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Hail the King Chapter 211.2

Chapter 211: Who is the arrogant one? (Part Two)

At this moment, a change occurred.

Suddenly, a stream of violent fire dashed towards Fei from a fire beast’s mouth as this beast roared. This stream of fire that was shooting out of the beast’s mouth smashed into the transparent fist mark of Sky Frost Fist. The two devastating power met, and time seemed to freeze at the second. Then, a destructive wave of forces was emitted to the surroundings ……

Then, the fire beasts whined as its power and presence disappeared.

The transparent fist mark also dimmed, but it was still striking downward. It smashed onto Andrew’s big body, Andrew’s body flew backward while shooting out a stream of blood into the air. A series of bone cracking noises sounded as numerous bones in his body broke into pieces……

At the same time, a figure suddenly appeared in the battle where the powers collided.

This man was wearing a set of silver general armor of the Zence Empire. A light magic surge appeared on the armor. It was actually a magic-empowered item! In the wind, the blue long hair fluttered, and his murderous spirit stood. This man had an edgy face and a serious expression. With his warrior energy surrounding him and forming a layer of fire, all the fogs around him disappeared due to the high temperature. The surroundings immediately cleared up, and this man looked like he was either a god or a demon from ancient times.

However, numerous cracks appeared on the hand-guard and shoulder armor. As he moved, these pieces of the armor fell to the ground and turned into small pools of black-red iron liquid.

“Great! Great! Great!!! Such a strange punch made from pure physical strength. It was able to penetrate through my fire energy that is protecting me and break this [Guardian of Fire God] armor. King Alexander of Chambord, no wonder you could beat the Golden Sun Knight! You didn’t get your fame from nothing! You should be proud of this punch.”

This man walked up with his heads up and an obvious domination and haughtiness.

“You are funny. If I could be proud by breaking your armor, would I be able to self-claim as the Martial Saint?” Fei sneered. “The number one warrior of the young generation at Hot Spring Gate, Dillies, is only an arrogant dumbass.”

“Oh? You know me?”

Fei didn’t say anything; he only sneered.

Old Zolasc and young Modric had the potential of being spies. They were like James-Bond. These two secretly got information on the important figures at Hot Spring Gate and made sketches of them. Dillies who was the strongest warrior in the young generation was one of the more important figures, so Fei naturally remembered him.

“Huh, you are good at talking, but that is useless. I don’t fight with my mouth.” The blue-haired Dillies didn’t get mad from Fei’s provoking speech. He maintained his haughty and high-up tone as he looked at Andrew and the other soldiers who were injured. He frowned and questioned: “How dare you injure soldiers of the [Rapid Wind Legion? King of Chambord, I need an explanation!”

Fei laughed: “Hahah, injured? You got it wrong. I’m not only going to injure them. I’m also going to kill them!”

“King of Chambord, you are too reckless; pay attention to what you say. The anger from the [Rapid Wind Legion] isn’t something that your little level 6 affiliated kingdom can handle.” Dillies frowned as if he was feeling impatient. He pointed at Andrew who was struggling to get up and asked, “Tell me, what happened here?”

“Yes, Mr. Dillies.”

Everything was simple.

After young man Kulun got beat up by Fei, he was cured by the priests at the church and mages. But as the son of the most powerful person at Hot Spring Gate, he had never experienced this before. He didn’t want to swallow this bitter pill and wanted to get back at Fei. But he knew that Fei was very powerful and had a lot of strong warriors who he wasn’t able to handle, and wasn’t daring to come to the camp of Chambord to take revenge. However, he was going to vent his anger anyway, and that was why his target became the two mercenaries who sat with Fei at the pub and dared to offend him by drinking the beer that Angela offered them.

