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Hail the King Chapter 210.1

Chapter 210: The Mighty One Punch (Part One)

Seeing that scene, Torres did not relax his vigilance.

The blonde teen raised the long bow in his right hand, pulling out a big white-feather arrow from his quiver. The bow was pulled into the shape of a half moon, with the arrow’s tip flashing coldness, aiming at the blood-covered figure that ran out from the fog. He shouted, “Again, this is the Chambord Camp, cease your advance or you will be killed!”

“No… No… I‘m… here to see His Majesty… I…” The figure was covered in blood with stumbling footsteps. Despite hearing Torre’s warning, he continued to struggle over towards the camp.

Seeing that the opposing party was not heeding the warning, Torres gave a cold hum, the finger that was pinching on the bow string was just about to loosen, but at that moment, his vision suddenly focused and saw this “intruder” pulling out something from his clothes. The blonde teen could clearly see. This was actually His Majesty’s token. Surprised, he suddenly knew that the visitor was an ally instead of foe. He hurried over to help. After getting closer, he saw that this was actually a young man that he had never seen before. There was a half-meter long wound on his back that was deep enough to expose bone. It was shocking to look at and the blood spewed out like fountain. The injury was extremely serious.

“Who are you? How do you have the token from our King?” Torres took off the his cloak and wrapped up the wound on the young man’s back.

“I… Your Majesty… My teacher… I need… to save… someone…”

The severely injured young man’s trembling lips squeezed out those words. Due to the heavy injury, he already entered a semi conscious state. The staggered running just now seemed to have exhausted all his physical strength, and he finally couldn’t hold it anymore, not even being able to say a complete sentence.

Torres frowned, and was confused at heart.  Just when he was about to bring this teen into the camp to ask His Majesty, suddenly, another wave of disorderly and hasty footsteps came from the distant fog. It was getting closer and closer, and he could also hear those people shouting at each other…

“Master, there’s the blood trail. That peasant must be in front of us somewhere…”

“Humph, he suffered such serious injury, he won’t be able to run far. Chase him, find him and skin him alive. He dared to hurt the noble me, I’m going to make him wish he’s rather dead…”

“Hahaha, Young Master please rest at ease, he absolutely won’t be able to run away.”


Torres’s face changed. Just those few words of dialogue gave him a good idea of what was happening. He gently placed the teen on the side, then gave the camp behind him a warning signal. He proceeded to draw his bow to full, waiting quietly for their arrival.

In under half a minute, 40 or 50 people came out of the fog. They were clad in metal armor, so Torres assumed that they should be soldiers from nearby. What was most attention-catching was the giant man over 2 meters tall, like a meat mountain. The muscles on his body were like giant stones sculpted by a sharp blade, and there was only one refined steel armor plate on his upper body. Both of his shoulders and his waist were wrapped around in four thick dark steel chains, and the end of each chain had an eight-edged black iron giant hammer that was a half-meter in diameter. The iron hammers were blood-stained and at least 700 to 800 kilograms in weight. His whole person gave off a feeling of being a God of Killing.

Beside the giant hammer guy, a young man in ancient Chinese clothing rode arrogantly on the horse pointing here and there giving commands.

“Over there, I see him now, hahaha, go and get him for me!” Seeing the severely injured teen lying on the ground, the horse-riding young man directly ignored the blonde teen with a long bow and shouted from his horse.

“Yes, Young Master Lulun.”

A few a-s-kissing soldiers that were eager to please him shouted in obedience, immediately wanting to drag that teen over. However, just after they took a step forward, suddenly, ten white feather sharp arrows ruthlessly nailed into the ground just a centimeter before their feet, forming a straight line with a distance of less than 5 fingers between each of them. The arrows were all 20 cm into the ground uniformly, and it could clearly show the archer’s extraordinary skills.

Hummm~ The string of the long bow in the blonde boy’s hand was still tremoring. His eyes were like sparks, coldly sweeping past the faces of those people and his mouth began to move, “This is Chambord’s territory. Any intruders within 20 meters will be killed without exception!”

“Damn! Who do you think you are? What s--t is Chambord? Why don’t you get the f*ck out of here!” The neatly dressed young man on horse furiously said.

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