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Hail the King Chapter 216.2

Chapter 216: Thunder like Voice (Part Two)

The people who followed the Chambord’s Expeditionary Force saw the word on the stone pillar at the center of the camp and knew where this troop came from. Most of these people’s expression turned serious as they hurried back to their camps to report this news to their kings.

“S--t…… so these guys are the rumored vicious killers of Chambord. I have to tell his majesty about this news. We shouldn’t provoke them! The king of Chambord who defeated the Golden Sun Knight isn’t someone who we, a level 4 affiliated kingdom, can handle!”

“Chambord? They are from Chambord? We can’t get on their wrong side!”

“Looks like that black haired young man who rode that strange beast must be the King of Chambord who is really famous now at St. Petersburg. He is this young? Unbelievable! He really defeated the Golden Sun Knight from Imperial Knight Palace? These types of people, we can only be friends with and not enemies!”

“The king of Chambord who came to in a light and unexpected manner … the outcome from the battle of Dual-Tower Mountain is widespread…… Hehe, I will let you enjoy the fame for now. However, the Imperial Knight Palace won’t let you be this arrogant for long……”

After getting the report from their subordinates, some kings who were envious of the level 4 Roaring Flame Beasts got rid of their greed. These kings had their reliable sources of information, and they all knew about the result of the battle at Dual-tower Mountains. They knew that someone who defeated the Golden Sun Knight wasn’t someone who they could take on, and they became very simple and didn’t plan any more tricks or conspiracies.

Of course, not all kings had good information flows. Even though the news of the battle of Dual-tower Mountains wasn’t new, for the kings whose kingdoms were remote and couldn’t enter St. Petersburg to access anything, the king of Chambord wasn’t someone who defeated one of the ten Executive Knights of the Imperial Knight Palace, but a king of a weak level 6 affiliated kingdom. Based on Fei’s age, they didn’t think that Fei was much trouble.

Some greediness started to overflow……

“This is not fair, why can Chambord, a level 6 affiliated kingdom, enjoy a high-quality camp site that only other level 1 or level 2 affiliated kingdoms can enjoy?”

“These people from Chambord are being treated too favorably!”

Some of the kings questioned.

Before these kings could move, someone already did.

Suddenly, a loud voice sounded as if it was a thunder. Everyone in these camp sites within 10 kilometers heard it clearly –

“King of Chambord, I, Kelud challenge you to a battle! Tomorrow noon, at the first Sword Testing Ground, I will be waiting for you!”

This voice resonated in the sky.

Every single king heard this voice, and they were all shocked.

“Kelud? He is ranked number seven among all ten Executive Knights. He is someone of power and influence, and he is going to challenge the King of Chambord already?”

“Haha, looks like the fact that the King of Chambord defeated Golden Sun Knight brought some shame to the Imperial Knight Palace. All the rumors at St’ Petersburg have harmed the reputation of the Palace, and that’s probably why an Executive Knight challenged the King of Chambord in less than ten minutes after their arrival!”

“This is a great opportunity to see if King of Chambord is as invincible as he is in the rumors!”


Fei heard this voice as well.

“Kelud? Who is he?”

The king was able to tell from the tone of the voice that this challenger wasn’t weak. At least, this challenger was stronger than Sutton. “Is it because of my face? Does my face automatically provoke people to challenge me? Why are there people challenging me all the time? Or am I too kind so everyone feels like they can show off in front of me?”

“Your majesty, Kelud is ranked number seven among all ten Executive Knights, and he is a lot stronger than the Golden Sun Knight Sutton. He is technically a warrior of the generation before you.” Old Zolasc reported. He and Modric spent a lot of time on collecting information and although the information gathering system of Chambord was really bad and almost non-existent, the information on the Executive Knights, who were really famous and well-known in the empire, was at least gathered to a certain degree.

“Another Executive Knight?”

Fei rubbed his chin. He instantly knew why he was challenged. The saying goes, “After you beat the youth, the elders will come.”

“So he is here for redemption? But if this number seven knight loses, would the number three, number two, or number one Executive Knight come and challenge me as well? Isn’t that the same as poking a Hornet’s nest?” Fei thought.

“This time, I have to so cruel and dominating that no one dares to bother me again!”
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