Chapter 228: The New Path (Part One)

After entering Diablo World, Fei went to the [Rogue Encampment] first and found Elena. Every time they met, they would take some time to work on their relationship. After that, they talked about Chambord.

After Fei constructed a small teleport portal in the [City of Heroes] in the back mountain. The people in the [Rogue Encampment] were able to go to Chambord for 4 hours a day and teach them and guide them on further constructions. Due to this, Fei was able to know exactly what was going on back in Chambord with the help of Elena and the others. After hearing that Chambord was developing according to the plan he drew out without him there, he was satisfied and relieved at the same time.

“According to plan, Uncle Lampard and the others had left Chambord some time ago. If they are on time, they should be here tomorrow. Then, all the participants from Chambord would be here.”

Fei thought to himself.

“Elena, starting tomorrow, you don’t need to go to Chambord to train the soldiers. Come with me to the campsite in St. Petersburg. The competition is about to start and I want you to be a part of it. The competition is a great way for you to practice and improve your skills. What is even better is that you can get a better understanding of the world!”

“Really? That’s great, Alexander.” Elena was delighted to hear Fei’s plan.

The past few weeks had been tough for Elena.

Although she was able to meet with Fei in the Diablo World at night, Fei was only able to stop at Diablo World for 4 hours. To Fei, these four hours were extremely important; he had to save every second of that time to kill monsters and improve his strength to be more prepared for the dangers in the real world. Therefore, he didn’t allocate any of his time to Elena.

To Elena, after they got through the last obstacle between them in the back mountain, their relationship had developed fast. Like newlyweds, they should spend every second with each other. After knowing that she would be able to stand beside Fei in the “Promising World”, she was very happy.

“Oh, right. I got some small gifts to give you.”

Fei bought a lot of small items at the night market. He gave some to Angela and Emma, and he didn’t forget the Valkyrie Elena who had been with him since the beginning. As Fei said that, he took out the items he prepared for the girl, and the girl was so surprised that her eyes teared up. She played with the items that Fei had for her in her hands as if they were the most valuable things in the world.

“Thank you, Alexander.” Happiness filled the girl’s heart.

The Valkyrie-like girl who wasn’t scared of terrifying demons carefully put these not-too-expensive items away and then kissed Fei on the cheek. An electric shock instantly went through the king’s heart.

Both Elena and Angela reacted in such a similar way when they received gifts; Fei felt a little guilty. After he came to this world, he had been thinking about how to get stronger and make Chambord Stronger; however, he had neglected the two most important girls in his life. He realized that he wasn’t paying enough attention to the two girls who loved him and he loved dearly.

After organized everything at the [Rogue Encampment], Elena used the teleport portal and got back to Chambord to pass the command from Fei to Brook and Bast. Fei on the other hand decided to go to [Lut Gholein] with his Barbarian Mode and complete the quest – [The Summoner].

At the moment, his Barbarian character needed a little bit more experience to go to level 40. With the best level 6 Magic Items he could purchase from the NPC and the level 7 Green Weapons, he was powerful as ever. On top of that, he was very used to using the brutal physical strength of Barbarian. After everything was combined, he had the strength of a mid-tier six-star warrior.

Fei still needed to learn how to use every technique he knew smoothly and effectively. Also, one issue was bothering him. Despite the fact that Barbarian was powerful and could easily wipe out weak opponents, he couldn’t stimulate his potential and power to deal explosive strikes like warriors in this world. His strength was very stable and couldn’t temporarily jump up in level and challenge warriors on another level.

For this reason, Fei didn’t enter the third big map in Diablo, but rather, he came to [Arcane Sanctuary]; a place that he had already passed. He was trying to use the high-level demons and monsters to help him get into the right zone for the battle tomorrow.

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