Kulun didn’t dare to find his older brother Dillies who was the number one young warrior at the Hot Spring Gate because his older brother didn’t like his terrible lifestyle and would punish him for what he did. Therefore, he found the captain of third Huge Hammer Battlalion, Andrew, who always wanted to flatter him. Using the powerful [Rapid Wind Legion], he quickly found where York and Philip were at, and he with a ground of soldiers under Andrew’s lead went to the ghetto and didn’t give York and Philip a change to explain or beg for forgiveness. York and Philip had to fight back and resisted to protect all the kids, but they were no match to someone like Andrew.

York did his best to slow down Andrew for a few seconds, and Philip got a chance to use his natural skill to go into stealth. He wanted to sneak attack and control Kulun to save everyone, but he was sensed by Andrew who was a lot stronger and got injured in the fight. When he went into stealth again, he saw York being decapitated and fell frantic. But fortunately, his last bit of coolness told him to not to fight until his death but to find this one person. Only this person was able to save the kids who were captured and take revenge for York.

He escaped and found his new master, King Alexander.

As he escaped, his blood dripped onto the ground from the wounds on his body. Andrew discovered his trace and chased after him. Although Philip’s wounds were getting worse and worse, he was able to use his natural stealth technique, impressive persistence, and the hate in his heart to make it into the camp of the Chambord’s Expedition Force.

Andrew seemed very afraid of this number one young warrior at the Hot Spring Gate, and he knew this young warrior well. He didn’t dare to hide any facts or help Kulun to cover up some truth.

“Brother, you have to redeem our Tolemy Family. This damn king injured me, and he also injured your subordinates. He was just about to step onto the honor and prestige of our family……” Kulun who was injured shouted as two soldiers helped him to stand up.

“Humph! You useless trash! Prestige can only be earned from swinging swords and bathing in blood, not with women’s panties and your talkative mouth!” Dillies was very unhappy with his little brother’s behavior. He opened his mouth and shouted back at Kulun. But after that, he turned around at Fei and said with his haughty tone: “However, King of Chambord, that low-life over there injured Kulun. The Tolemy Family won’t let someone like that to live on. You better hand him over!”

“Hahaha. Jokes. He is my first disciple! What can you do if he killed you little brother? Let alone just injuring him. You are asking me for the criminal? I’m going to ask you for the criminals as well. Hand over the people who injured my disciple, and I will let your Tolemy Family go and won’t fight with the [Rapid Wind Legion]!”

Fei mocked back.

“How dare you?!” Dillies got furious. His fire energy surrounded him once again, and he looked like a demon from hell. “Let the Tolemy Family go? Fight with the [Rapid Wind Legion]? Such an arrogant little king. Since you don’t know where you stand, then let me see what kind of power do you possess? How could you defeat the Golden Sun Knight Sutton?”

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  1. Khatulistiwa

    That’s what you get for grinding in such a risky times

  2. Earaiwa

    … Is it me or is it just the plot, almost all his enemy use mouth, but why prideful ? They are not like 1 sword (who was it, I forgot. The one that save the elder princess)

    • Mandorain

      Fei is cheating super hard so no one thinks he is a threat until they fight him.

  3. kuba

    Oh thanke you very much for this chapter

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    wow the novel progressed so much…. we need more blood…?

  5. earthshaker34

    excuse me but Philip got sensed by 4 star knight and he got injured?? what about being able to run away from 6 star knight??…………………….

    • WirlWind

      Well it might be because he saw him go invisible, thus knew he was already there somewhere (like when Fei found him before) and simply used energy waves to spot him. The other option is he slashed as he was fading out or something.

      I think if he had already been in stealth mode beforehand, the guy wouldn’t have known he was there until a dagger cut his throat.

    • @earthshaker34
      Hiding from one 6 star warrior =/= hiding from any 6 star warrior.

  6. belkak210

    Amazing stealth, could hide from 6 star and was able to avoid Fei until he pulled bullshit DIablo class and beat him in his own game.
    -Next chapter: 4 star warrior finds him :/

    I hope the author acknowledges that he was found because he lost his cool or something like that.

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