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Hail the King Chapter 23

Chapter 23: He is a beast

“Anyone else?”

“Except for the people I mentioned, your majesty’s butler Bast, who is your future father-in-law and Angela’s father, is pretty influential too……But before the enemies attacked, Bast had left the Castle with a ton of riches and nobody knows where he went.”

“Angela’s father?” Fei was surprised, “Angela’s father is still alive? No wonder why I’ve never seen him, He left before the enemies came, and he even took a lot of riches……Does that count of fleeing?”

However, Fei’s initial reaction was not anger; he felt sad for Angela. The pretty and kind girl was abandoned by her father at the most important time.

“She must be covering up her feelings every day.” He was suddenly worried about Angela.


The cold breeze blew through Chambord. On the other side of the river, the enemies’ torches burned brightly in the night. Looking at them from far, they were like stars in the night sky. Fei continued talking to Brook on the defensive wall. He now had a pretty good idea about the internal power groups in Chambord.

From Brook’s description, even though Chambord was only a tiny kingdom on Azeroth Continent, the complex political artifices and infighting between the internal power groups were just as much those between the super powerful empires……Fei felt that he was facing something really interesting.

“I feel like I didn’t see Bazzer, Conca or Oleg in the battle today. Don’t they all need to participate?” Fei thought of something and asked.

“Mr. Bazzer had actually came to the battle once; it was the time when your majesty fell off of the defensive wall……Military Judge Conca was wounded on the first day of battle, and he has been recovering in his home ever since. Oleg is a warden; although I asked him to engage in battle, he felt his priority was to guard the jail, so he doesn’t have any duty to be on the battlefield!”

“Doesn’t have the duty, Huh? Hehe, ok……” Fei sneered, “Then…….How are their strengths? I mean their personal strengths……”

“Bazzer is just an ordinary person. He doesn’t have any magic, nor does he have any combat techniques. Both Conca and Oleg are one star warriors……but the most powerful person in Chambord is Sir Lampard! With the rank of a three star warrior, he is one of the top Guardians (Guardians are powerful people that protect a kingdom or an empire) in the kingdoms around us!”

Brook’s was definitely proud when he talked about Lampard.

“I remember that Bazzer’s son Gill is a mage, right?” Fei suddenly had a ‘bad’ idea. He laughed, “Pass on my order, call up mage Gill onto the defensive wall to protect the Chambord Kingdom.”

“Your majesty, Gill is not a ranked star mage yet. He is only a low rank novice mage……Of course, a novice mage would definitely be a lot help in battle……” Brook bowed as he answered, “As you wish, your majesty. I will send someone to call up Gill right away.”

Obviously, Brook agreed with this command 100%.

“Eh, that’s enough for tonight.” Fei pretty much got all the information he wanted. He smiled as he tapped Brook on the shoulder, “After organizing the soldiers into shifts for night watch, go and get some rest. I will help with the night watch tonight.”

“Your majesty, you can’t! It’s my duty to……” Brook was surprised.

Fei smiled and waved to cut him off, “Commander Brook, I heard from the soldiers that you haven’t slept in two days. That’s not good. There are more cruel battle awaiting us tomorrow…… Ok, Brook. I need you to get some sleep. I will need you to kill more enemies in tomorrow’s battle……This is king’s command, you must follow it! Now go!”

Brook was stunned. The next second, this tough man half-kneeled, propping his double-handed sword in front of his chest. He swore seriously, Your Majesty Alexander, my honourable king. One star warrior Goethe-Brook pledges allegiance!”


After Brook left, Fei made up an excuse and sent away the soldiers that were following him.

He walked around and observed in detail the structures and defense mechanisms on the wall. He appeased the soldier on the night watch and walked into the watchtower at the middle of the defensive wall.

This watchtower was a two-story building made of wood and stones. Before the war erupted, this watchtower was well decorated. It served as a resting place for the soldiers that exchanged shifts on the wall. However, the battles in the previous couple days had virtually destroyed this building. It only had four partially demolished walls. Without a ceiling, the starlight shined though.

