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Hail the King Chapter 218.1

Chapter 218: An Invitation from an Old Friend (Part One)

At the same time.

A thousand meters upstream from the water bank beside Chambord’s campsite, inside a giant heavily barraged military camp that occupied almost ten times the area that Chambord’s camp did.

Inside the giant tent in the center, a figure sat alone on the stone slab in the middle, gently wiping the sword in his hand.

The sword was an ordinary one.

But this man was surrounded by a sharp lingering atmosphere.

This scent was like countless swords spread out at once. The sharp horrifying breath surged and lashed, yet such an atmosphere was very well controlled to within ten-meters around his body. A lonely yet exciting curvature appeared on the side of his mouth, as if he finally found something that could allow him to slow down and take a look at his toy.

“18 years old, a man that defeated the Golden Knight Sutton. Hmph, he is worthy for me to try my sword!”

Time flew.

In an instant, the golden sun by the west side of the Moro Mountains only had half of a smile left. The sky gradually turned darker, putting an end to the day-training, and the camps of every subsidiary kingdom became noisy, and soon, the entire plains had begun to bustle together.

Every day at night, it was the noisiest moment in the camps.

Among the 20 or so battalion camps, besides the elite warriors from the participating kingdoms were also big and small caravans from each kingdom, as will as artisans and hawkers. The Arms Drill Competition was also a grand occasion full of business opportunities for them. They gathered at a special district specifically drawn by the Empire, and when night fell, they opened for business. All of the sudden, voices of merchants yelling to attract to buyers went off endlessly, fragrance of alcohol and meat overflew, laughter and curses roared, and the whole district with bustling with noise and excitement.

“If you want to take revenge yourself, first you must improve your own strength. However, there’s always a limit to an individual’s strength. To want to be able to kill Kulun under the heavy defense of the Tolemy Family, you must become a lone executor that walks in the darkness, and have the most outstanding assassination techniques. You must be familiar with every structure and function of each part of the body, and learn to grasp the psychology of all kinds of people. You need to learn how to hide and protect yourself, how to seize opportunity, how to endure, how to choose, how to setup, how to distinguish falsehood, how to confuse opponents, how to use all kinds of weapons… Of course, most importantly, you need to learn how to make your heart become harder!”

Inside Chambord’s camp, Fei was guiding Inazagi and the four survived orphans on training.

These four orphans name were Kawani, Michael-Irvine, Gonzalez, and David. When they were young, they experienced an unimaginable life-sharpening experience, and then the tragedy that just happened. After seeing those most dear to them dying right in front of their eyes, their mental maturity level far exceeded any ordinary people. The unforgettable hatred made their hearts extremely tough, even holding the butcher knife, there will not be the slightest hesitation. Even though they didn’t have the miraculous talent of Inzagi, they still had the talent to become an assassin due to what they had experienced. The four orphans and Inzagi were like brothers, and their loyalty towards Fei for saving their lives could be absolutely guaranteed. So, Fei had made up his mind to train these four orphans to become assassins like Inzagi, and that plan inside his mind of cultivating dark guardians could finally be achieved. These five young men will be the first batch of Grim Reaper assassins that Fei trained.

“Assassin, darlings of the night that wanders in the shadows, they don’t have prominent titles, but can achieve illustrious merits…”

Fei switched to [Assassin Mode], unleashing his full energy without reservation, making others able to clearly feel this erratic, dark and exotic scent. As his body flashed, he already changed places in the camp 20 to 30 times, and every time after he teleported, the sharp feeling that he was emitting didn’t weaken by the slightest. This was a very magical state, you clearly knew that there’s a terrifying assassin beside you, but you would easily and unconsciously forget his existence the moment you lose focus.

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