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Hail the King Chapter 219.1

Chapter 219: The So-Called Friend (Part One)

Wind-Whisper Tavern, also known as Wind-Speak, was one of the most famous pubs in the Twenty Mile District.

The reason it was famous, besides its large area, prime location, having the most fragrant wine, most beautiful maids, and most delicious dishes, was the fact that it had tough fists. In the Twenty Mile District that never lacked chaos and blood, no one dared to stir up any trouble within a hundred meters around the Wind-Whisper Tavern. Perhaps there had been a few not-so-clever guys, but they eventually disappeared into the darkness off the face of this Earth.

From what some well-informed guests revealed, there seemed to be the shadow of the Imperial Army looming behind this tavern.

The royal noble knights freely travelled here without any one daring to block their way, and the knight in the lead brought Fei to the front of the Wind-Whisper Tavern. The most passionate waiter was already waiting at the front as he hurried out to greet these guests. He led them into the tavern, and the climate immediately warmed up. The magic spell here worked even better than the central air-conditioning from Fei’s past life, and from the moment Fei stepped into the Tavern, he already felt the atmosphere and force of the Wind-Whisper Tavern.

Rather than calling it a tavern, it was in fact a six-story building.

Fei followed the stairs and quickly arrived at the sixth floor which would allow him to see the entire Twenty Mile rooftop. The royal knight that had been accompanying Fei wasn’t qualified to enter the sixth floor, so only Fei was admitted.

The entire sixth floor only had one hall, and the level of luxurious decorations was far beyond an average person’s imagination.

There wasn’t the kind of lively scene of hustling and bustling maids and guards as Fei expected. The luxurious hall seemed very quiet, and there wasn’t even a single server. At the near-east direction of the hall beside the window, there sat a purple ebony wood table that was covered into the shape of a giant dragon spreading its wings. The four little dishes on the table exuded a little warmth, and the crystal gold wine bottle with a simple yet elegant design exuded an intoxicating wine fragrance. The whole world seemed to have been cut apart from the hustle and bustle of the street outside, everything was extremely elegant, graceful, fresh, and pleasant.

Fei’s eyes soon focused onto the window-side.

Because there stood a person.

A woman.

An elegant woman with peerless beauty.

To Fei, this woman indeed counted as someone from the past – the flirtatious beauty Hilton Paris.

In the past during the coronation ceremony, at Chambord City’s eastern mountain top at sunrise, she was the terrifying woman who almost successfully killed Elder Princess Tanasha and the [Zenit Military God] Arshavin.

If it was half a month ago, seeing this scary woman, Fei would have probably turned around, covered his head and ran right away. After all, on that day of the Eastern Mountain Top battle, he p*ssed off that woman too much. If this woman would go all crazy again and try to take revenge, Fei would probably be in big trouble. But, now Fei’s strength had risen sharply and was absolutely enough to protect himself, so he was able to quickly calm himself down.

“King Alexander, we meet again.”

Paris, in a graceful white dress, slowly turned around. Her peerless smile was able to easily snatch most men’s soul. Her golden hair slightly danced with the wind, and there was a budding blood-red rose inserted in her hair. She elegantly walked to the small table, reached out her hand towards the table as an invite and said, “Your Majesty, please sit.”

Fei slightly smiled, then went to the table and sat down.

“Your Majesty doesn’t seem to be surprised at all, could it be that you already know it was me that invited you?” The slender white arms gracefully began pouring wine out of the gold crystal wine bottle. Her elegant manner with her tempting demeanor made it hard for anyone to associate her with the cold blood sinister female devil back on the Eastern Mountain top.

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  4. Gonzalo Pereira

    Kill the b1tch that tried to kill your wife and burn your city… or is the author going to throw any piece of good writting and turn her into a romantic interest… that would be too stupid. Someone starts a fire in your house and threatens your wife and you become friendly to them afterwards

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