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Hail the King Chapter 231.1

Chapter 231: This Powerful Already (Part One)

Whoosh – !

After seeing his opponent’s appearance, the Bloodthirst Knight still didn’t say anything. However, two dashes of red sword energy shot out from the mass of warrior energy that was surrounding him. Like two lightning bolts, they cut through the air and flew towards Fei.

“This is the “Bloodthirst Sword Energy”, Kelud’s combat technique. I have to warn everyone that you shouldn’t try to block it if you are not at least a five-star warrior.” Matt Razi’s voice sounded in everyone’s ears. His tone was calm, and he was doing his usual casting job.

At the same time.

As if he didn’t sense the danger, Fei didn’t move at all. The sharp wind created by the two sword energy cut off a few of his black hair, and the crowd gasped. However, he suddenly reached out and grabbed onto the two bolts of sword energy! In the next second, the two sword energies turned into bloody mists and disappeared.

“Good. Breaking the energy with his bare hands. The King of Chambord’s strength is impressive as well!”

Matt Razi squinted his eyes as he saw this. But this expression disappeared right away as he clearly commentated on the battle so more than ten thousand people in the crowd could understand what was happening.


The air-piercing sounds didn’t stop.

After seeing his initial attacks didn’t work, Kelud’s face was still very calm. With his red bloody Warrior Energy around him, he waved his hands and several sword energy bolts that were even stronger than the two before appeared and dashed towards Fei. Like rain in a storm, these sword energies surrounded Fei, and the entire stage was turned to red as if it was a sea of blood.

Fei wasn’t scared. He stepped forward rather than backing off.

With his hands at his back, he looked at the bloody sword energies that were dashing towards him with a cold expression on his face.

Tink! Tink! Tink!

Sparks flew everywhere, and it sounded like numerous weapons collided with each other.

Waves of gasps sounded around the stage but when the sword energies were about to hit Fei, a layer of a crystal-like shield appeared in front of Fei. Although it was really thin, it was really firm. All of the bloody sword energy was turned into bloody mists and soon disappeared as they collided with it!

At the same time, a few sword energy bolts slid by Fei and dashed towards the outside of the stage.

“S--t! Save me!”

“Ahahah……. Help! Save me……”

The people who were watching the battle got frightened as they saw the powerful sword energies dashing towards them. Their faces paled since they were weak and weren’t as powerful as Fei. If their bodies were hit by these energy bolts, they would die instantly.

A section of the crowd became chaotic.

At this moment, something occurred.

Every stone that made the First Sword-Testing Stage lit up with a sky-blue light shining within. Then, a powerful magic surged as these lights merged like rivers going into the sea. These lights raised into the sky and made a half-spherical semi-transparent shell that covered the stage. It blocked all the sword energy, and no one in the crowd got injured.

Magic Barrier!

This was the Seven Star Water Magic Barrier – [Heavenly Water Screen] that was set up here by the Royal Mage Capdevila.

This Magic Barrier was a very famous Water Magic spell that offered a lot of protection. With this here, the residual power and forces from the two warriors would be kept inside, and the people in the crowd wouldn’t be harmed. At the same time, the stage would be protected as well.

After seeing this, the crowd calmed down and sat back down.

On the stage.

After both initiations failed, Kelud frowned as a murderous light appeared in his eyes.

He finally made a move, he also took one step forward.

With his bloody warrior energy around him, his body suddenly flashed through 30 meters and appeared at a spot that was 3 meters away from Fei. The bloody warrior energy filled the space around them……

Kelud clenched his fist and punched out.


It was loud like thunder.

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