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Hail the King Chapter 229.1

Chapter 229: Are you scared now? (Part One)

To many warriors at Zenit, a battle between two six-star warriors was rare to see. Such a duel was a popular event that would ignite their interest and curiosity since witnessing such battles would bring them unexpected gains in terms of understanding fighting. To other kings and high-level officials of Zenit, such an event would attract a lot of people, and it was a great opportunity for them to network and get to know the people who they wouldn’t get to see regularly.

There was still 5 hours until the duel, and people had surrounded the number one Sword-Testing Stage in numerous layers. It was extremely crowded as they all wanted to watch the battle up close. When there was only an hour left, there was no space for another person anywhere except the VIP viewing stage prepared for the most important people in the empire.

As time passed, the crowd got more anxious.

Although both parties of the duel hadn’t arrived, the surrounding atmosphere intensified. Within a kilometer radius from the stage, every single spot and corner was filled with people. Outside of this range, several wooden towers were constructed for the people who came late to view this fight.

Among the people, there was a small pathway of less than 3 meters in width for both dueling parties to arrive.

The knights belonging to the seventh Knight Tower of Imperial Knight Palace were fully equipped; they separated the crowd as they made another pathway for the important people of the Empire to get onto the VIP viewing stage. The fifty Sword-Testing Stages were set up by the military in advance. If there were conflicts between the warriors from difference kingdoms, they weren’t allowed to fight in private; they could, however, arrange for a duel to the death on the Sword-Testing Stages.

Every one of the Sword-Testing Stage was made from huge pieces of rocks and were engraved with magic arrays by high-level mages. The magic arrays were powered by a ton of magic crystals to ensure the power of the protection shields extended from the magic arrays. These stages guaranteed that the powers from the warriors during fights wouldn’t deal damage to Sword-Testing Stages. This number one Sword-Testing Stage had a magic array set up by the number one royal mage – Capdevila. Under the 100% empowerment from the crystals, it was able to hold up against a strike from a seven star warrior or mage.

As the sun raised higher, the crowd got even more anxious.

The big casinos and merchant groups had already set out rules and gambling odds. As the master warrior from the older generation, people had more confidence in the seventh Executive Knight Kelud, and the ratio was in his favour. To nobles ladies and gentlemen whose lives lacked excitement, a death battle between two six star warriors was far more interesting than the death fights between gladiators. These people placed down a ton of bets, and then they arrived at the number on Sword-Testing Stage and waited for the duel.

Time passed slowly and steadily.

A series of clip-clop noises sounded as a fleet of people came from St. Petersburg’s direction in the snow. With rectangular flags fluttering in the air, fully armored cavalry, this fleet of people came close to the Sword-Testing Stage with several magic carriages being protected in the middle.

“Ah, it’s the Dean Family. They control one of the top ten battle legions in the empire – the [Eagle Wing Legion]. Do you see the young man in the set of armor engraved with eagles? He is the first in line of inheritance of the family – Dean Carzola, a genius mage ……” Someone said to his friend.

People started to gasp.

The set of cavaliers in armor engraved with eagles charged by the crowd and spilled the dirty water and mud to their sides. This dirty water appeared after some snow melted. However, no one in the crowd dared to show their anger. The magic carriage was floating in the air and was being dragged by several horses. When they reached the number one Sword-Testing Stage, several nobles ladies with makeup on walked out of the carriages and got onto the VIP viewing stage under the protection of the guards.

The Dean Family’s appearance announced the arrival of a bunch of noble families that ordinary people couldn’t even see on a regular day. A series of clip-clop noises sounded again with several groups of people appearing in sight.

Haughty knights and cavaliers with magic carriages dragged by magical beasts all appeared one after another.

“Hofff – “

As the ear-piercing roar sounded, six strange beasts that looked like tigers dragged three magic carriages pass by the crowd. These beasts were at least six meters tall and ten meters long, and the carriages were made from rare purple wood with gold trim on the outer layer, and it was enveloped in red magic flame. These beasts were so big and terrifying that some timid people started to scream when the beasts walked by them. These beasts were definitely magical, visible wind-element air-blades were circling around them.

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  1. agila0212

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

  2. WirlWind

    You just know that when the author brags about an arena that can deal with 7 star attacks, it’s gonna get destroyed.

  3. Pedro

    Maybe not entirely related to this chapter specifically, but am I the only one who is somewhat bothered that his special attack is a fist attack? Why is it not a blade? The barbarian uses weapons and isn’t an unarmed fighter. So why is his special attack a fist? Or do I have a picture a fist flying from his sword?

    I don’t know, the whole thing just feels a bit weird to me.

    • yeah. it would be believable if his game charac is a monk but a babarian usually uses axe or blunt weapons

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