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Hail the King Chapter 209.2

Chapter 209: The Footsteps in the Fog (Part Two)

After returning to their camp, Fei asked about the day camp matters and learned that everything went well.

Angela and Emma whose feet were almost swollen from walking took a bath and went to sleep, and Fei changed to [Sorcerer Mode] and directly entered the Diablo world to level up.

In [Rogue Encampment], Fei found the beauty mercenary Elena, and she reported to Fei in detail about the defensive battle they just had at Chambord city in the real world.

“A sudden emergence of mysterious black-clothed elites?”

After hearing Elena getting to the part about the elite in black that appeared out of the blue and saved Brook, Fei had an odd expression on his face. Don’t know why, he had a strange yet familiar feeling, as if he had seen this person before.

“Lord Brook ordered the execution of the Black Stone King, Chishui King, and Therace King. Would this affect King Alexander’s trip?” This was what this beauty mercenary was worried about. The right and wrong, in her eyes, were only about its impact to Fei.

“No problem, those three greedy wolves always got in my way, Brook did the right thing, eliminating future worries. Haha, if I was there, I would’ve already blown those three into pieces!” Fei smiled, “Recently the Chambord priest Ma Zola delivered quite a lot of news, and I already passed them onto Uncle Brook and Bast. They probably already know by now, the empire’s situation is not stable, Emperor Yaxin is critically ill, and on the border there was great enemy pressing against our territory, and there is a lot of chaos both inside and on the border of the empire. So, some random dogs and cats would take advantage of the chaos and come out and show their teeth and claws. If we didn’t smack them right back in the face, others might mistake that our Chambord city could be easily bullied. Brook did the right thing this time!”

“Lord Brook also told me to tell you, this time some elites of the Empire’s Knight Palace were also involved. This trip to the empire capital, you must be extra careful.” Elena remembered Brook’s warning.

“Haha, even their master was spanked butt-naked by me, not to mention a few dogs.” Fei was not worried, he already had something planned.

Before the departure, Fei left many back-ups inside Chambord city, and this time they weren’t activated, so he didn’t worry about the safety of Chambord in the following few months. “As long as uncle Brook and Bast could finish what I planned for them before departure, then after this trip is over, even if it was the Zenit Empire, I no longer have to face them with my head down.”

After learning the recent situation of Chambord, Fei and Elena were teleported using the portal to [Lut Gholein]. Under sorcerer mode, the second large map only had one mission left, which was battling Duriel. Of course, before entering the special dimension that contained Duriel, the two still had to find the real tomb that contained the seal in the 7 [Tal-Rasha’s Tombs], and then sweeping away all the monsters.

This time Fei’s luck wasn’t very good.

The two killed their way across the Canyon of the Magi, and the first six tombs they cleared were actually all fake and took nearly 3 hours, and then they finally came to the tomb gate that contained the real Tal-Rasha.

Tal-Rasha is the name of a legendary hero. A great leader who killed the flesh body of the devil Baal, and sacrificed his own life to seal Baal’s immortal soul inside his own body, making it difficult for that demon to escape. However, he also had no choice but to battle this immortal evil for all eternity.

At this moment, sorcerer Fei reached level 37, and Elena’s level also reached 36, and their leveling speed was slowly catching up and surpassing the speed in [Barbarian mode]. This was because as the sorcerer levels up, and under the condition of wearing the tier 7 Set Item [Arcanna’s Trick], sorcerers had a lot more powerful multi-targeting skills. Its farming ability far exceeded barbarian who exceled in individual PK, so the leveling speed was naturally a little faster.

The two entered the real [Tal-Rasha]’s tomb. After killing countless demons and finally coming to the altar, before Fei could even get the chance to pull out the Hodraic’s Staff and shove it into the altar, a mysterious cold voice sounded beside his ear reminding him of the approaching time limit in Diablo.

The Baal-hunting operation had no choice but to be stopped temporarily.

On the second day.

The sun was rising on the horizon of the eastern sky, the morning breeze was chilly, and the sky was overcast.

The mist was heavy, the whiteness were like a layer of white sand shrouding the ground, making it almost impossible to see things 10 meters away.

Near the water bank, the Chambord expedition camp started getting busy. His Majesty the king already gave the order of departure last night. The Bylaw Enforcement Officers already completed their early training drill, and they began tidying up the camp ground, taking down the tents and preparing for the departure.

Just then, a few staggered footsteps suddenly came from the distance.

The blonde teenager Fernando Torres, who was in charge of the perimeter of the camp gripped the long bow by his waist and focused his vision. His left hand reached for the quiver on his back, like feeling the smooth skin of a lover he gently swept a white feather arrow. The footsteps were getting closer and closer.

“Stop right there, this is the Chambord military camp. All trespassers within 20 meters will be killed without exception!” Torres shouted.

“It… really… is… the Chambord… Camp… I… I…am” The footsteps were getting closer and closer, and a figure covered in blood rushed over. The footsteps were staggering, and he actually quickened his footsteps and rushed over regardless of Torres’s warning.

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      Yea my brain frozen. Just Fei in barbarian mod came elena

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