing both York and Philip opening their mouth out of surprise, Fei explained, “When I first met you, I knew that both of you aren’t the type of people who are timid. And when you left, there were still hesitation and struggle in your eyes; it wasn’t the fear that everyone else had. And you……” Fei turned to Philip as he continued, “You dared to come back to drink that mug of beer that Angela toasted you with, how can you be a coward? Sometimes, it takes more courage to leave than stay. Also, it won’t help even if you guys stayed behind.”

York and Philip were so moved that they were about to cry.

They were most afraid of being misunderstood by Fei as people who were cowards. However, Fei was able to see through their feelings, and they felt a lot better about the situation. They bowed and thanked Fei and Angela repetitively. Mercenaries like them who were living at the bottom of society didn’t have great power and didn’t have great status as they struggled for their lives. They were already touched when they were able to be respected by Angela back at the pub. If they didn’t have things that they were still worried about, they would definitely had provoked and fought Lulun for Angela without hesitation. Although their status might be low, but the blood in their bodies was still hot.

“Hehe. I was wondering about what was worrying you guys. Wives? Kids? Parents? Relatives? Now I know. You guys are probably worried about these kids.” Fei said as he looked around at the kids who were only in thin clothes in this cold weather and patted the head of a girl who was only about 6 years old. These kids surrounded York and Philip as they looked up at them with crystal like eyes. Fei knew what was going on as soon as he saw them.

“Your majesty, you are really god-like.” York opened his mouth. He was already shocked by Fei. After a while, he explained: “You are right. These kids are all orphans, and they were only able to survive with the support of me and Philip. I couldn’t even imagine what will happen to them if Philip and I couldn’t make it back today. The winter is coming……”

Fei parked the carriage beside the empty space and walked into where York, Philip, and these kids lived. Fei and the two girls sat down when York and Philip thought they were about leave.

“Hey, did Uncle York go drink again and owe you money? Can you please not send those bad guys after Uncle York and beat him? Tina won’t ask for new clothes anymore, Tina won’t ask for cheese anymore, please, I beg you!” The little girl Fei just patted dragged Fei’s sleeve timidly as she said after gathering her courage.

“So cute…..” Angela’s motherly love overflowed as she picked up the little girl and asked Emma to get some fruits and snacks to share with the kids. Laughter and cheers instantly filled the little space.

“Sometimes, Uncle York would get thirsty and couldn’t help but to get some drinks. He owed money to the pub several times, so the boss of the Pub send some people after him to get the money back……” Philip explained with the shy smile on his face: “Therefore, little Tina thought you are someone who is here for the money.”

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