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Hail the King Chapter 217.1

Chapter 217: 50 Sword Testing Stage (Part One)

Before the sunset, the soldiers were finally able to set up all the tents.

The other several kingdoms that were beside Chambord’s camp were all surprised because of one reason: it was just too luxurious. All the tents were the premium tents where magic arrays were engraved on them to give them a warm temperature inside. On top of letting the soldier live comfortably in the winter that was about to come, these tents were also able to warn the soldiers when there were attacks coming their way, and they offered a good amount of defense.

Every single tent of this level would cost at least a thousand gold coins. Also, magic gems were required to operate and run the magic arrays on this tents, and a single low-tier magic gem could only power a tent for three days. Some kings of weaker kingdoms couldn’t even enjoy this level of luxury, but even a groom at Chambord could live in such tents. This made all the kingdoms around Chambord both envious and jealous.

Of course, more and more people were surprised by the force that Chambord was demonstrating.

Except these 50 magic tents, other military supplies and items seemed to be magic imbued as well, and the whole camp site had a magic surge around it as if it was a temporary magic tower that was being constructed here. At the same time, ten tower-shields that were three meters tall were being placed at each side of the site and protected the site like watchtowers. On top of each tower-shield, temporary watchtowers made out of wood were being placed, and archers stood in place to guard and spectate the surroundings with awareness.

This level of setup was on par with the setup of the ten level 1 affiliated kingdoms.

The wealth that Chambord showed shocked a lot of the people who were watching them.

“These Chambordians…… so rich!”

“This is unbelievable! A small level 6 affiliated kingdom located at the northern remote region…… I heard that they were so poor that they couldn’t even buy their armors for their soldiers. Why are they so rich now? What happened?”

“Huh, doesn’t matter how they show off, they are just a bunch of hillbillies that got some money overnight!”

Around Chambord’s camp, a ton of warriors and officials of other kingdoms got together and started to chat and comment on what they were seeing despite the fact that some of them didn’t know each other well. These kingdoms that established secret alliances beforehand to exchange information chatted, and some of them were envious and wanted to get on the good side of Chambord. Some of them admired and sighed, some of them were silent, some of them were full of disdain and jealousy, and some of them were being vicious and planning things.

At this time, the atmosphere of the camp site that stretched out for 10 kilometers seemed peaceful, but it was actually very intense.

Although in the eyes of the nobles and powerhouses of St. Petersburg, this competition was only a platform where the top kingdoms could show their strength and gain some profits, there were gains to be made by the smaller kingdoms as well. The bigger kingdoms could get the big pieces of the pie, and the small kingdoms could get the crumbs. Some of the smaller kingdoms had high hopes and wanted to level up their kingdoms, and other kingdoms just wanted to maintain their current level. The structure and the rules of military exercises made it that every kingdoms could face any kingdom. Therefore, before the competition, it was best to gather as much information on each other as possible.

Since as soon as Fei came in, Chambord got one of the best camp sites. This drew a lot of attention already, but one of the Executive Knight of Imperial Knight Palace Kelud openly challenged this king. This drew almost every kingdoms’ attention to Fei.

It didn’t matter the outcome, just being able to be challenged by one of the top warriors in the empire was an unreachable honor that many other kings couldn’t get; this was in a way confirming the power of this king of Chambord. Many people who never heard of Fei got curious, and the news of the battle on the Dual-Tower Mountains was spread again. It caused a series of questionings, and it made people look forward to the battle even more.

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