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Hail the King Chapter 215.1

HTK chapter 215: Paradise of Metal and Fire (Part One)

After leaving the Hot Spring Gate, the traveling speed of the Chambord Expeditionary Force was slow since they were waiting for the rest of the group led by Lampard to join them. After a day, they finally left the area controlled by the [Rapid Wind Legion].

Although the people in the Soros’ Merchant Group had delivered most of their merchandise at the Hot Spring Gate, the manager Redknapp and the red dressed woman Shirley still made some excuses and went towards St. Petersburg with Fei. In the Ivy League Pub, Fei already figured out that this manager Redknapp had already spread out the news about the battle on Dual-Tower Mountains at St. Petersburg. He knew that the Soros’ Merchant Group was planning something, but he felt like they were still on his side. Therefore, he still let Redknapp and the others stay with him.

“Father, since we are already out of the region controlled by the Hot Spring Gate, you should relax.” Shirley looked at the landmarks around her and suddenly said.

“This is strange. Those two old guys didn’t appear. This doesn’t follow their over-protective nature……” white air came out of Redknapp’s big red nose as he said with a perplexed expression on his face, “I remember that one of the ten Executive Knight – the Dark-Night Knight Kelud killed an ordinary soldier of the [Rapid Wind Legion] back in the days, and Tolemy and Edward Carter chased after him and almost killed him before he was able to run back to St. Petersburg. This time, King Alexander killed captain Andrew and about fifty soldiers and injured both sons of Tolemy, but none of these two mad dogs did anything. This is really strange.”

“Maybe they are older now, and they are not as dominating anymore.” Shirley comforted her father.

“That is impossible. It may apply to others, but those two…… Hehe, the older the dogs, the crazier they are. Even a lot of nobles and powerhouses at St. Petersburg don’t what to stand on the opposite side of these two old men. Unless…… they discovered something that I didn’t realize.” Redknapp rubbed his red nose; it was something he always did when he was thinking. “King Alexander of Chambord, there are too many mysteries around him. Maybe I should tell the president of our firm to come to the Zenit Empire soon.”

“Maybe the mad dogs will stop and not do anything if they encountered someone who is crazier than them.” The swordsman in white who was silent all the way suddenly said.

Redknapp’s eyes shone as he heard that.


“So this is St. Petersburg?”

After getting on top of the last mountain, Fei sighed as if he couldn’t imagine what he was seeing. By standing at the peak of Moro Mountain, he was able to see the glorious city ten kilometers away.

It was a majestic city that Fei couldn’t have imagined. If Chambord was considered a village or a town, Hot Spring Gate was considered a rich city, then St. Petersburg would be a huge palace that only gods lived in. At the bottom of Moro Mountain, there was a wide and long road that led to the city in white as if it was a mirage that wasn’t real!

Although Fei had seen a lot of huge cities powered by technology, he hadn’t imagined that a magnificent city of this size could exist in this world with the current technological level…… many magic towers that were more than a kilometer tall soared into the sky as if they were connected with the sky, and numerous palaces and structures extended to the visible horizon. There was a huge mountain located in the center of the city, and there was a white palace at the peak of the mountain, as if a god lived there to look down on all other lives. White defense walls were really tall. They looked like unconquerable skylines. Huge watchtowers that were 100 meters apart were like giants who guarded this majestic city, and no one could gather up the courage to attack them. This “city of gods” would instantly send people into dreams……. Is this the work of the gods?

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