Fei picked a spot that could see the area under the defensive wall so he could react if the enemies did something. He sat down and started his night watch.

A couple other soldier stood outside of the watchtower, guarding the king.

“This is not a good situation. Although we defeated their siege today, this won’t happen every day. This enemies have great equipment and are well trained. Moreover, we are outnumbered. If this continues, Chambord can’t escape the fate of being conquered. There must be another way!” Fei was thinking hard.

But after a ton of thinking, not a single good idea came to mind. He was only a university student on Earth, after all. He was no assassin nor military commander. Thinking of an idea that could save the Chambord Castle was not an easy task.

“Looks like I have to improve my strength first. I’ll have to deal with the rest later.”

Fei gave up on thinking. He made up his mind as he closed his eyes and tried to communicate with the mysterious voice inside his head. He wanted to enter the Diablo world to ‘level up’ and increase his strength.

However –

“Insufficient mental strength restored. Cannot enter the Diablo world, please try again later.”

That cold, mysterious voice gave Fei a response quickly.

This disappointed Fei. He meditated for a while patiently and tried again, but the answer was the same. After trying over ten time, he still couldn’t get into the Diablo world. It was the same response, “Insufficient mental strength restored……”

Fei kept on trying, but fatigue caught up to him and he unwittingly fell asleep.



On the south side of the Zuli river. In the base of the mysterious, unsourced enemies.

Right in the middle of the camp was a black tent, visibly bigger and more magnificent than the tents around it. Under the flickering light of the torches surrounding it, the tent looked like a horrifying monster hidden in the dark, ready to attack at any moment.

However, it was warm and bright inside the tent.

The silver masked knight that appeared on the battlefield was sitting on a big chair. The chair covered by a huge black fur of an unknown animal. The silver masked knight was relaxed; one hand was keeping up his chin while the other was holding an almost transparent jade cup, swirling red wine inside of it.

Nineteen black warriors stood in two rows on both of his sides. On the left side of the tent, a mysterious man covered under a black cloak sat beside the table. The wand beside him had exposed his identity – a mage.

There was a strange force field surrounding this mysterious man; it made the man very blurry and no one could see his face. Although it was warm in the tent, everyone felt a chill in their bones when they looked at him.

The three star warrior Landes who was severely wounded by Fei was kneeling down in front of the silver masked knight.

“Crackle, crackle – !”

It was the sound of charcoal bursting under the fire. It was the only sound in the tent; it made the atmosphere very strange.

Finally, the silver masked knight raised his head. He looked at Landes and asked calmly, “Landes, tell me what happened on the defensive wall today. I’m curious how you were this badly injured as a three star warrior.”

As Landes kneeled on the red carpet in the middle of the tent, shame covered his face.

What was surprising was that under the silver masked knight’s question, the powerful three star warrior Landes seemed very scared, telling the silver masked man everything he experienced in detail.

The man was listening indifferently. He was focused on the jade cup in his hand the whole time, as if there was something that was attracting his attention.

After Landes finished, the silver masked man stop swirling the cup. He said softly, “Interesting. Hehe…… Landes, take a seat!”

Landes felt like he was acquitted of a death penalty. He let out a sigh of relief. He stood up and said, “Thank you, master. I have one more thing to report. When I was fighting the three star warrior of the Chambord Castle, I found something interesting.”

“Go ahead!”

“Master, I found that the three star warrior seemed injured. His water energy wasn’t able to move inside his body fluently. From my prediction, he probably had an internal injury from some time ago and didn’t recover……In the next, I’m confident that I can chop his head off and donate his skull into master’s collection!”

Landes was hyped. However, that didn’t intrigue the silver masked knight at all.

The knight wasn’t interest in the most powerful person in Chambord. Seeming unintentional, he asked, “Landes, what’s your opinion on the heavy armoured ‘bull’ that appeared on the battlefield earlier today?”

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