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Hail the King Chapter 208.2

Chapter 208: Are you willing to become my disciple? (Part Two)

This explanation embarrassed York a lot.

“Uh? York, you were injured? You are not completely healed yet?” After some chatting, Fei suddenly realized that despite the fact the York was strong and tough like a mountain, there was hidden injury in his knee. As a mercenary who risked his life, this injury would immobilize him sometimes. That would be a huge reduction in his strength, and it might pose a lot of risk in the future.

“Ah, yeah. The backstory of this injury goes way back……”

After seeing Fei who defeated the Golden Sun Knight was very friendly, that he didn’t have the haughty attitude of nobles and royals, and didn’t look down and mock poor people, York relaxed himself. He slowly told Fei how the injury in his left knee occurred.

It was a really interesting story.

A year ago, old York was still an anxious and careless homeless mercenary. He wasn’t a nice person; he was one of the gang leaders at the ghetto here in Hot Spring Gate. But after he provoked someone who was much more powerful, his limbs were all broken by the person’s guards and he was thrown into a garbage pile to die. This kind of situation occurred at the ghetto where even sunlight didn’t even want to shine. During the time where his limbs were broken, he couldn’t move. If it wasn’t for these kids who were looking through the garbage piles for food and clothes, he would be dead. However, these kids found him alive and fed him some food and water.

In that period of time, York experienced desperation, self-destruction, his all-time-low, deep thinking, awakening, and motivation. Those were the feelings that one couldn’t experience in a short amount of time. But after this tragic, York turned his life around. He decided to live with these kids who saved him, and he got a space in this ghetto for him and the kids using his one star warrior strength. He then cleaned it up and fenced it off. After all of that, York registered as an official mercenary and could take some missions. Although he was only able to get paid very little for these hard and dangerous missions, he was able to provide a living for these kids in the ghetto….. However, since he wasn’t able to get proper treatment, there were hidden injures in his joints after he recovered on the surface. Especially his left knees; it never really healed.

“Hehe, I have a good way to heal it for you, but it might hurt.” Fei laughed.

“Really? That would be great!” York was excited, “I don’t care about the pain. If I can get this old problem fixed, I can advance in my mercenary levels. Haha, after I finish some higher level missions, I would be able to make more money and feed these kids whose appetites are getting bigger and bigger……”

“Ok, you are a great person.”
After Fei said that, he suddenly patted on York’s left knee. Crack! York’s knee bone broke into little pieces. But before he can cry in pain, Fei instantly switched to [Paladin Mode] and injected a beam of gold light into the knee.

York felt a numb yet sore sensation. He felt like the broken bones and his muscles were all moving as if they were reorganizing and growing. It was simply indescribable. After about 50 seconds, York found out surprisingly that the pain disappeared, and his left knee that was hard to move become agile like new.

“This is magical……” Both York and Philips were shocked.

They had never seen anything like this. It was comparable to Healings Spells that high priests at the Holy Church could cast. However, the priests who were even haughtier than the nobles couldn’t cast the spell that easily. “No wonder he could defeat the Golden Sun Knight.” They thought.

“York, after your story, I still haven’t heard much about Philip. Is he one of the orphans?” After some more chatting, the king moved the topic onto Philip.

“Yeah, your majesty. Philip was one of the orphans.” York said with a very joyful expression as he moved his left leg that he wasn’t use to moving this freely. He looked at the dark skinned young man as he said earnestly, “However, he isn’t a resident of Hot Spring Gate. No one knows when he came here or where he is from. Normally, a kid like him who didn’t know any fighting techniques or warrior power would have a hard time surviving out here, but he lived well and was even able to protect these kids. Before I came here, Philip was the one who took care of these kids…… He is a kind and valiant kid. I had never asked him about his past. Oh, I heard he said that his full name is Philip Inzagi.”

“Philip Inzagi….. Oh, you said he doesn’t know any fighting techniques?” Fei asked curiously.

How could a kid who didn’t know any fighting techniques have that familiar dark and gloomy sensation, like a knife that was covered by the blood of numerous people and was waiting in the air quietly to strike down. Fei was familiar with this sensation since he would also have this sensation on him when he was in his [Assassin Mode]. In another word, Fei believed that this kid had the potential to become a top-notch assassin. This was one of the reasons why Fei was willing to spend so much time here.  Fei didn’t lack warriors who were willing to fight on the battlefield, but he did lack a top assassin who could complete missions for him in the dark.

“Yes, your majesty. Philip doesn’t know any fighting techniques, but he has a very strange ability; he is able to escape even if he is targeted by a Six Star Warrior……”

“Born ability?” Fei was surprised.

York giggled as he called for Philips. After he murmured to the Philip’s ear, the dark-skinned young man bit his lips as he hesitated. However, he seemed to make a decision. He walked up to Fei and lightly shook his body. Suddenly, he started to become lighter and more transparent. Soon, he merged into the space and was not visible anymore. Fei was even surprised by this at the end. “Not wonder York said that he could escape from a Six Star Warrior; there is no exaggeration in that!” Fei couldn’t even sense where Philip was or any of his trace when he tried his best.

Fei couldn’t believe it, so he tried several times. However, he wasn’t able to get anywhere.

After he switched to [Assassin Mode], he slowly emitted his Zen energy into the air like waves in a lake. After the re-bounces of the Zen energy, he was finally able to spot where Philip Inzagi was. He suddenly dashed as his body also disappeared into the air. He was nowhere to be seen as well.

York was so shocked that he couldn’t even close his mouth.

“Haha, got you!” A laughter sounded as semi-transparent waves floated in the air. Fei appeared with his hands on Philip’s shoulders. The young man was shocked as well; it was the first time in his life that his stealth technique was countered.

After putting Philips down, Fei laughed as he demonstrated a few skills of his assassin character, especially flashy skills such as [Tiger Strike], [Dragon Talon], [Dragon Claw], and [Fists of Fire]. Philip who was seeing this was excited; his eyes literally shone. It was a strange yet subtle feeling, as if something in his mind told him “These are the techniques that you should learn!”

“Philip, I’m interesting in taking you in, are you willing to become my disciple?” Fei suddenly stopped. After seeing the young man was intrigued by what he had showed, he asked with a smile on his face.

Both York and Philip were shocked! They stood still and didn’t know how to react.

The situation where they couldn’t even dream about actually happened.

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