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Hail the King Chapter 215.2

HTK chapter 215: Paradise of Metal and Fire (Part Two)

“Only a true hero is worthy enough to have this white dreamy city!”

Fei who was on top of [Black Tornado] felt the wind that fluttered his black hair and sighed. He was so shocked that he lost his words. At the same time, an unprecedented desire of conquer grew from the deepest part of his heart. This was the desire that everyone had in their souls.

Behind Fei, Cech and Torres just arrived as well.

Both of them reacted similar to Fei. After a simple stun, they both saw the shock and desire in each other’s eyes. Soon, more and more people appeared behind them. Looking from afar, no one was not shocked by this city. Everyone opened their eyes wide and big as their breathed heavily as if they saw their dream lover. Like a bunch of bumpkins who only rolled in mud, they didn’t know what to do when they were about to enter this palace that looked like only mighty gods could live in it.

People from Soros’ Merchant Group showed up last.

They had seen this scene many times – everyone who saw St. Petersburg for the first time would be shocked by what they saw. In comparison, how people from Chambord reacted was normal. There were numerous people who cried out of shock or kneeled down to pray. There were even extreme cases where people kneeled forward on this road that led to the capital of Zenit……

“Haha, one day, I will have a huge city that is mightier than St. Petersburg!”

Fei quickly recovered from the shock. He laughed and shouted to wake everyone else from their shock. He then patted [Black Tornado] as he and the dog charged forward on the wide road. The people behind them cheered as they followed their king’s action. As a group, they rushed towards St. Petersburg like tigers getting down a mountain and dragons dashing out of a sea.

Redknapp memorized Fei’s words as he thought of something.

The slope of the mountain from the peak of Moro to the road that led to St. Petersburg at the bottom of Moro was very steep, and it was perfect for cavaliers to charge down on. The faster they charged, the quicker it got. Soon, Chambord’s Expeditionary Force got to the bottom of the mountain. At this time, there were numerous camp sites and tents set up. Numerous troops from all the affiliated kingdoms would reside here for the next while. There were long rectangular flags of all colors and all symbols as if they were the clouds in the sky. They covered up half of the sky as they gave off a tense battle-hunger sensation.

Zenit’s Military Practice among all affiliated kingdoms was less than two weeks away, and about 90% of the affiliated kingdoms were here already. To protect the safety of the capital city, no troops of any affiliated kingdom was allowed within the 1.5 kilometer distance from the capital.  All of the affiliated kingdoms had to camp on this wide space in front of the capital, and every kingdom was pre-assigned an area to camp. The distance between the camp areas to the capital city was determined based on the power and the level of each kingdom. No kingdom was allowed to move out of their area, or they would be treat with the crime of treason.

At the same time, four of the ten combat legions of the empire: [Whip of the Thunder Lord], [Anger of the Fire Lord], [Gigantic Wood Legion], and [Blizzard Legion] also camped around the area. With more than 200,000 elite soldiers, six of the ten Executive Knights, and twenty temporary magic towers with top-tier mages of the empire living surrounding where all the kingdoms resided, the safety and the guard of the empire was beyond everyone’s imagination!

When the Expeditionary Force of Chambord got to the bottom of the mountain, there was a troop of the empire waiting for them. After verifying their identity, a captain led them to the area that was pre-assigned to Chambord. As they travelled by the camps of other kingdoms, Fei saw many participating troops from other kingdoms. There were all kinds of armors, all kinds of caps, and all kinds of man; these soldiers looked at the forces from Chambord with either friendly or hostile expressions……

This whole area was filled with murderous and tense atmosphere. There were masters and vicious bloodthirsty fighters among elites soldiers from all kingdoms. Fei even saw all kinds of Demon Beasts that got trained to become helpers. Among these soldiers, the most active ones even raised their weapons and provoked the newcomers.

Savage, violent, blood-thirsty, cruel, crazy, murderous …… This was a Paradise of Metal and Fire


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