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Hail the King Chapter 221.1

Chapter 221: Cross of Fire (Part One)

This man who suddenly appeared and stood by the corner of the sixth floor didn’t even attempt to hide his identity. He was wearing a loose black robe and a brown belt made from rough cloth. His figure was about average, and his long black hair was loosely fluttering around his shoulders. He looked like an average person and didn’t hide his face like the other assassins. From all Fei could tell, this man looked very normal, just like an average person.

Even if someone walked by him a thousand times, he wouldn’t leave any significant impression behind.

This man somehow was standing there in the main hall as if he was there the whole time and Fei just didn’t notice him.

Fei glanced at him and fixed his eyes on the weapon in this man’s hand.

An execution sword!

The hilt was a thick cylinder, and the edge of the sword was a bunch of red rusted iron spikes. The sword was about 1.6 meters long, and didn’t have a pointy top. It looked like a huge black rectangle sheet of metal that was sharpened from both sides, and there were two vicious back hooks at the top of the sword. This kind of sword was best for chopping, and it was primarily used on Azeroth Continent for execution of criminals. These swords were the most murderous and vicious.

This sword was being dragged by this person as if it was more than a thousand pounds heavy.

Fei first thought this man was a master warrior who was the back up of Paris. After all, not hiding the face and using such a heavy weapon didn’t fit the characteristics of an assassin. However, Fei knew that he was wrong when he looked into this man’s eyes.

It was the cruel eyes of death that a beast would have when it saw its prey.



This man was staring at Paris who was in the battle. Fei sensed that this man glanced at him as well. But maybe because this man didn’t sense any warrior energy, this man stop paying attention to him.

Finally, this man stepped forward.

The sword was being dragged, and what was surprising was that the blade of the sword and the wood floor created sparks irregularly as if this man was dragging a mountain and not a sword on the ground.

Fei clearly felt that this man’s power increased every time he took a step forward.

After the fifth step, this man was already on par with a five-star warrior.

The execution sword that was full of blood stains suddenly started to buzz and made a series of crisp cries. A sharp murderous spirit instantly filled the sixth floor. This sword suddenly seemed to have a life of its own. It was crying, asking, begging……. For the nurture of blood and flesh.

Paris who was in the battle sensed the danger.

Her green warrior energy exploded, and forced the three assassins to back off. Both of her hands drew out some mystic symbol in the air as she chanted. Two green saint birds flew out of her body as crisp bird cries filled the room. It made everyone feel like they were in a forest that was more than ten thousand years old, and the blonde girl in front of them was the goddess of the forest.

At the next moment, the green birds circled around Paris and pierced through two assassins who were wearing scale-armor and masks. The both of them turned into a cloud of blood mist, and Paris’ sword moved and dashed through the last assassin’s throat like a lightning bolt.

The man who was dragging the execution sword was calm. His face didn’t even change expression as if those three assassins weren’t his peers and were three dumb pigs.


He suddenly stepped forward and grabbed onto the hilt with both of his hands as he chopped downward.

As the sword moved, a devastating force erupted from the blade of the sword and dashed towards Paris who was about five meters away. Although this force was invisible, the damage it dealt was real. Like a huge godly weapon, the floor, the tables, the pillars, and walls…… everything was chopped in half in silence.

A powerful combat technique!

Paris’ expression changed as the green warrior energy around her lit up again. She waved her hands, and the birds appeared again. It cried as it went up against the invisible force. In an explosion, the bird cried as it was torn appear, but the invisible force was still dashing towards Paris as if it was never stopped.


The “evil woman” puked up blood as her body flew backward in the air.

The warrior energy that was protecting her body was instantly torn apart as well.

The difference between them was just too big. Paris couldn’t even take on one strike.

The man walked up again and repeated the same movement. He chopped down with his sword again, and a devastating force dashed towards Paris’ who hadn’t even fallen to the ground yet. This man wasn’t going to let her live.

“Your majesty, if you don’t move, I will be dead!” At this critical moment, Paris wasn’t nervous. A bright smile appeared on her face as she turned and looked at Fei, giving up all defense.


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  1. NaoSou

    Thanks for the chapter!

  2. Leafron

    This is why I say the MC is an idiot. Paris obviously knew she was targeted and was going to be assassinated. Thus, she asked for him to visit to drag him into the muddy waters. When he received the note, he should’ve asked her to go to his encampment instead. Idiot.

    • If one princess dies for any reason, the other one will have her hands free to cause Fei trouble. As long as they are both alive and at each other’s throats, Fei has time to get stronger.


      • Marcos

        Other thing is that he ia in a imperial city, with soldiers at ALL sides. To try to kill a princess in this situation is basically fanatism as everyone knows the person Will die

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