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Hail the King Chapter 214.2

Chapter 214: Young Genius, Born Talent (Part Two)

“I can’t see through it.” A tough and white haired man answered. He had the presence of a lion.

This man was wearing a simple metal armor, but this armor had a ton of strike marks on it. Although this set of armor looked old and damaged, he still had an indescribable presence as if he had tens of thousands of troops behind him. A cruel yet bloody sensation that one could only feel on a battlefield was coming off of him. It was natural, and this man didn’t try to make it appear that way on purpose.

“Hahaha, I didn’t expect there would be a young man who the Legion Commander of the [Rapid Wind Legion] couldn’t see through.” The first white haired and bearded elder laughed as he stroked his beard. “This king of Chambord is too daring. He even killed soldiers of the [Rapid Wind Legion]. You Tolemy are known for your short-tempers and protectiveness. I thought you were going to kill him, and I didn’t expect you to let him go.”

“I can’t see through him, so I’m not sure if I can kill him. That’s why I didn’t move.” The elder in the armor said.

“What? You are the Legion Commander, and you aren’t confident in your ability to crush this young man?” The smile on the elder in the robe didn’t change: “Looks like I was right. When the king of Chambord fought with Dillies, he was holding back. Looks like there is a genius among the 250 affiliated kingdoms of Zenit.

“Chaos is about to arrive, and genius and talented young men would appear one after another. King Alexander is one of them……” The expression on the elder in armor’s face didn’t change at all; it was calm and majestic. “You are right, six star mage Edward Carter. Your judgment is right. The king of Chambord is a genius, and I’m not sure if I can beat him!”

“Although you are not sure if you can beat him, you can kill him for sure. Why didn’t you?”

“I know what you mean. If I used the[Rapid Wind Legion], I can kill him easily. But to kill such a genius warrior, a lot of soldiers of mine would die as well. I can’t let one of the ten battle legions of Zenit suffer such lost because of this little drama……” The elder in armor shook his head and continued: “Also, the Empire in under a lot of pressure and there are a lot of hidden currents. The appearance of such a genius might not be a bad thing for the empire!”

“Oh?” The elder in the robe stroke his beard and asked: “Old pal, looks like you are quiet appreciative of him?”

“Young genius, born talent. Why shouldn’t I be appreciative of him?”

“Simple. This genius that you are talking about beat your elder son and broke his belief of himself. He also beat your second son like a dead dog. Don’t you care for your kids at all?”

“Humph! Dillies’ life is too smooth, and some setback and obstacles would be good for him. In terms of Kulun…… Humph, I, Tolemy would never care for such a waste.”

“Woohoo. Same attitude as before…… Although Kulun isn’t a great one, he is your son after all. He is the last thing that your wife Vera left for you.”

The elder in armor’s expression got cold and said, “If it wasn’t because of Vera, Kulun would have been killed by me hundreds of times for what he has done in the Hot Spring Gate!”

The atmosphere got a little quieter as this topic was brought up, and no one talked anymore.

The two of them used special techniques to see exactly what had happened outside of the Hot Spring Gate standing at the peak of this magic tower. Because of their silence, no troops or powerful warriors appeared even though the battle between Dillies and Fei was loud. Otherwise, the event would had another turn out.

As if these two elders knew what went through each other’s mind, both of them let this event pass.

However, what they didn’t know was that what Fei was relying on was beyond their wildest dreams.

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  1. Khatulistiwa

    Huh? Edward Carter? I thought it was Gandalf

  2. Kirito drake

    I hope kunlun is punished severely by his brother and father. I kinda hate that guy.

  3. Wkwkland

    It’s seem Alexander already at level 6. The old guys can’t defeat him anymore!

  4. OG

    Thank you for Sunday night chaps! Hope your papers grade well.

  5. Amaranth

    Stacks hah too OP

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    Stacks skills, too OP

  7. LeL

    Why didn’t he just exile his son to somewhere he can’t act arrogantly and let him die an accident if he hated him so much? XD Or at least discipline him enough to the point of borderline killing him to fix his attitude. Better than having their name sullied by a trash I say.

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