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Hail the King Chapter 209.1

Chapter 209: The Footsteps in the Fog (Part One)

                Philip Inzagi opened his eyes and stood in place, the buzzing in his mind was like rolling thunder.

He almost couldn’t believe what he just heard.

The man in front of his eyes was a king that was personally crowned by Emperor Yaxin, occupying the status of a royal noble. Besides that, he was also the legendary master that was said to have appeared out of no where and defeated one of the ten Execution Knights – the Golden Sun Knight. To Inzagi, Fei was simply a character from a myth that resided on top of clouds, that he could only look up to.

Such a person, perhaps he would never have a chance in his lifetime to talk to once.

But today he was able to somehow sit at the same table with Fei and drink together. Now thinking about it, it was already the luckiest thing that had ever happened to him and was something that was worth bragging about among his mercenary friends for a long time… But who knew, now this legendary character no longer appeared in front of him again, but was actually willing to take him in as an apprentice… could he be dreaming?

“Philip, you… why are you still frozen there?” The tall York saw the black little boy standing there like a little dumbass. He became anxious for him and couldn’t help but start giving him eye hints and poking him in the waist.

“Ahhh! Yes, Your Majesty! Yes I do! Of course I do!” Inzagi finally regained his senses, his knees dropped straight onto the ground as he try to articulate his words to answer Fei. But very soon, he realized something and the smile froze on his face. After hesitating for a few seconds, he finally opened his mouth again, “Your Majesty, can little Tina and Uncle York … can they come with me…?”

“Brat, are you stupid? Don’t worry about us! This is the perfect opportunity for you…” The tall York was anxious and almost wanted to go up and stick his foot up Inzagi’s a-s.

Fei laughed out loud, “Haha, nice, being able to remember your friends at a moment like this, it shows that I didn’t make a wrong judgement about you. I’m very satisfied, Philip, if you become my apprentice, your friends will of course become my Chambord Kingdom’s VIP guests. From now on, they are all under my protection. If they want, they can also become Chambord citizens!”

“Ahh! This… is too great! Too great! Thank you so much Your Majesty! Thank you, Master!” Inzagi no longer had any more worries, he kowtowed on his knees in gratitude.

“Thank you, sire!” The tall York was also happy like he was high on crack, he didn’t know that such a good thing would happen to him too! He giggled and scratched his head and then hurriedly began kneeling on the ground and started kowtowing.

“Get up, haha, great, very good! From today on, you are my first student. This is the greeting present from your teacher.” Fei’s palm lightly opened. Light flashed past and two uniquely designed pitch black daggers appeared in his hands.

These two daggers, one handle had a slightly slender grip with a threaded handle. The blade’s body was thin and light like a jumping flame. It had four segments, each carrying a fine barb. Although light and thin-looking, but due to its strange design, a light cut across the skin would leave behind a terrifying bloody mark. The other dagger’s handle was shaped like a coiling poisonous snake, the blade’s body shot out from the opening mouth in the center of the four poisonous fangs. Both daggers were forged from the [Demon’s Remains], and then polished with a layer of [Black Iron Essence]. They were personally designed by Fei, and exuded chilling air, giving a frightening and daunting feeling to anyone that saw it.

Philip Inzagi were deeply attracted by the two daggers from their first look, and his whole mind was immersed in those two, like a h---y monkey seeing a peerless beauty. His eyes couldn’t leave the daggers for one millimeter, and there was a kind calling from his heart, as if a blood-linked feeling was detected.

“This [Four-Fold Death] and [Death Snake’s Touch] are indestructible, comparable to any god-tier items, capable of penetrating the thickest armor. Accompanying your gifted technique from heaven that makes you skilled at erasing your trace, they can demonstrate shocking levels of destruction. Today I’m gifting them to you, hopefully they can be used to their full ability in your hands!”

“Master, I will remember your words!” Inzagi took those two daggers into his hand, tightly holding on, feeling extremely delighted. He was used to using daggers in the past, so he was very familiar with them. With ten extremely dexterous fingers, any dagger-like weapons would become a black stream of light in his hands, travelling freely.

“Yep, and this is my token…” Fei took out a black oval-shaped twin-head token from his storage ring and handed it to Inzagi, “The Chambord city expedition troop is stationed near the water bank three-miles away from the Hot Spring Gate, I will give you one night to prepare. Remember, before tomorrow noon, you and York must finish packing and come and see me with the little ones. In the afternoon we will leave the Hot Spring Gate. If you miss the time, I will not wait for you!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” Inzagi held tightly onto the token as if holding his own life.

Shortly after, Fei took Angela and Emma and left the slums under Inzagi’s guidance. They toured around the city for a while and, seeing that it’s no longer early, they returned by the same path traveled.

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  1. agila0212

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  2. Orcanaman

    The wording he used and the item descriptions are weird “comparable to any god tier item” seems really overblown as they should just be really hard and sharp but still a. breakable, b. lack any form of magical enhancement and so are unable to compare to even high level regular items

    • Sean

      Yeah, it’s also a shame that he didn’t use the “Give” ability. I feel like they’d become even stronger, or at the very least could be stored inside the kid.

    • WirlWind

      It said that the items lost their power when they went into the diablo world, pretty sure they still have stats in the ‘real’ world so his claim stands as long as they don’t jump into any portals.

  3. Buhri

    Is some sh*t going to happen to them before they get to the camp? Hope not…

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