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Hail the King Chapter 212.1

Chapter 212: Sky Frost Fist- One Punch One Kill (Part One)

“Haha, after saying that much, it turned out that you came to challenge me, just to satisfy your own ego, proving that you are stronger than the Golden Sun Knight Sutton, am I right?” Fei laughed, “If that’s really true, then I really have no choice but to look down a bit on you. Oh well, what’s going be lost if I just give you a chance? One strike, as long as you can take one strike from me, then you can prove yourself to be stronger than Sutton!”

Fei said, then pressed his feet hard against the earth.

Such a simple move was followed by an incredible upward force. An invisible power like the raging vast ocean began surging out from his body. The air began to become dense, like a death swamp flowing slowly. What surprised the blue hair Dillies even more was, behind the Chambord King, he could faintly see a hundred-meter huge towering god statue. The details of the god were not completely shown, so he could only see a towering huge god holding a battle hammer in his hand, with his whole body shrouded in gold flashing armor. The whole body from top to down, every inch of it exuded a domineering aura, noble and majestic.

“This attack of mine is called the Sky Frost Fist… One PUNCH!”

Fei stepped forward and two fists shot out two consecutive punches like lightning, one after the another. The transparent fist marks began appearing out of no where and solidified in the void, appearing one after another and constantly stacked up into one, forming an almost crystal-like bright glass fist. Every finger, every joint, every line, each nail and even the blood vessels under the skin could be seen clearly. The fists were as if they had life within them, containing the thousands of changes in martial arts.

The number 1 pro in the younger generation of Hot Spring Gate Dillies frowned in nervousness.

From the bright fists filling the space, he felt unprecedent pressure. The strength of his opponent was far beyond his imagination.

“Fire battle energy technique… Breath of the Beast King!”

As Dillies called out his most powerful technique, the flames on his body began slowly changing from crimson red to orange. The terrifying temperature change was even melting the empty space around him. Shadows of ferocious beasts began flashing nonstop inside the flame, and during the roar, all beasts ultimately turned into one gigantic beast king with menacing horns and 16 wings. The flame that surrounded Dillies ultimately merged into the beast king as well. As this number one master of Hot Springs Gate began charging towards Fei, the flaming beast king roared in rage as it flew forward in the void with its 16 wings extended in the wind.

This [Breath of the Beast King] was indeed an extremely powerful battle energy technique, whether in terms of force or damage. It was actually not weaker than the Golden Sun Knight Sutton’s ultimate. As the number one master in the Hot Spring Gate’s younger generation, the [Rapid Wind Legion]’s Chief clan in Command, the Tolemy Family’s most outstanding successor, he indeed had his reasons to be arrogant.


Fei praised, gently let out a breath, and then shot out the punch.


The heaven and earth trembled, and the bright diamond like fist in front him quietly moved, cutting through the sky, brilliant like a meteor, shocking both heaven and earth.

At the next moment, the 16-winged beast king and that bright fist collided head on, and the explosive energy sent out a rumbling noise that shocked the world. Andrew and the others just felt their ears dominated by such sound, and some soldiers with lower strength even began bleeding out of their eyes, as if they saw the end of the world.

Victor and loser, would be decided at this moment.

The 16-winged beast king that carried flaming energy didn’t even get the chance to roar, and its giant body was already penetrated through by the fist. The flame began leaking towards all sides, and the bright fist casually passed the orange flame, bringing a sharp ear-piercing sound and charged towards Dillies that was behind the beast.

“Oh no!” Dillies’s face changed.

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  1. agila0212

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  2. Nepuko

    “This attack of mine is called the Sky Frost Fist… One PUNCH!”
    why did he say One PUNCH if the following moment he punched twice??? Anyway one PUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCH!!

    • Earaiwa

      The skill is sky frost fist, the buff is One Punch. Well that is what my mind pointing, so it can be feasible to me.

    • Sean

      Instead of One Punch, I think it should be One Fist. Lots and lots of punches formed a giant glass-like fist that was then punched out.

      • Sean

        Hmm, if the crystal-like glass fist happened to look like a shiny star then he could also call it… Fist of the North Star! 😉

    • WirlWind

      In my mind, he was doing a pelvic thrust…

  3. Was gonna say “ONE-PUNCH M*N” but….was that really only one-punch?

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