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Hail the King Chapter 220.1

Chapter 220: Then Save Me Please (Part One)

Fei paused on the chopstick action, looked at the black iron box, hesitated for a second, then looked up at the coquettish witch, and smiled and asked, “There’s no free lunch in this world, now if I accept this gift, will I have to pay back a corresponding price?”

“Why? Afraid?” The witch-like woman spoke lazily, her eyes were very provocative.

“In fact, this kind of information is not much of a significance to me. A real master only believes in the strength of himself. No matter who the opponent is, I can kill them all with one punch!” Fei said very arrogantly, but his hands didn’t hesitate as well. With a flash of white light, the black iron box was already taken into his storage ring.

“You… Your Majesty is indeed the most distinctive king I have ever seen!” The devilish woman saw this scene and was absolutely speechless. She couldn’t help but start to despise Fei.

“You are flattering me!” The King’s face wasn’t humble at all. Faced with the peerless beauty in front of his eyes, he was not moved at all, and he was even shameless enough to say what Paris really wanted to say, “I think you meant that I am the most shameless king you have ever seen right? Haha, whatever, after all it was something you are trying to shove into my hands. In order to not hurt your feelings, I had no choice but to take it, but don’t expect me to pay you back with anything.”

Paris seductively stood up to pour Fei another glass of wine, and a beautiful smile appeared on her face, “Okay, you are right, I indeed wanted to say that Your Majesty is the most shameless King I’ve ever met, and no one will ever come close to being second!”

Fei gave her the white eye, drank all the wine, looked at the bright moon rising by the window, and suddenly exclaimed, “Not long ago we held steel weapons in our hands fighting to the death. Now we are here sitting together and flirting with love. Fate is really a wonderful thing, did we turn from enemies to friends now?”

“What flirting with love? Your Majesty, you are a little rude.” The witch’s beautiful eyes flashed a hint of anger. This woman, when calm, had a deadly attraction, which was sometimes noble, sometimes pure, sometimes moist and sometimes seductive. Her temperament changed between thousands of forms, and the switch between the temperaments didn’t have any jerky abrupt feelings. She was indeed an addictive beauty that only appeared once a generation.

Fei laughed, and his words couldn’t be more honest, “Haha, old habit. When I see beautiful girls I will habitually flirt with them for a bit… By the way, speaking of flirting, Chambord was assigned the prime location of the Twenty Mile District by the water. I thought about it, it’s also arranged by you right?”

“Since Your Majesty knew very well, then you should be able to feel my heart for you right~” The little witch began to tempt Fei again.

Fei gently tapped the table, and his face suddenly became serious, “Matters of your people have nothing to do with me, just don’t provoke me and I won’t get involved.”

“But if at a critical moment the Elder Princess requests Your Majesty to act?” Paris asked, seemingly laughing but also not.

Fei was silent.

After a long time, he then slowly replied, “If she is in grave danger, then I will act to rescue her.”

A hint of surprise flashed past Paris’s face, seemingly very satisfied but also not very satisfied with that answer. That strange expression disappeared right away so Fei didn’t catch it, and this witch’s face also became serious as she asked, “Then if my life is at risk, will you come to save me?”

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    He is dumb. He is really going to befriend that thing that was ready to kill everything in his city without a care

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