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Hail the King Chapter 219.2

Chapter 219: The So-Called Friend (Part Two)

“Haha, on the invitation, there was a faint fragrance, and if I remember correctly, I once sensed this smell before on the Eastern Mountain top, so I was able to make a guess.”

Fei was extremely relaxed, his eyes swept past the few dishes on the table. Although they are all normal dishes, but they were clearly from the hands of master chefs. The scent, appearance, and taste were all there. The work was delicate, and they it was enough to make a man drool. Ever since Fei arrived at the Chambord camp at noon, Fei indeed hadn’t had dinner yet, and he was for a second attracted by these exquisite dishes. Without hesitation, he took out a delicate pair of bamboo chopsticks and began treating himself to the feast.

“Your Majesty is indeed full of surprises, at the war in the past, whether it was me or the elder princess, we both underestimated Your Majesty.” Paris didn’t mind Fei’s impoliteness. She brought up the little glass in front of her, covered her mouth with her sleeve and drank the whole cup.

“Haha, you are over-praising me.”

“No, not at all. In my opinion, Your Majesty deserve such praise…” Paris picked up a soft piece of meat into her mouth, slightly smiled and said, “It’s just that, I’m very curious, since you already guessed that it was an invitation from an enemy of yours from the past, you still dared to come alone. Could Your Majesty really not be worry at all that I would set up a death trap here? Or do you really think that, I dare not to kill you?”

Right after the voice ended, Paris’s face suddenly changed, the elegant and tempting smile immediately disappeared without a trace, and what replaced it was an aura that would chill one to the bones. This was a sharp killing intent only cultivated by experienced masters, and if it was someone else in front of Paris right now, they would’ve already been scared shitless.

Fei raised his cup and drank it all. He shook his head and smiled and said, “Under the demonic moon by the window, there’s good wine on the high floor. Such a beautiful scene, like a peerless beauty, I thought you would talk about something interesting, why would you bring up such a serious topic? Ok, since, as a beautiful lady, you are that straightforward, I have no choice but to be more straightforward… Yes, to be honest, I am indeed not worried at all. Back then you couldn’t kill me at the Eastern Mountain top, now you have even less of a chance in succeeding!”

“Sometimes, being overly confident, is being hopelessly stupid!” The devil-like woman sneered, “Chambord King, I know you defeated the Golden Sun Knight Sutton at the Twin-Tower peak, but such an achievement is nothing. In the Empire Capital, the number of people that could defeat Sutton is not a minority!”

Fei touched his chin, smiled but didn’t say anything, not wanting to argue.

Paris coldly stared at Fei. Such dreamy eyes should not emit such a chilly feeling, but she stared for a full minute, yet the guy she was staring at was still casually eating and drinking. The depth of her eyes flashed with a hint of frustration, and suddenly she covered her mouth and smiled. The thousand-year frost ice on her peerless face instantly melted, and the familiar seductive smile reappeared. Her whole person instantly became a ball of passionate flame as she laughed and said, “Heehee, after the depart on the Eastern Mountain Top, within just a few months, Your Majesty’s fame already shook the entire empire. Upon meeting you today, such grace, is indeed at a level I have no choice but to look up to!”

“Grace, is forged on top of having strength.” Fei was not modest.

“I heard that tomorrow at noon, you will be dueling with the Seventh Execution Knight on the First Sword Testing Stage. I don’t know if your Majesty knows about this execution knight that goes by the name [Bloodthirst]?” Paris gently got up to pour a cup of wine for Fei.

“Nope.” Fei honestly replied.

“In that case, here I have something about the Seventh Execution Knight – [Bloodthirst Knight] Kelude’s strength’s most detailed report, including his most energy technique [Burning Wild Flame Blade]’s features, as well as his top ten combos and tactics explained. I will give this to Your Majesty!”

Paris said, took out a black steel box, placed it on the desk, and pushed it to Fei’s side.

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