Chapter 220: Then Save Me Please (Part Two)

“Yes.” Fei’s answer was very simple.

“Oh? Why?”

“Because you are a beauty. I am the type of person that doesn’t like to see beautiful things get ruined by some idiots in front of my eyes. I don’t like tragedies.” Fei seemed to be full, he wiped his mouth and drank the last bit of wine.

Paris smiled happily, “That’s great, Your Majesty, now, save me please!”

“What?” Fei became dumbfounded for a second.

At this moment, outside of the tavern, the atmosphere suddenly changed~

A dark crossbow arrow that seemed to have melted into the night suddenly shot out from the wall below the window, and it was bursting directly towards Paris’s temple.

This arrow had no signs in advance, it was abnormally sudden, and extremely strange!

But Paris seemed to have predicted that something would happen. She waved her sword and the sword light cut through the sky. With a “ding” sound, a spark bloomed in the night, and the dark crossbow arrow containing terrifying energy was sliced into a pile of iron dust by the demonic woman’s sword.

The demonic witch beauty Paris, her peerless beauty could easily trick people into forgetting that she was also a master.

Pew pew pew pew pew!

At the next instant, countless dark arrows appeared again, like a rainstorm, penetrating the wooden walls of this Wind-Whisper Tavern’s sixth floor. The holes were as big as bowls, and the arrows came directly for Paris’s slim body under the sawdust of the wood!

Blue flame bloomed everywhere.

Paris’s whole body was shrouded by this dense cyan light, her full body of wooden energy was madly being channeled, her exquisite body was constantly flashing with incredible movements. Together with the long sword in her hand, she continued to dodge or slice down the dark arrows that was covering the sky. The sixth floor that was just elegant and peaceful was instantly full of murderous intent. The noise of metal clashing and the sparks that were flying everywhere, it was a storm-like violent symphony!

Paris’s swordsmanship and energy was indeed extraordinary.

But those waves of dark arrows covering the sky were seemingly endless, like a thirsty locust swarm looming over Paris’s body in the dark night.

At this moment, the royal guards downstairs finally realized that something was wrong.

“Protect Lady Paris!”

The guards were shocked and angry, they shouted as they charged up the stairs, wanting to rush onto the sixth floor to protect their master.

But just at that moment, things took another turn.

With a deafening sound within an instant, the walls on the fifth floor suddenly burst open.

Six pitch black figures shattered the wall and struck in the storm of sawdust. The swords flashed a chilling light, and all kinds of colors of energy brightened the darkness. The attackers chopped down the stairs towards the sixth floor with the fastest speed, and then lunged towards those royal guards that wanted to reinforce Paris. Both sides instantly clashed, swords light flashed, miserable sounds were heard, blood flew everywhere, and chopped off limbs fell…

At the same time, Paris who was on the sixth floor finally run into trouble.

Three sharp sword lights shattered the wooden walls. The pale white sawdust fell like falling flowers, and followed by the three streams of sword light were three assassins that were covered in black scale armor. After the storm of dark arrows just passed, Paris didn’t even get a chance to take a breath, and the three ghost-like figures rushed towards the exquisite body that was shrouded by the ball of cyan light.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Three deep roars were heard, as if the sound from the depth of hell coming to take your life.

Paris’s face was dignified. Her sword danced, her white robe fluttered, and her yellow blonde hair jumping up and down like flames, she swiftly moved her body, leaving traces of silver sword light in the air to guard her slim body, and she went into an intense battle with the three assassins. The dense sounds of swords clashing came, and on the sixth floor, sparks bloomed in the dark like fireworks, magnificent and bright

During this whole time, Fei had been sitting quietly by the rosewood dragon table.

The dark arrows that covered the sky almost shattered the wall by the table, and Fei was naturally within the range of the dark arrows. However, Fei’s performance had reached a level far beyond the coquettish witch Paris. He just sat there motionlessly, and those sharp dark arrows that could penetrate a five-fingers-thick hard wood wall as if instantly became rapped in an invisible swamp the moment they came within one meter away from his body, and couldn’t move a single inch ahead. Clear water ripples appeared in the air, and the dark arrows all fell onto the ground.

The torrential rain-like murderous intent filled the floor, Fei was still in place.

Until the sound of a sharp sword being dragged across the floor came. Another person appeared.

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