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Hail The King Chapter 21

Chapter 21: Bullshit Continued

“God Bless!”

“Hail King Alexander!”

“Hail Chambord!”

Time seemed to rewind to the end of the battle under the sunset, with everyone in the palace cheering and yelling. Everyone understood the meaning of what they saw.

This unimaginable scene had shocked everyone like never before. “So the king can really communicate with the gods like in the rumors. Then that means the God of War is always blessing Chambord …… If it’s like this, the cruel enemies will never be able to siege Chambord Castle!” Everyone thought.

All a sudden, the worries and fears on everyone’s mind disappeared. As everyone cheered, Angela stood there quietly. This beautiful girl stared at the man in the middle of all people enjoying the resounding cheers and worship. She felt completely relieved. She didn’t know where this feeling came from, either from the blessing of the God of War or from the change in Alexander.

The atmosphere was spectacular, and even Emma who was hard on Fei was affected by it, jumping and cheering in the crowd as well.

The two pots of blood water mixed with the 【Minor Healing Potion】 were distributed to every wounded soldier’s hands under Brook’s order. Surprising laughs and cheers filled the palace. In just half an hour, many of the groaning soldiers couldn’t feel the pain anymore, and the lightly wounded could literally pick up their weapons to go back to battle again.

Light and hope were closest to the people of Chambord now since four days ago. All of this was because of King Alexander, who was blessed by the God of War. Everyone was looking at Fei with worship and respect.



The enemies didn’t attempt to attack at night; this let most of the soldiers get their precious first night’s rest in the past four days.

After healing all the wounded soldier by tricking them into drinking the 【Minor Healing Potion】, Fei let a couple of smart soldiers handle the rest of the situation. He went on a walk with the second commander of the King’s Guards Brook. They soon got on the defensive wall. The wall looked magnificent at night. Fei stood in the middle of the defensive wall and glanced around.

Chambord was surrounded by mountains on the left, right and back. As if this small castle was endorsed by the gods, all three sides of Chambord were protected by natural ‘defensive walls’. The sides of the three mountains that faced outward were steep and almost unclimbable; even a star ranked warrior would have a difficult time doing so.

What was special was that on the sides facing Chambord, the mountain was much flatter and rose more gradually. If climbing from Chambord castle towards the mountain, even little kids and elders were able to easily get to the top of the mountains. This strange terrain made Chambord very easy to defend and difficult to siege. It looked like the work of a god.

With the mountains surrounding the castle, the only artificial structure was the defensive wall. The gate was facing the Zuli moat. The wall was almost half a mile long (600m), and it closed the only gap left open by the mountains. The bottom of the defensive wall was 15 yards (15m) thick and the top was 12 yards (12m) thick; it was firm and massive. You could literally run four cars on top of it.

What was also special was that the defensive wall wasn’t straight; it was designed to be slightly concave. This eliminated most of the blind spots and allowed every soldier to see what was happening on and under any part of the wall.

A third of a mile (450m) from the defence wall was the Zuli River. It was acting naturally as the moat of the castle. The torrents roared as the water flowed. The mile (1,400 m) wide river was frequently covered with mist. The river was extremely deep, so it was impossible for soldiers to get across the river without a boat or ship unless they were super powerful warriors and had the ability to fly. Everyone who wanted to swim over would be ‘eaten’ instantly by the current.

There was a half natural, half artificial stone bridge that linked the two sides.

According to Brook, no one knew where that stone bridge came from. Even the oldest person in Chambord didn’t know who built the bridge. It had a long history and was very cryptic.

Fei observed it carefully. The stone bridge was held up by nine huge natural piers.

Observing from far, these nine piers were like inverted mountains being plugged into the water; they were really astonishing. It was impossible to have made those piers artificially. They looked more like a god had cut off the peaks of mountains far away and threw them into the river.

This stone bridge was another terrain advantage to Chambord.

It was convenient for the people of Chambord to travel out of the castle during peaceful times, and the thin bridge made it very difficult for enemies to transport huge siege machines near the defensive wall during war times.

“The terrains are extremely advantageous! No wonder Chambord was able to defend against two thousands well trained enemies for four days with less than eight hundred soldiers…… This castle is literally a natural war fortress!”

After Fei’s observations, he understood Chambord’s terrains. Although he was no military genius, he was still surprised by that he saw. At the same time, he was also perplexed.

The wealth and labour of the current Chambord kingdom could never pull off such huge construction, unless Chambord was once glorious and powerful or this castle had a long history behind it.

Everything didn’t seem that simple. However, Fei didn’t recall any history about the castle. The memories and knowledge of the old Alexander didn’t leave Fei with much useful information.

“Brook, people called me a r----d before, right?” As if Fei suddenly remembered something, he asked Brook peacefully.

Brook’s thoughts lagged. He didn’t know how to reply to such a direct question from the king.

The old Alexander was a r----d that had the intelligence of a three years old; he couldn’t even survive on his own. Under the instigation of his ‘friends’, he had harmed Chambord a great deal. Even though he was the king, no one liked him. Only due to his status as a king bestowed upon him by his parents, the previous king and queen, was he was not abandoned by his people.

Even Brook himself didn’t have any respect for the old Alexander. He showed a little disdain towards him. However, after witnessing Fei’s battle on the defensive wall and his godlike actions that saved the wounded soldiers, who would dare treat the man who was blessed by the God of War like a r----d?

Brook had completely changed his view on the king. There was no question about it, the man in front of him deserved his loyalty and respect.

“When I was shot by an arrow yesterday morning, my head hit a rock. Maybe I was blessed by the God of War. Many things appeared in my head and my mind got clear……”

As if Fei was talking to himself, he spoke slowly while touching the moss on a battlement.

“You know? That collision made me feel like I’ve suddenly grown up. For many things that I didn’t understand back then, I can understand them now completely…… Hehehe, now I know that I truly was a r----d that everyone hated…… Brook, can you tell me all the horrible things I did before?”

While listening to Fei’s ‘monologue’, almost all the doubt and uncertainty on Brook’s mind disappeared, “So the arrow yesterday had coincidentally knocked the king back to normal……When the old king was still alive,  there was a prophecy that Alexander was retarded because he was cursed by god……It looks like the curse had finally been reversed by the god.”

Fei laughed in his head as he observed Brook’s expression.

Fei continued, “When I was brought back to the palace, I felt a mysterious power flowing in my body. When I woke up, I had unimaginable strength. I was able to learn anything quickly and I was able to control my strength……and I was able to use the battle techniques naturally as if they were born within me.”

After listening to this, the last bit of uncertainty disappeared from Brook’s mind.

The young king’s monstrous strength and devastating axe techniques were things that Brook and all the soldiers couldn’t wrap their heads around. But now, it all seemed as if it were the decree of the God of War.

There was no other way to explain the battle that occurred this afternoon and the blood that saved all wounded soldiers……Only divine intervention.

Fei was observing Brook’s expression closely. When he saw the sudden realization on Brook’s face, he knew that his bullshit worked as he had planned.

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