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Hail the King Chapter 225.2

Hail the King Chapter 225: Got be a hero sometimes (Part Two)


A hammer swung in the air.

The loyal guard’s head was smashed into a pile of meat paste as blood spilled everywhere.

This man named Harry laughed viciously as he rubbed his hammer that was stained by the blood on the loyal guard’s corpse. After he cleaned the red and white liquid off of his hammer, he put it back onto his back and didn’t explain his actions. His attitude made everyone feel like he just killed a fly and not a guard of King of Byzantine.

“You……” The king was frightened and angry.
“Your majesty, what are you waiting for? Quickly accept Captain Harry’s request! Do you want to give up on our kingdom’s hope just because of a woman? Don’t forget, our kingdom can only pass this competition and maintain the status of a level 6 affiliated kingdom with the help of Blood-edge Mercenary Group!” A short and fat middle-aged man in a purple suit spoke. From the look of it, it seemed like he was a minister at the kingdom. But he was shouting at the young king and showing a very friendly and flattering attitude towards Harry. The scene was really ironic.

“Eric, as the head minister of Byzantine, how dare you…… you……” The young king pointed at the fatty’s nose as he stuttered. He was so mad that he didn’t know what to say.

“Humph, your majesty, please make a decision fast. Don’t become the one who destroy the efforts of all the former kings!” The fatty dusted off the snow on his robe as he said with a cold voice.

“Your majesty, save me, save me!” The girl held onto the young king tightly as she begged with tears sliding down her cheek.

Wind blew by, and snow fell on the young king’s head.

His loyal guard was killed with a hammer in front of him. The blood from the corpse had dyed the white snow red, and the blood was still steaming in the cold…….

His enemy was pressuring him with a dominating demeanor and asking him to hand over his lover.

His minister was helping his enemy and probing him with words.

At this moment, the young and thin king of Byzantine felt like he was bearing a huge amount of weight, and his body was going to collapse any second. He was looking at the girl in his arms with love and unwillingness. He looked more like a helpless weak young man rather than a high-up king.

“Your majesty, what are you waiting for? Are you really going to make Captain Harry angry? How dare you give up on the kingdom because of a low-class woman?” The fatty in purple stared at the king angrily as he pushed with his cold tone.

“I……” A painful expression appeared on the young king’s face as he was torn apart.

“Humph!” Harry sneered again to pressure the king more, and other dozen mercenaries all started to sneer as well.

“Your majesty, Izabella is not willing to let you bear the name of guilt. I’m willing to give up anything for you. I …… Mr. Harry, I’m going to go to the party with you. Please, I beg you, please don’t forget to help his majesty to win in the competition and save the kingdom’s status……”

After seeing the struggle and pain in the young king’s eyes, the pure girl finally understood something. She signed as she slowly got out of her lover’s arms. Clear crystal like tears slid off of her face and dripped into the snow. Her thin body was trembling as she stood in the snow facing those beast like mercenaries. She looked like a weak little white flower as her expression was desperate and heartbroken.

“No……” The young king shouted out of pain and desperation. He reached out, but the fatty in purple dragged him back.

“Hahahaha!” The mercenaries laughed proudly.

“Ah, what a bunch of bastards. In these couple of days, they had been kidnapping girls from all kinds of kingdoms. There had been more than fifty cases……” Someone signed in the crowd. Blood-edge Mercenary Group had been kidnapping beautiful young girls and giving them as gifts to the forces that were backing them up. This kind of actions had made them a target, but those affiliated kingdoms didn’t dare to offend the group because the forces behind the group was just too powerful.

However, the deepest part of Fei’s heart was touched by this.

Especially after he saw the pain and struggle in the young king’s eyes and the desperate expression on the young girl’s face, he suddenly felt like the situation that the king of Byzantine and his lover was in was extremely similar to his situation. When he had arrived in this world, he was faced with head minister Bazzar’s pressure and the threat of the black armored enemies. If it wasn’t for the Diablo World, his ending wouldn’t be any better than this king’s……

After thinking of that, Fei took off the cloak.

“Kill all the bastards of Blood-edge Mercenary Group! Anyone who is not involved quickly move aside!”

A shout suddenly sounded from the crowd.

Followed by the shout, there were more than a dozen fire balls that were more than ten centimetres in diameter.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions was followed by the high heat. In an instant, a redness lit up the sky. The powerful magic surge shocked everyone, and the dozen mercenaries didn’t expect this and were all hit!


The mercenaries of Blood-edge who got hit screamed as they rolled on the ground. However, the fire that caught on hem couldn’t be extinguished didn’t matter how hard they tried. Soon, they were turned into piles of ashes, and their armors and weapons were liquefied!

This scene was terrifying.

“Who are you?” Harry held onto his hammers as he turned around and shouted.

“The person who is going to kill you!” Fei switched from Sorceress Mode to Barbarian Mode as he laughed and walked out of the crowd. With murderous spirit filling the space around him, he stepped into the campsite. He looked like a demon in the eyes of Harry.

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  8. She signed as she slowly got out of her lover’s arms.
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